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DO THIS FOR A SMALL WAIST πŸ”₯ Pilates Tight Waist | 5 min Workout


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And I really, reallydon’t want you missing out on getting in the best shape of your life. This home workout is just 5 minutes long. It is a Pilates snatched waistworkout, no equipment needed. Let me know how you get onin the comments down below, and don’t forget to subscribeto my YouTube channel for more short workouts like this. And if you’re wanting my longer workouts, they’re all on the LEAN App.

And my custom-built guides to get in the best shape of your life. All right, details are down below. Let’s do this. (alarm beeping) Okay, so we’re startingoff with lying flat. You’re going to come up into a crunch. Reach to the left ankle,then crunch across. 30 seconds each exercise.

This is going to burn. I know you can do this, you guys. (alarm beeping) Okay, straight onto that other side. (alarm beeping) Amazing. From there, take the feetfurther away from the body. Hands together, comeup, rotate at the top. Alternating directions.

(alarm beeping) Okay, stay at the top. Roll back to where youfeel your core kicking in. Crunch across, reach to the foot. (alarm beeping) Amazing work. Back up into sitting. You’re going to roll back again to where you feel your core kicking in.

This time, crunch twice in each direction, really rotating through the spine. (alarm beeping) Amazing. From there, you’re goingto take your right leg over to your left side, place your fingertips by your temples, crunch up and lower. (alarm beeping).

Straight onto that other side. This time, your left leggoes over to your right, and crunch and lower. (alarm beeping) Amazing. Into your deep core muscles now. We’re going to come upinto double leg tabletop, nice and high in that crunch, straighten, draw a circleand back to neutral.

(alarm beeping) Okay, straighten those legs out. Straight leg bicycles. We are nearly there, you guys. Just one left after this. Slow the movement down. If that’s too much, gowith the bent leg, okay? But don’t give up. (alarm beeping).

Amazing work. Plant those feet down. Nice and high up into the crunch. Speed reaches, side to side. Keep your chin tucked to yourchest all the way through. This is your last exercise. (alarm beeping) Yes! We made it.

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