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DAY 5 | FREE 28 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE | Pilates Full Body Sculpt | Timer & Modifications Included


What could be a happy Friday welcome back to a 28 day challenge today’s workout is going to be a total body belongs please don’t forget to subscribe hit that Bell icon for notification of every single time I upload a new workout guys let’s get going all I need you guys to grab is a resistance band I’m going to.

Pop 28 minutes of the time are we gonna get stuck in together okay off with the legs the lower across the mat we’re going to roll the shoulders back palms facing upwards or it would relax socialism we’re going to roll back to where we could build the chord escape here we’re just a home to get to start off with okay from arity to activate.

Those really nice lean long leg sweep the toes for me how does a right leg flex the first up two three all the way to 10 relax those shoulders I hate our changing science excellent good seven eight nine and ten quit the toys right yeah I’m coming up finish and lower do the right this is pretty much just.

Warming up the apps this is going to be quite as heavy as core workout with the glutes back from there okay I need to hug both knees into the chest and back and up and try to hover at the topic without touching the feet down so the little harder limit efficiently look at this one so you’re using your core to hold yourself at the top good work going.

To do one more of those Oh incredible now like all the way down for me guys okay we need imprint the spine pull the stomach muscles in flatten that back ribcage down tEEN TOP double-neck tables up every gets up up is to Papa hopefully arms we’re gonna start with some single leg stretch straightening the leg out and.

Back in again we’re just getting used to this movement before we make it a little bit harder and three seconds incredible now that the arms up for me place the hand on the opposite and it was a drop back opposite arm to leg okay but you want it like to come no more than 90 degrees good work and I’ve got modification to both of you I want to.

Make it a little bit easier this is very very challenging okay we’re going to pull minute on there no more than 90 degrees and breathe good work but keeping that is forward amazing I keep it really slow in for weight control yeah yeah and maybe they have a little minute we go straight up into top next.

Take the top the one that comes up while I cut the other we’re now going for scissors up in a crowd support the head unit a platoon down and I can again if you want to keep that lower back nice and flat throughout if you feel the lower back arching like so I want you to remain even a little bit closer to the chest come higher into the Crouch and go.

From there and it will get stronger we’ll be able to sing those legs a little bit further away okay so just take this at your own pace good work guys breathing amazing black should be feeling of that cool it’s really really burning now no Knights agree to that Lex if the lower I can talk to that it is.

incredible oh we got another cool one straight in sweat so you will then take the top low back that don’t like take it up up into the crunch we’re going to open the hip out so we’re going to straight to bed back and close alternates inside both it stripped it bare back and close you want to keep.

That opposite leg really really nice and still okay keep it still good amazing that guy’s slow and controlled this is a case where the slurred is the harder it is you should feel it oh those low abs are kicking in I certainly out do the neck starting to pull ahead maybe one more incredible other than straight on up.

Into sitting and making sure Leo on the buck boat from his one leg up straight synapse back in should be feeling that this is hitting pretty much all of those cool muscles relax those shoulders just a slight another way through the house keep tiny amount goodbye I hate making out crap amazing work like a really nice long straight leg stretching.

Out from turn to the head it is very straight down from there this time I left a lot across the mat okay deep breath in for pat on the breath dog bring it up up toes up slowly back down again good slow slow amazing now if you come back down you want to let us say mentally low miss.

Back off that critical good keep going fully good now one of these roll-ups is worth a lot of abdominal crunches I think it’s like one roll-up equals 5 ounces so it’s so worth doing roll up guys okay so we have to bend the left knee and you can design say at the beginning we’ve got it you.

Have to just don’t give up okay amazing right left hold it Oh Matt come back across come on maybe that whoa hi hey stripes change straighten that leg out hover it up we can’t let go whacking into the IKEA spin it.

Oh hi teddy my little creep up you guys to see the way he treats me how are you time me going about 15 seconds a peg amazing luck we gotta pull it up back I’m really worth taste it so you’re trying to reach 2008 and really very it is holding your fan quickly pop your back just above your knees and then rely on to our sides.

