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This is your decrease bloating 8 minute walking workout. This is basically going to get your body moving, get you feeling amazing, because we all know that bloating can be uncomfortable. So, so uncomfortable. Now of course, this workout is going to help with that, but you also need to consider why are you getting the bloating?.

And that’s why I love talking to you guys about gut health. I have something to show you. These are the lean superfood daily greens. I have these every single day. They are specifically designed to help with bloating, aid digestion, and also assist good gut health. Not only are they so good for you, they also taste so delicious. They’re basically packed full with super greens,.

Digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics, and botanical extracts. They are so good, you guys. Basically packed full with all the goodness you could possibly need for your bloating, for your gut health. Also it helps with immunity and skin glow, which I have noticed a huge difference with. Finally, greens that taste good.

They are mango and pineapple flavor, super refreshing. The feedback on the taste has been incredible. So if you haven’t already tried these, check out the description box, have them every single day, and you are going to see and feel the difference. And we now have 8 minutes on the clock to get a little bit sweaty. All right, guys, we are just going to have some fun. 30 seconds each exercise, step forward, forward, back, back.

And if you can, put those arms in as well, okay? Sway those hips side to side, smile. This is going to be sweaty. We are going to feel amazing afterwards. Good work, come on, guys! Keep that core tight, breathe, and have fun. Amazing work. Okay, next up. One, two, one, two.

Good work, guys. I just want you guys to have some fun right now. Come on, breathe. We can do it. (workout timer beeping) Feet out, feet in, let’s go. One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four. Dance it out, guys.

If you can, a little bit faster. Woo, good work, guys, good work. Okay, we are stepping forward now onto the toes. Toes, toes, back, back. Good work. Breathe, you guys. Okay, we’re going to go to a normal little step march now. Feet are parallel, knees are not too high. And we’re just walking on the spot, okay?.

I can’t help but dance, ’cause this music is so good. Should be getting that heart rate up. Okay, we’re going to dig the heels in now, then come back. Heel, heel, back, back. Good, you stay in that middle micro squat. Breathe, you guys. Amazing, guys, to the side of your mat. One, two, three, four. Woo, this song!.

I love how this has just turned into a little mini dance party. 10 seconds, guys! (workout timer beeping) Amazing work. We are back to those, one, two, one, two. Okay, I really want you punching the floor with some meaning with these, okay?.

Feel the rhythm of your music. Push it! Good work, guys, you are killing it. Okay, one foot forward, one foot back, okay? Here, back. Yes! Good work, guys. Come on, sway those hips. Push it!.

Amazing, you look incredible right now. Channel your inner Latina, woo! Good work! We’re going to go forward with that opposite leg now. Take it forward, and back, okay? Good! We are back into normal walking from here on the spot. Let’s go. Good work, guys.

Feel that beat. Feel that rhythm. Go with it. Good, just 10 seconds left, guys. Come on. Okay, forward, forward, back, back, coming up next. All right, guys. One, two, three, four, down, down, up, up. Good work.

Yes, guys! Woo! I tell you what, I’m burning. What about you? Amazing, to the side of your mat. March it across. These knees are quite high now, okay? Come on, we can do it. Breathe, you guys.

You feeling a little bit sweaty? I am. I got you, I told you. All right, out, out. Out, out, in, in, in, in. One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two. Good work, guys. Breathe, come on! Oh yes!.

I’m feeling it. Yes, guys! Okay, only if you feel like it now, just a tiny little jump from side to side, okay? Keep that core nice and tight, and breathe. All right, the foot is barely leaving the floor. (workout timer beeping) Okay, high knees, let’s go. Okay, guys, come on, power it up, power it up.

I want that heart rate up. I want you breathing. Woo! We’re going to finish as we started with that little Latin move, okay? Nearly there, guys, nearly there. Woo! Okay, one, two, three, four. It’s arms, two, three, four.

Good work. We’re only doing 10 of these to finish off strong. Eight, seven, six, five, yes guys. Four, three, go on, sway those hips, two, and one!.

We made it. Guys, how are you feeling? I hope you enjoyed that. Please, please leave a comment down below. Let me know if you’d like more walking workouts, and I really hope that this and the greens help with your bloating. I already know this will. All right, guys.

Love you very much!
Lilly Sabri

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