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This is your 8 minute toned and tight legs, quick morning workout routine. You can do this workout as often as you want to. No equipment needed. Trust me, you are going to feel the most epic burn. You can do this as much as you want to. Let me know in the comments down below how you get on. We get incredible results with these workouts. Look at this. You girls are getting amazing home workout results.

And not only do we get physical results, we also get mental results. I know from reading your comments that you are feeling incredible. You deserve to because exercise releases those happy hormones and makes us feel like the boss woman that I know we all are. This is day number 1 of our 10-day-legs-challenge. There is a different workout every single day for 10 days to challenge your legs in different styles of training. Some are using weights. Some are Pilates. Some are down on the mat. Some are up in standing.

Some are cardio. Every single day is different for 10 days focusing on the different muscles in your legs to get results. So, get involved with the full workout challenge and so much more. So many guides come on over to the LEAN App. The details are in the description box down below. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one. Also, enjoy this workout because it is going to have your legs on fire and help you lose leg fat. I’m so proud of you for showing up. Let’s do this.

(timer beeps) All right, starting out from the squat. Out and in. One, two, three, four, core tight, chest open, find that feet and enjoy it. Good! 30 seconds each exercise. Halfway. Good, butt nice and low, you guys.

Nearly there. (timer beeps) Good. Legs wide, toes pivoted out. Pulse, pulse, pulse. Good work. Core tight, again, you guys. No breaks in this workout. You got this.

Come on, let’s get those legs on fire. Three, two, one. Now hold, hold, hold. We’re going to raise heels, lower. Heels, lower. Good work. 30, five seconds, what am I talking about? Good work. Now, we hold on the toes.

Hold, hold. Oh, my gosh. Whew! Hold, hold. Come on, you can do this. You can do this. Okay, now, we pulse it, let’s go. High on those toes if you can. Come on, you guys, 10 seconds.

Oh, my gosh, it burns! (timer beeps) Oh, well, take those legs in. We want a fixed distance in between the knees. Come down, halfway up, halfway up. Good. Your legs should be on fire right now. 15 seconds. Nearly there, you guys, nearly there.

Three, two, one. Whew! To the side of your mat, one, two, three, four. Good! Keep that booty low, chest open. You can do this, you guys. Good. Straight into that next song. (timer beeps) Into the center of your mat.

Find that feet. Two, one, push it out. One, two, one, two. Good work. If it’s too much, come up, okay? It’s here, here. But, if you can, stay low. Good! Come on, you guys, you got this.

You got this. Eight, seven. (timer beeps) Okay, changing sides. Slight bend in that knee. Let’s go, push it out. One, two, one, two. 10 seconds! Oh, wow!.

Oh, wow! Okay, take those legs nice and wide for me. Ducking over. Keep that booty low, chest open. Just swaying from side to side, you guys. Amazing work! Whew! Into those calves, step those feet in. Shoulder-distance apart, come down.

Raise and lower. This is working all the legs. Nearly there. (exhales deeply) Nearly there. Five. (timer beeps) Okay, down to the mat, you guys. Coming into a bridge. Sticking with the calves but with a bit of booty.

Left, right, double, double. Good! Amazing! Come on, you guys. Come on, dig deep. (timer beeps) Now, stay high on those toes. Stay, stay, stay. Now, nice and fast.

Down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, Good! Amazing work, you guys. Come on, keep pushing, keep pushing. All the way, squeeze that booty, core tight! You’re killing it. (timer beeps) Amazing! Now, dig those heels in.

Take the hands down if you need to. Walk the feet out and then back in. Slow and controlled. If you can, take those arms up. Come on, you’re nearly there. You’re nearly there. (timer beeps) Hold them out. Hold, hold.

Mini pumps, let’s go. Down, squeeze, down, squeeze. Good. The further out your feet are, the harder it is on your hamstrings, those muscles down the back of your thighs. Squeeze that booty, core tight. Breathe, breathe. (timer beeps).

Amazing work! Coming on to your side now, hook the upper leg on top of the underneath one. Flex that foot. Lift, lower. Come on, nice and high. Really push it for me. Come on, you guys. Lift, lift.

Under 10 seconds now. (timer beeps) Good work! Changing other side, last exercise. Hook the upper leg on top of the underneath one. Lift, lower. Good. Now, lift, lift. 15 seconds, come on, get as high as you can.

Core tight, and breathe, flex that foot. Nearly there. Lift, lift. (timer beeps) Yes, you guys! You made it! Congrats from Teddy and I. We are so proud of you! You smashed it!.

Please make sure you come back, try this workout again, and see if you’re even stronger the next time you give it a go. I love you. Well done, smashed it.
Lilly Sabri

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