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DEFINE YOUR LOWER ABS in 12 DAYS πŸ”₯ Belly Fat Burn | 5 min Workout


This is your 5 minuteintense abs home workout. I can guarantee you are going to feel the most incredible burn with this workout. Now I want you to do it for 12 days, and let me know how you geton in the comments down below. You can get the most incredible results. Like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me onTikTok, YouTube, Instagram.

You can even do a full reviewlike she has just here. The results are incredible. Now this marks the startof day 1 of LEANmas. 12 days to get you in the festive spirit and basically get you feeling amazing. Fitter, stronger, healthier, and happier. And to celebrate that, I’mgiving away an incredible prize. A $100 Gymshark voucher,and a $100 LEAN voucher. Stick around until the end of this video.

That’s just 5 minutesto find out how to win. And if a 5 minute workoutisn’t enough for you, look at this right here. You can do our full LEANmas challenge, up to 45 minutes a day of workouts. As you can see, these workoutsare going to change your life and it’s totally free on the LEAN app in your 7 day trial. All of the details are there for you.

All you got to do is download it. It’s free for you to trial. I can guarantee you’regoing to fall in love. No more talking. Let’s get this 5 minuteworkout on the road. Okay guys.(beeping) We are starting off down on our backs. Nice long straight legs as you go for that straight leg scissor.

Now when you’re doing this, use your breathing breath out on each side with each movement, and really think aboutthose stomach muscles. You want to try and getthat rib cage down towards the hip joints. (beeping) Amazing. Plant those feetdown as you come up now, reach for the toes and back.

(beeping) Okay, bend that left knee. The right leg is straight,left arm out to your side, up and back down again. Nearly there now, come on keep pushing. Then straight onto the other side. (beeping) Okay, bending the right leg. Straighten out that left leg.

Let’s go. Good. Make sure you’re rotating at the top, and breathing. (beeping) Amazing. Staying up and sitting now, nice and upright on those buttbones, palms facing upwards. Roll back to where youfeel your core kicking in. From here, you’re just going to rotate,.

Side to side. Keeping those stomachmuscles nice and tight. Great work. 10 seconds. (beeping) Amazing work. Come up for a sec. Okay now back again to whereyou feel that core kicking in. Straighten out the left,the right, then both.

Good work guys, under 10 seconds left. Then we’re really going tostart working on that deep core and lower abs. (beeping) Amazing. From here,straighten out the legs. I want you to control. Roll all the way down, hands in a diamond shapeunderneath the lower back. Going to take those legs up to the sky,.

Flutter them down and hold. Good there. Hold there. Now really think aboutbelly button back towards the spine. Work those core muscles. Deep, deep core. (beeping) Okay, from here, lift up an inch.

Well, that’s much more than an inch. Few inches. Then back down again. So here you really want tofocus on those lower abs, lower down the head if you’re finding ittoo much on your neck. You’re nearly there. (beeping) Amazing. Knees in towards the chest.

Okay, 90 degrees. Straighten out one leg and draw it round in a reverse bicycle. Straightening out low towards the floor. You have two left and one changing legs. Amazing lap, guys. (beeping) Okay, take those legs now to 90 degrees. Reach for the ankles, then straighten out.

Into that V position. For the last 10 seconds, we’re going to hold in three, two, hold. Then we have one exercise left. Come on. Core tight, core tight. (beeping) Amazing. From there you’re going to come up now.

For a last little bonus hold. Coming into that plank position. Tuck the tailbone under,core nice and tight. We have 10 walkouts, feet in and feet out. That’s one. Two. Nearly there. This is eight and nine and 10. You made it, well done, guys.

To win the $200 Gymsharkand LEAN giveaway, all you got to do is subscribeto my YouTube channel, like this video, make sure you arefollowing me on Instagram, which is exactly the same as here. Lilly Sabri, and then comment down below. Merry LEANmas. Make sure you include yourInstagram handle in that comment. Now, really, really important.

The winner is going to becontacted directly by me. On Instagram you will besent a DM by Lilly Sabri. Please watch out. There’s some scams outthere, so make sure it is me. It is my profile contactingyou if you are the winner. That’s Lilly Sabri, L I L L Y S A B R I. All right guys, good luck. And I’m so excited forone of you to win this.

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