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Day 4 | Free 30 Day Fitness Challenge | Legs & Glutes Sculpt with Weights


Hello familia welcome back to the Saturday fitness challenge today’s session is a resistance session as you guys know every single day for a 30 day period I am uploading a real-time workout for you guys and the type of workout that is uploaded is in the planner that you guys should have received when you registered if you.

Haven’t yet registered do not worry all you need to do is go down below check what is written down there in the description and everything is explained if you guys haven’t already please give this video a thumbs up because it really supports my channel also click the share button and make sure you are sharing these workouts with as many people as.

Possible I am here to help you guys through your fitness journey the goal of the 30 day challenge is to make you as healthy and happy and confident as possible that’s why I do these workouts for free because it will say helps me as well it helps me feel great helps me on my fitness journey so today’s resistance session is for the.

Booty and for the legs thirty minutes on the legs and but quite a lot you’re gonna burn but you’re gonna feel great for it so we have three circuits the three circuits are just under 10 minutes each unless you are going to be doing two exercises for a full two minute period repeating them through until the two minutes is up once the two minutes.

Is up you’re going to move on to the next exercise the next exercise and then the next day so you’re basically doing full combinations in each circuit okay just follow me do not stress we will get there together so I need you guys to grab a set of dumbbells I’ve got five kg not crazily heavy but you will still.

Feel the burn because we’re doing some strength endurance scare guys which basically means that we’re working the muscles over a period of time or for a long period of time which is going to help stopped into the muscles particularly the butt and hips to get that nice round tight shape so one of you guys to grab your resistance bands.

For me because we’re gonna be moving that as well so we’re gonna get the body nice and warm to start off with so what we’re gonna do is step the feet shoulder distance apart go with some bodyweight squats taking the butt down to the 90 degree angle although you can bring the arms out in front so we’re just getting the body prepped for exercise here using.

That breathing control getting the leg muscles nice and away so that I’m sure they properly are from the last couple of days of work that we’ve done together we’ll do how would we pack the last two days I would love to hear from you guys please comment down below your comments means so much to me they get me so much feedback okay from there we’re gonna.

Step on forefoot toes up side brush down this is warming up the hamstring muscles really good work guys just brushing down good almost three more two more now stepping those feet shoulder distance apart you know place your arms out in front of you and rotate the trunk four three two and one and even though this is elective Rudy wake up we asked.

Over to the using arms to get us into the positions of holding the weights you can really wear those on back around out there my shoulders are tight I don’t know that’s coming forward tomorrow by the way his arms guys that’s worth getting our arms and shoulders prepped hi doc go back go back.

Okay shake the body up we are now about start the resistance okay for the first two exercises you are going to need one weight only order to step to the side of your mat from you can come down nice and low into squats and you’re going to step the feet across – and that’s it – once you have done that four times in each direction you’re.

Going to come into the center of the mat step the feet shoulder distance apart come deep into a spot – and back up again you’re going to do a step though so to repeat it is four in each direction pulsate four to eight breaths let’s get going okay follow me you guys if you have to Dec in platoon let’s tour through for goods halfway by.

SiC choose today but nice and low 7/8 amazing Stefan the feet shoulder-distance apart nice low spots one two and up up good two minutes in this round guys and we’re doing eight of these reps that’s four five six going to your reps guys can go faster amazing okay back to that slight chuckle thanks sidesteps okay we can do it that’s two.

Ace in each directions through it pull the lower the bus is the harder you’re working six two more to go seven whoa hey amazing back into those deep swats beat shoulder distance apart amazing now you want to need nice and wide while you do this okay so important thirty seconds left that’s caught by.

Sick so you know amazing seven robot it’s back into those side steps all the way through to the end of this two minutes then you get a 30-second break well I’ve showed you the next exercise keeps going right you have eight seconds left four three two whoa next step okay next up guys is going to be a deadlift with feet.

Shoulder distance apart again you’re going to roll down like you’re painting the thighs to just below the knee chest stays open and from there power up rotate the dumbbells around for us in slowly lower and without keeping that I gaze down you are going to do eight deadlifts once you’ve done it eight once you’ve done like that this would help.

What you got my words up you’re gonna come down to the floor to pick up one weight and back now I want you to bend through the knees and make it as you lower back down keeping the knees nice and wide as you do this movement okay we are going three seconds two and one let’s go coming down low into that deadlift power up now I think these.

Exercises has been a really nice warm-up it’s going to get progressively harder guys to get used to the fact that it’s a little bit progressive with all of these workouts the first couple are a nice little tease then we go in amazing good three more put all the way to eight – ah it’ll place one weight down come.

Down into a low squat and up good work amazing eight of these on each arm that’s fine for me sick seven eight straight chains let’s go one two three all the way through to eight that full five keep pushing as but after you can but keeping that home nice and strong okay back into those deadlifts eight of.

