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One of the fastest places where we start showing our age is our neck and our chin so you definitely want to keep watching hello gorgeous girl and welcome back to my channel so today I’ve got something really really special for you we are going to be doing some of your favorite exercises as a double chin exercise so the little bit different here so if.

You’re new here hello I’m Tracey up at our brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so if you haven’t already do make sure you subscribe to my channel and it would be awesome if you click on that valve notification so you always know what I have a brand new video that goes live so this video I actually created six years.

Ago oh my god like time really flies it feels like a lifetime ago and it has been one of my most popular videos over the years at this point we’ve had over 1.3 million views on this video alone you know we should just sort of do a redo and I’m gonna do it with you in real time so if you’re ready let’s go okay so I want to get into the.

Exercises for our double chips so there are 1 2 3 4 5 exercises yes I’m looking down I know it’s here I just I don’t forget anything so the first exercise to kind of give you a lift here is to just do a chin lift so I mean we spend so much time staring device is our phone we want to just start a neutral position like so and just lift your chin up to.

The ceiling you’ll feel that stretch and then bring it back to neutral we’ll do that 10 times so lift it up and bring it back down keep going here and three and bring it back down now notice if you want to start scrunching up your shoulders by your ears don’t do that okay and this is a four and neutral good and five feels.

Really good to get that stretch right and again and six so when I originally created this video I just come back from Italy so I was a very blonde and a very tan and I don’t really know what the deal was a pink tank top then I just decided I’m wearing like every video and last one here and this is ten people that stretch and excellent okay next up.

What you’re gonna do is not attractive at all but we’re gonna do it anyway put your bottom teeth forward so you get an underbite mmm really cute like a bulldog dad we got to bring it back well I can speak normally then with that under but you can lift your chin up okay so we’ll do it again ten times so here we go one and low you.

Feel like it’s a little bit more forward here cute huh keep going this is three oh and lower and it good or and lower keep going here whoo and again six keep it out you got it and again eight yes yes two more times no we look good girl and whoo I mean it.

Actually does start getting tired right all right next up we’re gonna kiss the ceiling and what we want to do is give it a big WOW like so very like Broadway little kiss here so ten times so lift Wow good and Wow that’s it you can keep your head up and three feel that and it kind of just you’ll feel that all the muscles here.

Are working here as we stretch in the bed we want to go sideways so that you’ll feel that it gets sort of in this area of the jaws and the GL so lifting up and here we go ten kisses Wow sound effects by me so funny I my daughter is three months old and she I like do that I’m gonna can’t see what she loves it so maybe she’ll watch this.

Anyway let’s go here we go there wow wow wow feel that all right starting to turn I mean I’m really really feeling this okay next is Carol camp Foley’s faith that’s my mom so that’s the vowels and it’s really funny I remember on Facebook someone was telling me they were also Italian they were like my mom did that too when I was.

Growing up so maybe it’s an italian-american thing I don’t know but in any case all we do is we lift your chin and we go hey I owe you I just really you’ll feel how it gets you know all through here do it again ayyy I owe you a I owe you keep going AEIOU AEIOU who knew that five more times.

Hey you hey I owe you hey I owe you two more we got this AEIOU last one AEIOU oh that is good okay final final one is the tongue we get creepers here on YouTube because it’s YouTube don’t be a creep this is a facial exercise so you’re gonna turn your head to this side stick your tongue out as far as possible so just stick.

Your tongue out and you’re gonna hold it ten counts and I’ll count with my fingers okay so okay same time okay keep going to martensite last one love your lips switcheroo and here we go again three more tacks here we go.

Two more last one and you didn’t so those are some amazing amazing exercises to keep that jawline tight and taut you know I was saying I have a little baby girl and I stare at her all the time and oh my god the elasticity and the poreless nests of her skin I’m like we can’t turn back time.

Only cher can do that but you can do these exercises so that you keep things nice and tight and tough now there is one other thing that you can do that can really help with the appearance of your jaw so if you didn’t know I live in Miami now it’s warm weather it’s usually something although today it’s a completely rainy but whatever and we.

Want to make sure that you moisturize and use your skin products not just on your face but also down onto your neck now when I was in my 20s that would be like dev dev deatha okay like I’m good now that I’m in my mid-40s I like living on my neck so it’s really important especially if you use a self-tanner you know sometimes you can get like if you.

Get a spray tan sometimes as that fades it starts looking kind of gross around the neck and it can actually start making you look older so a couple things make sure that you wash your neck obviously very well but also exfoliate through your neck so whatever exfoliant that you’re gonna use whether it be an acid or you know a physical exfoliant do.

That also on your neck as well having New York flashbacks with these sirens okay so like I was saying we can exfoliate through the neck here you want to definitely make sure that you do that and moisturize the crap olá out of your neck so I have a friend Erin who created an amazing skincare line she’s not sponsoring this video she’s a friend of.

Mine it’s awesome it’s fit rock rocker chicks skin and she has a pure squalene oil that is absolutely amazing and I reached out to her one day and I was like dude this completely changed my neck and I’ll tell you why I’d forgotten that I put on self-tanner so I started getting this like creepy look in my neck as the TAM started fading and I was like.

What is going on so then I realized oh it might be the tanner or whatever and then I just you know scrubbed my neck and I put some of the oil on my neck and it was like it took off no joke like ten years so big shout out to Erin and rocker chick skin it’s an amazing amazing really clean company she’s doing an incredible job I’m just so happy for.

Her so I will also leave a link to her products down below so you can grab them yourself they do sell out a lot but that really really helped now if you can’t get your hands on that particular brand don’t sweat you can use something else you know I love the drunk elephant marula oil just really any kind of oil it’s really moisturizing you notice if.

You don’t want to do it during the day you know like have a greasy neck you know if your skin is it’s just gonna soak it right in but absolutely at night especially and don’t do what I used to do in my 20s and just kind of tap it in there really really work it in there okay and you can kind of give yourself a little massage going up here moving the.

Limp all good things so that is what I have for you in this little 2020 redo of video that I’d shot gosh now seven years ago do the math campoli so I hope that you enjoyed this please do leave me a comment down below I love hearing from you I will always respond and that’s what I got for you you are.

Awesome have an amazing rest of your day and I’ll talk to you soon
Tracy Campoli

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