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Der Nachbar gab das Rezept❗❗ Schnelles und leckeres Abendessen Rezept für die ganze Familie!


1 large onion. 500 grams of minced meat. salt, black pepper. mix everything well. Form meatballs. 1 pepper. 2 medium onions. some vegetable oil. Fry the onion for 1 minute.

Some parsley. Lay out all the meatballs. Lay out all the meatballs. 4 tomatoes. Add tomatoes and simmer for a few minutes. mix everything carefully. Add 200g of washed rice (I used steamed rice). Salt, Curry, Turmeric. add water to cover all the rice.

Cover and cook over low heat for about 40 minutes. small bunch of spring onions. Remove from the heat, stir and leave for another 10 minutes. Serve with spring onions, it’s delicious! Thank you for watching, commenting and liking my videos!
leckere Küche

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