Them really thinking about form as you’re doing these exercises that’s two three good work pull I’m going to look right through it five times that core in nice and tight six two more seven good now I just want you to hold in a squat to finish up because we’ve only got five seconds to run out of time okay.

Next set really simple you only need one weight to this we’re going to start off by doing ten deep pulsations with the knees shoulder distance apart okay once you’ve done your 10 swinging on side steps and come out to the side and center keeping the weight in now close to the chest ten and ten okay really simple to one feet shoulders.

Apart let’s go ten conversation three four five six seven eight nine and head up your campsite steps go back thinking really nice and close into these exercises so important good this is number six get it all the way to ten the main thing to left one left coming into that deep squat ten ten.

Power stations remember you are going at your own pace with this just trying to keep it really nice and smooth if you can okay keep going throughout that whole two minutes it’s not easy two minutes is a long period of time just keep those movements going for me even if you have to make it.

A little bit easier or take a small little break you can go back we’re over halfway just do let’s hit what one amazing ten deep positions keep going for me guys now if you need to with this you can turn the toes out slightly it totally depends on your genetics somebody will keep going meet that slight rotation out absolutely fine.

Go with what works for your body okay we’re nearly there through this two minutes keep that butt really nice and longer for me well get it over halfway six and just ten seconds left eight what nine last one ten now pop six at home come on now I want you to grab your resistance band and place it around.

Your feet your knees I should say okay it was someone used to grab one of your weights and you’re going to pop it onto your stomach okay until you can parry up shoulder this is the part of the feet we’re going to go over the bridge and then for the full two minutes we’re going to keep changing it up ten pots into the top ten pulsations out simple.

Okay pivot your way up into a bridge ten up one two three now I want you to keep that resistance of get two bands keep the knees nice and wide and keep powering up whoop four left three two now we’re gonna push out with ten six five four three two now up to ten.

Come on really pushing really working those glute muscles all the way to ten now pumping out to ten you should be feeling those booty muscles kicking in I certainly am you really want a nice tight resistance band in up to ten keep going for me now if you’re feeling it and the low back everyone else keep.

Going I want you to lower all the way down relaxing the back into the mat and then just come up a few inches and repeat the movement they’re keeping those same glute muscles engaged keeping the stomach muscles nice and tight but just a little bit lower you will still work the glutes trust me what I certainly feel them do not give up.

Okay again you need to come down and readjust and then straight back in again nice and strong we’re nearly there keep pushing all the way through this two minutes come on no giving up use that breathing control 3 2 1 yeah okay back in again amazing guys okay that circuit number one complete.

Have a quick drink before we go into circuit number two now circuit number two involves the resistance exactly the same for that circuit one two minutes on each exercise four rounds first time really nice and simple we’re going with the x-band walks let’s go now we’re going to do ten steps total three four five six seven eight nine and ten now if.

You want to add in the weight you can but I want to keep pushing for the full two minutes with this okay we’re not changing up the exercise we’re just pushing through the full two minutes really nice to the load with that but two minute keep going is a long period of time but I want you to focus I want you to push and I want you to think of.

Your goal and do not give up anyone struggling keep going everyone else come up onto the toes squeeze the back push out against that bad good you’ll need a slight bend in the knee as you do that come on keep pushing guys four rounds two minutes that’s all you can do it whoa oh yes come on just 45 seconds left guys do not give up.

I’m watching you at home I think on living room with you I’m in the gym with you and I’m not letting you stop you’ve got this trust me you’ll thank me later I know any world you’d hate me right now but you will thank me later keep pushing well come on really against there is of that panned yes nearly there now.

Amazing keep going for me 15 seconds whoa keep that butt really nice um yes Milly two and one whoop amazing guys I want you to take your way your glutes should be on fire now hold the weight and close to the chest you’re going to come down into a deep squat you’re gonna raise onto the toes and back to home again okay halfway we’re gonna change it.

Up shake those legs out enjoy your rest you’ve got a really nice rest period here thirty Seconds enjoy it but also earn it we’re going in three two feet shoulder distance apart push against that band toes and lower toes and lower toes and lower good work toes and low and I dream of the but as close to 90 degrees in those five as you.

Can and the chest is proud and open okay up here he’s working but it’s not working anywhere near as hard I want you to stay low for me those legs are as close keep going to parallel as possible anyone struggling let go of the weight absolutely fine good work we’ve just got 20 more seconds here what you can do it amazing come on keep pushing for me whoa.

Ten seconds left keep pushing we’re going to demonstrate the next one keep going toes and lower do not give up guys do not give up in three in two either drop the feet out and in without the way we started one-minute work see on this should feel kind of like jelly right now but don’t give up sink the butt low.

As you come down I tend to bring the hands in front of me here and then take the behind as I come in okay start stop guy I want you to keep pushing for the full minute I am with you I am watching you I am not letting you stop keep going for me you’ve got under 30 seconds back keep breathing good this takes us.

