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einfaches Rezept Zucchini, Leckeres Rezept für gefüllte Zucchini, leckere Küche #009


Cut the zucchini, as in my example, about 5-6 cm thick Use a spoon to clean the center of the zucchini. This is easy to do Prepare the filling: cut the Tomato into small cubes 3 mushrooms finely chopped (I have mushrooms) Grate 1 carrot add dill or parsley 300 g minced meat Mix thoroughly Salt and spices to taste.

Mix everything again Add 1/2 Cup (250 ml) of washed rice Mix everything again Minced meat for the filling is ready Fill the zucchini Put in a deep frying pan (I have 6 cm), pour 400 ml of broth / water Cook on low heat for 30 minutes Bon Appetit!
leckere Küche

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