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EVERYDAY ABS & WAIST FAT BURN (14 day results) | 6 min Workout


This is your six-minute, every day, waist and abs home workout. No equipment needed, and I can guarantee you are going to feel the most epic burn. I want you to do this for 14 days, and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Now, before we get started, look where we are, guys! This is amazing. LEAN Foods’ first ever trade show.

I’ve lost my voice from how much I’ve been talking. Honestly, I’ve been blown away with the response. We’re here in the UK, in my home country. And just look at this. (upbeat music) So LEAN Foods launched nine months ago, thanks to you guys, you made this happen. We asked for feedback, we asked what you wanted, and all of the products that we have designed.

Have been made based on what you guys wanted. These are our top sellers. As you already know, they are absolutely delicious. If you haven’t already tried them, please, please check them out in the description box down below. We have the powders, we have the pancakes, the oats. Everything you could possibly need to get results and to eat delicious, healthy foods, alright.

Guys, let’s get going with this workout. Okay, guys. Starting off all the way down. The legs are straight, fingertips by temples. We come up and we crunch across. Breath out as we come up, breath in as we lower. (upbeat music) (workout timer) Okay, Next up hold with the legs. Reach for the toes and then straighten out.

(upbeat music) 30 Seconds each exercise. No breaks, we can do this. Come on let’s push. (upbeat music) (workout timer) Good, place those hands underneath the back now, legs are at the top, and we’re going to slowly flutter them down and back up again.

(upbeat music) (workout timer) Okay keep them at the box and flex the feet and now just tap those heels. Keep the rib cage down and breath guys. (upbeat music) Halfway already! If the necks sore, lower the head down but keep that lower back flat.

10 seconds. (upbeat music) (workout timer) Okay plant those feet down. We’re going to reach to the left, to the right. Center, center. One of my favorites. (upbeat music) (workout timer).

Okay bring the both legs up to 90 degrees, straighten the leg out, lift, lower and in. Make it harder by taking that upper body up. Chin is tucked to the chest, eye gaze forward. (upbeat music) (workout timer) Okay, cup one knee into the chest, and then change over. Again, lower the head down if the necks sore.

(upbeat music) (workout timer) Okay, I’m sorry for this one, shoot those legs up to the sky, flex the feet and reach for the toes. If this is too much, just follow those modifications and go with a normal crunch, that’s absolutely fine guys, but don’t give up. (upbeat music).

(workout timer) Amazing work! Next up is a set of bicycles. Both legs up and we’re just going to rotate elbow to opposite knee. (upbeat music) (workout timer) Great work! Bring yourself up into sitting, we have a boat hold. Roll back to where you feel your core kicking in,.

Hover those arms, and we’re just going to hold here. In a second, we’re going to lift those legs up. In three, in two, in one, lift them up. Let’s go! (workout timer) Okay, bring yourself now onto all fours for my favorite tip. We’re going to spread the fingertips, lift up, crunch the knee to the elbow. Pull that core in nice and tight guys.

(upbeat music) (workout timer) Okay, no breaks. Take yourself forward, into a plank position, dip the hip down and see saw forward. Come on last exercise, we can do this! (upbeat music) Nearly there! (workout timer).

Yay! Oh my gosh, my core. Woo, its on fire.
Lilly Sabri

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