To go inside where series okay so onto the segment and out the underneath arm our feast upon an imaginary still a corn nuts and tights from them in an open lower halfway down open lower halfway down I’m really pushing up against the resistance of that back test the urine came other okay but he just had load that’s why you’re going you just see the.

Analysis and demolishing his leg which is clearly finished guys you should be feeling this on that outer beauty you want to be embracing that burn good now hold it nice and wide and pump it core tight pop there come on all the way through guys feel that burn nearly there now incredible keep the nexus they are straighten pop-pop bend back.

Straighten pump up then back go back good so I have to close my eyes a lot of the time fees because it allows me to make sure I’m feeling the burn in the right place but that mind-body connection going on just making sure that I’m not hitting my little puppy baby thank you very much good work guys up keep that baby get it for the last 15.

Seconds which is now we’re gonna pump that leg up our booty okay straighten out that underneath leg then subscribe to my mind about the knee drop the knee down we’re going to open and close actually have a boy oh yes down in the heel up to work okay so anything that’s brilliant six inches it’s not very high if you want to make.

It right arm up okay but trust me this one really really sounds you’re going to get from us six five four three two and one now is it draw a big circle three to complete the circle one for three to complete the circle welcome as Farkle what did you count that’s that book my liquid last one four three two now in.

Reverse four three two three two two three swing those legs around we want that arm love the feet are up on imaginary stool again for that clown cake so we’re opening and the lower half way down only working that outer beauty go back my body connections will be working at these muscles here amazing.

Guys my auditory cortex incredible you guys are killing it well he you should for me come on keep at it amazing back hold it up a contest come on your daily data pop-pop-pop go tight okay so now we’re gonna open straight to pump up from there and back so straight it pop up and back and what it keep that underneath leg up and do.

Our work pull over 2030 playing battle okay we’re gonna free up that upper leg all right and then from that we’re just reaching out that legs turn the toe down the hill up let’s go lift and lower and if you want that have a little bit of extra help of course you can use it.

You wanna make cut up lift the arm up okay keep those movements controlled sorry but imma treat crying I have a lot of new light in the studio right when they can be cry I think toe down heel up come on keep pushing okay circle three two and one four three two two to go for three I’m feeling that.

But I love one two three reverse four three two – three two go four three two – four three – oh my gosh on fire a little bit we feel it making sure that hands directly underneath showed it and even they had super set of stalls but oak stretches this is really a nice stretch through the spine and then from that we’re gonna find you to find the.

Point where our holes right we have such raised rates on our lower back okay we – it’s the body weight to bear a smartie on to the next side and let the that right leg out let’s the book for me the core is tight we’re not over our two through five so Isis on Instagram is this okay what keep that core tight good no rib.

Cage lettering and we’ve got tiny little movements here good work popping it strong it’s amazing from there we bent straighten lift lower bed straighten it’s a tiny movement back bend straighten lift lower good work bed straight and eat that like hi good whoop come on just ten seconds left the bags straighten that core is really.

Tight last breath straighten live at Logan strange firefighters from there the legs moving out to the side and just short of the whole way down they’re not touching the need okay go back come on you got this that booty should be on fire five seconds left then you would you quit a good hold it comes with.

Another bowing your head to be Olivia get back okay we’re going straight on to the other side take the hips a little bit take the body weight onto the right side this time bend that knee up flex the foot as we live and we’re just going to have to start off with coming up nice and high for me leaving with the heel.

Okay so the foot is flexed no overarching core tight good work bend straighten lift and lower good I’m a lane is a tiny tiny little lift because we’re working from the glutes and not the lower back okay and those boots on good work guys and babysit come on really keep pushing for.

Me whoa hold it straight tuck it up go back Oh straight into fire hydrants good we are not touching the knees together okay just drop me Josh all of them touch it thirty Seconds on this that is all we got it amazing good hold up at puppet ten-second battle that is what push it to what really quickly from that come.

Onto your back imitates baby forwarding thank you if lift open closed down half way we’re not building at the elbow to the head this is just the glutes just think it to get you ready for the enemy on that section keep going for 110 second black amazing okay grab a hold of your back.

