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This 7 minute hourglass waist workout is going to burn and sculptlike you have never felt before. Trust me, you are goingto want to do this. Now, I challenge you to dothis home workout for 14 days and let me know how you geton in the comments down below. And you can even check outother people’s comments that can encourage you. We are a community and 2023 is our year. Now, if you’re looking for more.

And you want to transformyour body and your mind, you want to add more workouts into this, then we have the full 8 week LEAN Transformation Methodready and waiting for you. It is a transformation challenge. 56 days long, that is it. And it has everything in there to get in the best shape of your life. We already have over 10,000 women.

Doing this around the world and we currently have50% off the LEAN App. Please don’t miss out. Check out the link downbelow and roll now. And you could win up to$5,000 worth of prizes. All right, guys. Let’s get started. (timer beeping) Okay, we are starting off with our left knee bent,right leg straight.

The left arms out to the side and we come up and rotate at the top. If you can’t get thewhole way up, don’t worry. just go as high as you can. Breathe. You’ve got this. Last three, two, one. And changing side. 10 seconds left.

Come on, keep pushing. (timer beeping)One more rep. Amazing work. From here, I want you to bend both knees, pull your core in nice and tight, belly button back towards the spine. Come up super high. Reach for the left ankle, right ankle up. Good.

Keep breathing. Focus. You can do this. It’s just seven minutes, that’s all. Okay, this time I want you to lead to the rightankle first, left, center. Come on. Really try and get someheight. Nice and high. 10 seconds left. (timer beeping).

Amazing. Reach those arms up and over. Have a moment. Next exercise we’re workingwith your left side. Crunch across, straighten,reach the toe back down. Good work. Nice and high as you reach up. Come on. Work that core. Work the waist. Rotate across.

Half way. 10 seconds left. Keep pushing. (timer beeping) Amazing. We’re going to go onto the other side now. Can’t get my words out. Okay, working on that right side, left fingertips by your temples.

Okay, really crunch across. Hit those obliques, thenreach up nice and high. So here you are aiming for your ribcage to come across and to shorten the side on your right side, okay. So you’re not just moving the elbow, you’re rotating your entire body. Amazing work. Come on, keep pushing.

One more rep. (timer beeping) Incredible. Okay,reverse crunches up next. These are one of my favoritesfor your entire core but we’re going to put a little twist on for the obliques, for that waist. As you come up, twist at the top pike and then from there to theleft, a little pump out. Change the direction that you twist in.

Change the direction thatyou take the legs to, left side first, then the right. Amazing. Keep breathing. Moving up the mat here. 20 seconds left. Keep that belly buttonback towards the spine. Keep breathing. (timer beeping).

Incredible. Drop the legs down. Breathe. We are now going into bicycles. On the fifth one, we repeat that move. So just follow me. Legs are up. One, two, three, four, five and back. And again, one, two, three, four hold. One, two. Good work. Keep breathing. Over half way.

Again, really rotating the body here. Last 10 seconds. This isn’t about speed. This is about getting your form right? (timer beeping) Yes, you guys. Okay coming up now, woo ,onto all fours. This is where it’s going toget a little bit spicy, okay. Tucking the toes under,I want you to start off.

Just with a small little lift. Belly button back,upwards towards the spine. Good. Breathe. Okay, from here, dip the hips down, crunch across, across other direction. Amazing work. Come on. This is your last little push now. Keep digging deep.

Last exercise. Okay, from there, come into a full plank. Hold there. Hip dip, side to side to finish up. 10 seconds. That’s it. Come on. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Oh my gosh, my waistand my core is on fire.

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