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DEFINE YOUR ABS with PILATES πŸ”₯ Tight & Toned Abs | 5 min Workout


This is your 5 minute at-home intense Pilates abs workout. I am going to burnevery layer of your core from the lowest part all the way out in just 5 minutes and I can guaranteeyou’re going to love it. This is part of your free 14day at home Pilates challenge which can download right here. Click the link and download your PDF.

Now, before we get started,I have been asked so much about what mats I use andI’m using these babies designed by me based on your feedback. The Lean Mats, these are everything you need in a mat and more, and they last. The quality is unbelievable. They’re longer and widerthan a standard mat. They’re non-slip grippy onthe top and on the bottom. They have these beautiful round edges.

Which means they don’t flip. We have two designs andboth of them have markers on which means you can trackyour progress as well as your form. We currently have 25% off the LEAN App and all LEAN products. The link is down below, do not miss out. This doesn’t last forever,see you guys there. Click to shop, and Ireally hope you love them.

Well, I know you are goingto love them as much as I do. (loud timer beeping) Okay, coming all theway down into line guys. We are starting off, single leg, double leg tabletop, nice and high in that crunch, and we’re going to pumpour arms up and down. Pilates hundreds. Your belly button isback towards your spine.

And you are lookingforward, chin up to chest. To make this harder, straightenthose legs out and breathe. Breath in for five and breath out for five. (loud timer beeping) Amazing. Pull those knees into your chest. Next exercise is scissors. We’re going to come up intosingle leg, double leg tabletop. Support your head lightlyand tap one foot down.

You want to keep those legs at 90 degrees and do imprints so your lowerback is flat in the mat. Nice and high up with that upper body. Again, looking forward. (loud timer beeping) I’m not giving you a break here. You stay up in double leg tabletop. The right leg is going toshoot down towards the floor and circle it back intothe starting position.

Incredible work. Control that movement. Breathe. And changing sides. (loud timer beeping) Okay, bring your knees intoyour chest for a split second. Double leg stretch. Now we’re going to reach to the ankles then straighten out the arms and the legs. Breath out as you straighten.

Breath in as you crunch. Amazing work. Nearly there now. (loud timer beeping) Amazing. From here, you’re goingto place your hands into a diamond shape, underneath all the waydown into your lower back. From there, straighten the legs out,.

Come up into that crunch, andflutter the legs up and down. Good. Don’t forget toengage those core muscles. Pull that belly buttonback toward the spine. And breathe. So important in Pilates. Breathe and focus. Keep that rib cage down especially as you lower the legs down. (loud timer beeping) Amazing. From here, onestrong Pilates roll up.

And up onto all fours for me. Spread those fingertips. You are going to tuck your toes under and you’re going to, from here, hover. Good work. You have your knees justa few inches off the mat. Pull that core in nice and tight. Now you’re going to take yourleft knee to your left elbow, your right elbow back,then the right knee.

Good work. Stay in that box position. (loud timer beeping) Good work. Coming to the back of your mat now. We have a very controlled bear crawl. So hovering an inch off the floor, we’re going to walk forwardopposite hand to leg then take it back.

Good work. Just 10 seconds left now. Okay, hold in the center and hip dip. (loud timer beeping) Good. Let’s go for four more. Three more. Then I promise you’re done. Two and one. Guys absolutely incredible.

I’m so, so proud of you.I hope you enjoyed that. Also, for anyone who is lookingfor help with their bloating please don’t forget about the LEAN Greens. They’ll help you withdigestion, your gut health, overall bloating, and skin glow. So these are going to change your life. You can get ahold of themin the link down below on the LEAN website andyeah, I think that’s it. Love you guys. (kisses)Well done, you smashed it.

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