Pocket just above the knee we’re going into the glute max now take these back muscles lie on your back digging the heels in and be away from the box working hamstrings as well from there in the back lift yourself up into a bridge lift the arms up if you can go half way.

Down up open open close down up good you want to keep those legs nice and wide push it open you’re gonna push further and close down open good amazes you should be feeling your hamstrings as well the muscles in the back of the thighs they make you feel.

That like they want a crack pipe okay if you can keep pushing through you know my work is amazing from that up onto the toes all right blue the inner thighs together Hume your way up into a bridge down up up and lower and lower good and if you come on that second lift you’re really squeezing the booty good really right in this.

Booty muscles amazing guys come on you can do it super high on the toe you want to make it harder bring the knees a little bit wider really feel those booty muscles good little bird but I love it keep going come on we’ve got this what David bah-bah a Craig we’re learning all the way down bring us up up.

Into sitting with and repeat that on the other side a second for making a little bit hard a tip facing forward the heels are digging in we’re going to come up this time as we drop down with it for triceps love little bit booty up open close tricep dip and you’ll notice I’m lifting those hips up really higher than come up okay squeezing those back.

Muscles please please please good work making sure that you’re getting a bend through the elbows into those triceps hi good know that a rainy day we’re gonna get harder okay straighten the legs at the fingertips are facing port is one of the fastest.

Ilham from nesting deep breath in on the breath push through the heels and the hands to lift yourself into a backpack hold that squeeze those boxes take those shoulders away from the ears do it back pull that cord really really nice and tight for me steady here if this is enough if you want to shoot that one right over to the.

One side pop up the leg pump up good four five go to ten nine and ten changing sides good work good pull it tight bootytime five four three two one fire we’ll move straight back onto your back to the last booty one okay this time they were on the toes that the.

Deep and just away from the bar but not too far okay it went that side flatten the back of human your way up into a bridge Arthur up we do down up over clothes and we will today okay is it working the other hip down so we turn the blue box on over clothes off on or you can put your back amazing guys.

Come on all the way through we’ve sewn in make it through this blackout good luck come on keep pushing for me keep pushing we’ve got this I made it up nice and fast for me we’re going for a little bit happy now they defeat flat imprint the spine peel.

Your way up through for this way down by the side of the body shoot the body weight over left foot up to three lower and lift one two three lower and lift amazing good keep that low up really neutral for me the hips are nice and stable good one I knew that come up keep pushing keep pushing nice and high.

okay you know break without having that bridge we shift the body weight over anything beyond sit down we’re going to hop of that leg we’re going to let the foot pump up slow control lower and lift lower good work and lift come up we’re nearly there guys should be feeling that hamstring so the back of the thigh a.

Little bit of core so you should be feeling it keep going in this area here okay little bit of booby little bit of core as well don’t give up guys come on do that keep strong yes blue knee into the chest we’re gonna finish up with some coal all right let’s go make out go all the way down for me we’ve ever hundred double it.

Taking top believe a minute nice together crash I’m gonna cut the arm up and down we’re gonna worry ok I guess forward and the goal is a right improvise if you wanna make it harder straighten those legs up do not give up guys cool type or vanilla good luck do the hiring approach monkey project.

Very much I’m gonna get you to come up into sitting okay we’re gonna put one minute both holes so rolling that’s the one who put all this time up there nice and tight relax those shoulders one let us follow white the other who kept pumping in the door out the lot bird on that ball do not give up expect anyone film that they.

Want to come straighten the legs out community coming out back the edges you go with whatever zoo to attend what for the last 15 seconds to try up a level you’re not really as tough okay we’re going three two time in one straighten too much strong legs strong cause ten seconds if you’re shaking good from tonight for making it fruit yeah I’m on.

The glass out tomorrow’s workout is all about the legs and the booty so please please make sure you do some stretches this evening I am linking in the place that goes with today’s black hats make sure you do some stretching I’m so proud of you please do give this video a thumbs up and then you know how we got on then you thought you.

Were I thought you loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I would stop waited like forever to be your plus-one but yes eula turn left me at the party out of the blue
Lilly Sabri

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