Halfway through that circuit anyone struggling I just would be the coldest spot and right now you have ten seconds left so it is not worth stopping keep pushing I’m watching you I want you to grab the weights again breathe have a moment and we’re going to back into a modified bridge okay look I owe 10 seconds of.

Recovery this time the heels are digging in the waist is on the chair not the chest the hips again we’re to come up into a bridge we don’t push out as far as we can hold it and pump it okay so you’ll see the end come on up take those letters forward you can and pump come on really pump for me all the way you can do it.

Love ten eight six five four three two and one now come onto the toes bring those feet towards the bar and then do the same pop out come on really nice and light you should be feeling that by eight six four three two and one and now we’re going to pump up up you can do it keep the resistance against.

That band’s amazing guys don’t give up on me you’ve got this whoa nice and high and I’m really nice and high and we’re gonna hold them out for ten good night don’t give up eight seven six five four three two slow it down one we now take the band’s off four strings on their hamstrings for the last minute of this okay so that comes up I want you to come.

Up into the bridge shift the body weight onto one side cover the other leg up we come now don’t forget the hamstrings the back of the thighs after the shelf for the gluts so important that we work these muscles anyone struggling over the North Ridge three two and we’re going to change sides other leg comes up powering up.

As I said anyone struggling coming to this normal bridge position three to one was lost exercise up in standing again okay I want you to grab both weights for the last exercise we are going with a lunge okay we’re going to step the leg back from that for the full minute we’re going to go with a static lunge coming really nice and low with that front knee.

Okay so dropping nice and low you should be feeling this in that outer glute of the front leg you may be feeling it in the quad as well keep going on here I’m going to show you where you should be feeling it okay so keep pushing as you lower down you want 90 degrees at the knee and the hip you should be feeling it in this outer glute keep that front.

Knee facing forwards okay keep pushing if you are struggling like you can get rid of the weight no problem at all I just want you to keep pushing through this for two minutes because this is the last two minutes of this circuit okay keep pushing up five more seconds here four three two ahhhh okay you’re gonna change sides stepping.

That other next back into that lunge position you want the front knee to track over the middle toe really important the eye gaze is forward the chin is tucked towards the chest and the core is tight keep pushing for me one minute guys okay take some lips down to your need for a second is it going directly over.

The middle toe good coming really nice and low keep pushing all the way through you only have 20 seconds left that is all okay you can do it don’t give up good work keep powering guys you’ll actually be feeling a little bit like jelly by now give home straight to aah.

Whoa circuit number two completes we’re going on to second number three next grab a quick drink of water would have you’ve got I’ve got pre-workout okay let’s get that in okay guys we are on to our last second I want you to grab one weight and the first exercise is a narrow squat into a shoulder distance apart squats okay so narrow squat to.

Norma’s what we’ve already started now I am so sorry there has been a little bit of a break in between the filming because I had some major camera issues it’s been a nightmare putting the phone to Alex but I’m back and you guys still should be really nice and hot I’m sweaty okay we’re doing pulled 30 seconds on this.

Side I can’t straight on to the other side let’s go good narrows got keeping it really controlled through the legs of the hips you want to try and keep those knees facing bullets okay with you down this side good work last two whoa one okay we’re.

Now going into a goblet squat we want the legs nice and wide toes pivoted slightly outwards I’m going to come down into a deep squat pulse eight two one and up and up now you want to make it harder grab both weights for me and and now as you power up I really want you to squeeze through the butt muscles keeping those knees really nice and why did you.

Do this okay not letting the knees buckle in nearly there now guys keeping that chest proud and open and keep looking forward and five seconds left your legs should be like jelly and whoa okay we’re now going to come into the fourth position and we’re going to take the weight into the groove of the knee okay you stood on your break back from.

There gonna come up into the dolphin kick position and we’re going to be pumping up with tiny little movements head you still have ten seconds left of recovery enjoy it breathe and ready all right let’s go making sure that the hands directly underneath the shoulders humping up headed you.

Shouldn’t be taking much weight through the arms guys let that cool and booty do the work okay we still have 15 seconds here before we change it into a side leg lift keep pushing for me last five seconds three two okay one down we’re going to come up to the side and back down again this exercise is a lot harder with a wicket also really really good.

With the resistance band amazing good now hold up at the top I’m going to pump for ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one straight on to the other side you have a minute work on the other side now again hands directly underneath shoulders find neutral spine up that leg comes let’s go now tiny little movements while you’re here.

You’re working the glute max the back goes and then as we come out to the side or back movement keep going guys we’ve got another five seconds here three two and one out to the side from there going to sweep up and back down again thirty Seconds at work if you’re struggling with the weight you can let it go no.

