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If you are training your glutes, your booty, your butt and not getting results and not feeling that the butt is actually activating, this is the glutes activation home workout for you. It’s just 8 minutes long. I want you to do this before every butt workout. Activate those glutes. 30 seconds each exercise, no breaks or rest. You’re going to need a resistance band, if you have one. If you don’t, you can do it without. But trust me the resistance band makes it burn so much more.

You can get incredible home workout results like these ladies just here. Please don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram Stories. Let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Get ready to feel the burn. (upbeat music) (timer beeping) Starting off with your feet together, pushing out against the resistance band. Hold as wide as you can and just pump. Find that beat. Oone, two, one, two.

(upbeat music) Good, really think about that mind, body connection. Squeeze the booty. (upbeat music) (timer beeping) Good, all the way down now. We’re going to come up, down, up, open, close. (upbeat music) Good, really squeeze that butt. Core tight.

(upbeat music) (timer beeping) Good now hold it. Squeeze at the top. Tuck the tailbone under. Fast pumps out. Out, out, out, out. Really squeezing that butt, girls. (timer beeping) Good, stay flat on the feet.

You’re going to drop the left hip down, up, open, close, and right, up, open, close. Turn it off, then on. Turn the butt off, then on. (timer beeping) Good, now dig the heels in. Move the feet a little bit further away from the butt. It’s down, up, up, down, up, up. Hi Teddy! Keep your knees wide. (timer beeping).

Amazing, bring the feet in just a little bit. Hover the right leg. Down, up. Hi Teds. (timer beeping) Changing sides, dig that heel in. Hover the leg down, up. (timer beeping) Nearly there. Amazing work, placing the feet together, knees apart. Now, we’re going with a frog pump, up. (timer beeping).

Good, now squeeze and hold at the top. Squeeze that butt at 100% of its maximum. Lift the arms, pump up. (timer beeping) Good, now you hold and squeeze. Keep that tailbone tucked. Keep the core tight. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Arms up if you can.

Higher, tuck that tailbone. Ribcage down. Higher, squeeze. (timer beeping) Down we come into a side lying position. We’re going to open the legs apart and back down. Up, up, lower. (timer beeping) Good, now hold it wide.

Hold it there. Straighten, pump, bend. (timer beeping) Down we come onto that other side. Just swing your body round. Open, open, close. Let’s go. (timer beeping) Good, now into that straighten, let’s go.

Oh, that burn is so real. We’re nearly there, 15 seconds then up into standing. (timer beeping) Up into standing. Just a few exercises left. Coming nice and low, tightening that band. Sidewalk. Good, pushing really, really wide here. Oh, my gosh.

(timer beeping) Good, now coming low. Feet shoulder distance apart, pump out, out. Nice and low weight back through the heels. Come on, finish it off, 20 seconds. Lower, 15 seconds, push. Then you’re done. (timer beeping) Ooh, you made it guys. Please click the thumbs up button.

Also, click subscribe. We are on the road to 2 million subscribers. It’s so close. I can’t believe it! Anyway, I love you so much. I will see you in a couple of days for another live workout. Bye squad. (upbeat music)
Lilly Sabri

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