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Eating for my Injury | Eat to Heal


you come to me just cygnets welcome back to my channel today is day seven of being back in London which means day seven of being in this bad boy brace today is a pretty tough day I am so sleep-deprived guys I can’t even.

Begin to tell you on average I feel like I’m getting about three to four hours sleep just because the pain is so high but put that aside I am getting on with it and I am determined to stay positive and take control yesterday was a little bit of a rubbish day I think everything just kind of hit in or the reality came to life and I was like wow this is gonna.

Be a long process I’m gonna be on crutches for a long time and my knee is gonna take a very long time to heal and it just kind of got me thinking I’m upset yes I’m dealing with the facts yes but a lot of this is out of my control and I need telling on to the things that I actually can control grab them with both hands.

And take control otherwise I’m just gonna be lying in bed feeling sorry for myself and wishing that this never happened which I do but the fact is it did happen and yes it is a little bit but it could be so much worse number one and number two everything is still doable it just takes a lot longer and I need to adapt the way I’m doing.

That so the main thing that I’d say that I’ve lost control of recently is my eating my nutrition is so off guys it’s been really bad I’m normally someone who eats really healthy because I love eating healthy food and I love cooking as you guys but recently I have just been eating sweets after sweets with a little bit of.

Chocolate and then more sweets and that is why I am breaking out that is probably why I feel like rubbish combined with the pain and the lack of sleep it’s just not good so I want to try and regain control of the way that I’m eating and I want to eat to heal so over here my plate was packed full with a yummy breakfast of healing foods lack.

Breeze with natural yogurt and manuka honey this is a ginger apple shots and then over here was a traumatic latte and also two slices of toast because I need the carbs at the moment looking of taking control of things that I can actually do I now need to go downstairs to the kitchen because I want to start cooking so I just got off the phone to.

Alex he is in Dubai at the moment and he says to say hi to you guys I think one of my biggest struggles at the moment is being away from him and being away from Dubai those of you who have followed my journey will know that it’s not long ago that I moved to Dubai and I was setting up a new life there and the best way of describing it without crying is I I feel.

Like so many things have been stripped from me since having this injury and in all honesty I just am so desperate to get my life back it’s really tough like I’m missing my old life so much and I guess this is affected me so much because I’m now back in London and I’m so thankful to have my family here looking after me like I’m so.

Thankful but I think the reality is I feel like everything is kind of on hold and my life is still kind of continuing over there in Dubai and I can’t be there and I can’t be with Alex and I can’t believe the extent of this injury I’m really struggling to come and this is what I mean by I just have these highs in these lows it was one.

Single small skiing accident that has affected my life now for the next year that’s a tough pill to swallow it really is but I know at the moment I need to draw on every single bit of strength that I have in my body to make this okay and to make this more than okay to make this positive and make this good and I am so determined to do that I.

Can’t even describe to you how determined I am and this is what we call now a small window that is my first small win of the day complete I know those of you who have an agile injury won’t have a clue what I’m talking about but when you have these quite severe injuries it’s all about the small wins to keep your mental health on track.

Because trust me at the moment my mind my poor mind is suffering more than my body next thing is the kitchen and that is where the fun is about to start because one thing that I know I can take control of is my nutrition didn’ts being back in London my nutrition has gone to shi t i’ve just like literally turned to this week i’ve turned to the chocolate.

And i’m kind of completely not track with there also my appetite has been off a little bear I haven’t been wanting to eat as much as what I normally would and the stuff that I am kind of wanting is quite sugary and I think that’s just because well to be honest it’s because it was all really not the best news and I just felt sorry for myself sister.

Thankfully it went to the supermarket for me and stocked up on this massive list that I gave her all the super foods that I need doing loads of research on what will help my body heal quickly so let’s have a little check what’s going on in the fridge so there is a lot of fruit and veg and also some fish which is what I asked Dom for oh why does that.

Always happen I have no idea what I’m gonna whip up for lunch day I know that I’m having Cod for dinner really nice yummy new Cod dish which actually my sister taught me a lunch I think I’m gonna go simple yeah let me grab a few bits let me just put you guys back there welcome to the chef’s table well seem to.

Stand for any longer than like 10 minutes without my knee being in total agony so we pull up the chair I’m thinking I’ll probably do a light salad with some halloumi on sunflower bread and a poached egg but I haven’t quite decided yet these the ingredients have got I’m just gonna work with them and see what happens I’ve also got homemade.

Tzatziki so funny we are in the kitchen I got my sister my brother-in-law and Dom is making one of my favorite new dishes that she actually came up with cooking runs in the family what is it done Asian spice ginger card ginger bring onion fresh chilies lots of soy sauce show us the magic.

is 8:00 p.m. I am now back in bed elevating my leg again sorry guys and a little bit of it in out vlog I’ve been so tired today which I guess is normal not in the best of ways so I have to keep coming upstairs elevating my leg and relaxing but here is my dinner I’m now gonna eat up if I have the energy.

Later on I’m gonna go back downstairs and prep for tomorrow’s breakfast which is overnight oats and then I’m hoping I’m gonna get more than like four hours sleep I think last night I managed to get about three and a half hours that’s why I really don’t look great I’m aware I do not look great but what I look like at the moment is really not my priority.

This here is sky as I shall see you tomorrow thank you so much for supporting my channel and please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button hi guys these are tomorrow’s overnight going into the fridge we love their food prep

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