Problem at all after this you only have eight minute or minute butter today left with work what you can do it hold it up tap it nine eight three amazing grab that weight into standing again well hold it really nice and tight into the chest okay we’re gonna go over this like much now stepping out bending through the hip and.

The knee to the side okay one minute block then we change it up let’s go really nice and wide but you’re also getting the inner thighs that you’d be this one good keeping that chest proud no pen amazing work guys as you step back what’s really nice to undo them one here come on we can do what you push it amazing guys keep pushing for me.

Really got 20 seconds after these anyone struggling with this you cannot take over the shorter side lunge absolutely fine I just want you to keep going as pad do not give up keep pushing you have another five seconds four three two and one grab the other way there we go for now goblets I want those legs nice and wide.

Toes emptied out words coming down low this time mystical safety supplies to one and five oh three two one and hold that chest really nice and proud and open okay I get to pull it to me I’m watching you I gave up keep pushing Oh nearly that so nearly there I want that booty to burn really really.

Good guys one and up you’ve got just 20 seconds left three two one and up the legs should be feeling at four three two one and up five seconds left four three two one I want the band back on we are going to burn the legs now to finish up with and we’re gonna cut them at the same time okay we’re gonna stop on one side of the mat we do a double that.

Pulsation we jump across two one two one two okay one minute flat guys going three two one left side good really pushing against that band one two one two this is your last two minutes of work I make it Kat I want everything you’ve got only do not give up for me keep pushing I’m watching you now if you’re.

Struggling I want you to go with those normal extra walks for my beginners but everyone else you are jumping keep touching guys you have 30 seconds left at this month really push against that banner you should be really next on the outer part you should be sweating you should be drifting by now okay keep pushing one two and across – and of.

Course – whoa yes guys – ten seconds one two keep pushing all the way I’m going to show you the next exercise do not give up the next one you’ve already done jump out – in out – in act two keep those knees wide – in out – I don’t wanna need in here I love those why come on really put this is your last minute of work you have.

Just 20 seconds left bye don’t give up on me keep pushing come on you can do it you can do it you’re pushing out – in out – this is the hard part now you’re so needy that think of your goal think of the results you’re gonna get by pushing to the end whoa 15 seconds left.

Come on come on guys but low but live election be jolly five four three two well your legs should be like jelly I haven’t little pause in between the second and third circuit which I actually think makes it worse because of those camera shoes oh because your body comes down then you have to get it warm.

Again guys you smashed that what a tough one it’s a gradual burner that doesn’t seem as bad as the 30 40 that hip but you do really feel it okay let’s just stretch you out a little bit now so you’re gonna come down into line you’re gonna put over the right knee and you’re just gonna breathe to start with.

Just relax you really have a moment well done guys and just think about the fact that you’ve just finished your third session out of 30 oh my don’t guys okay you’re gonna have behind the back of the thigh and pulling tightly and you should be feeling this stretch in the glute meet this after but muscle here now bear in mind guys that not all 30 days are.

The same we’re going to be working different body parts and different types of training to keep it fun and listen to make sure that you’re not overloading certain body parts okay enough time for recovery and changing legs oh you may get a little bit of lactic acid building up now that’s that soreness that dom’s that.

You’re getting to muscles entirely normal that’s why it’s so important to stretch good black guys maybe a hug both knees into the chest and just gently rock there and that massage is out the lower back just in case you felt anything in the back with any of those exercises.

Particularly the deadlift I really like going in circular motions to more and change direction good work okay we’re now going to bring one leg in to the chest straighten the other leg out okay we’re now going to come up into sitting in the thighs place the feet together open the knees apart bring those heels in nice and close from there breathe and.

Relax should feel a nice stretch in here try not to slump food nice and upright huh breathe good then you’re gonna straighten one leg up bring the other leg in nice and close arms up take a deep breath in oh the breath out you’re going to fold yourself down toward your thighs you can reach onto the fit amazing is not just go as far as you.

Feel you can and if you want to do more lower limb stretches guys I have so many available for you I’m going to link a video at the end which is Mike I think is about a 20 minute lower body stretch out so it’s really nice to do after this okay changing sides the leg comes in large stretch arms up for the hamstrings trying to get that chest really nice and.

Low breathe into it good work good news is tomorrow is ours upper body shoulders arms upper back and a touch of cardio in there as well you made it through another workup guys I am honestly so proud of you for making it this far do not give up on me keep going okay the results will be so worth it and more.

Than anything else you’re just gonna feel great which is the whole purpose of this is to increase your body confidence to get you feeling great get you moving and we’re on a community we’re in this together doesn’t matter what level you’re at please drop your comments down below let me know how you’re getting on.

Because other people read your comments and it helps to encourage and inspire them as well so be proud of yourself you smashed it I’m proud of you and I’ll see you guys for upper body tomorrow whoa bye guys
Lilly Sabri

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