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Day 3 | Free 30 Day Fitness Challenge | Full Body Sculpt Pilates


Hey guys welcome back to my channel you are now on to day three of the 30 day fitness challenge well done for making it back for another day i am so proud of you guys today brings you another 30 minute workout but this one is slightly different in that it is.

Pilates based now a lot of people when i talk about pilates are like oh so yoga you’re going to be stretching right no no no i cannot express to you how different pilates is from yoga both are equally hard and there’s some parallels drawn between power yoga and pilates but pilates yes is about movement and control.

But it is all about the core it’s about strengthening the deep stomach muscles around the corset area into the butt and the lower back so that’s what today is going to be all about now i am going to be chucking in some extra exercises there there’s going to.

Be some arm work there is going to be some leg work it won’t be easy but you will feel great for having done it you’ve made it to day three give me everything you’ve got guys no giving up i will motivate you the whole way as you already know.

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We physically can okay so thank you so much let’s get going this is all you need for today’s workout a resistance band if you haven’t got one do not fret you can complete this workout without it this basically just makes it a little bit harder all right.

30 minutes of work i’ve got the timer ready we’re going to start off with the legs long across the mat and we’re going to roll back in our pilates into lying i want you sitting on those bottom bones so spread them out slightly palms out in front of you.

Opening the collarbones relax through the shoulders take a deep breath in on the breath out the strings from the puppet is being relaxed down if you’re sinking back into a c-shape you should feel that the core is already kicking in here i call this your bikini bridge it’s where it pops up through the.

Abs we’re gonna hold for five relax for four so three four two and we’re going to slowly roll all the way down one amazing from there hug both knees into the chest just gonna prep the body by gently rocking side to side.

Relaxing through the spine and then hug in a little bit tighter and then we’re going to draw some little circles there another two and one and now you may be feeling a little bit sore from yesterday’s workout if you’re not don’t worry if it gets progressively harder throughout the 30.

Days but remember my workouts are for absolutely everyone guys regardless of your level okay from here i want you to plant the feet down i’m going to go with a full roller to start off with i want you to take the arms up and over the head the rib cage may flare a little bit i.

Want you to try and flatten it down take a deep breath in on the breath out use momentum to bring you up touch the outside of the ankles and then we’re going to slowly lower down to four to three two two and one deep breath and out slowly going down to four two three two and one.

Two to go slowly down four three two and one last one try and let that lower back touch first mid back upper back and back down amazing from here we’re going to place the hands onto the sides bend the knees in a little bit more take a deep breath in on the breath.

Up slide up just to do inches breath in lower back down and lower lower good keep that breathing control going keep that eye again in between the thighs we’ve got four left three left two and now hold at the top keep that.

Tension on and pop that drop the knees apart and we’re going to repeat that exercise arms up and over the head take a deep breath in on the breath out and slowly back now if you don’t get all the way up with this.

That’s absolutely fine guys just go to where your body feels it can get to as i said these workouts are for everyone to make it a little bit easier bring the knees back out with the knees facing up towards the sky okay we’ve got one more.

Okay this time you’re gonna roll back to your biting point and we’re gonna pump there slowly back down perfect okay we’re going to go on to single leg stretch now so you make sure that you have an arch in your lower back i want you to try and flatten that.

As much as you physically can okay so you’re gonna tilt the pelvis from anterior tilt to posterior tilt drop the arms down by the side of the body squeeze the butt come on up into single leg tabletop 90 degrees at the knees and the hip and then mirror that with the other leg from there.

Keep the head neck and shoulders down if you want to otherwise come on up into a crunch and you’re going to straighten one leg out to 45 degrees and bring it back let’s go yeah try and keep that lower back flat just four to go.

Yes two to go amazing now we’re going to confine that movement okay we’re going to straighten it lift lower and then lift lower last one and hug the knees into the chest well done guys just gently rock there they’re to get a little bit harder as.

This workout progresses okay next one hip opening same starting position i’m going to show you two levels for those of you who are intermediate to advanced i want you to copy this you’re going to come up into single leg table top double left table top up into a crunch if you can you’re going.

To keep one leg still as the other one opens out and breath out draw it back in again breath in open breath out close let’s go good work try and keep that lower back flat keep high in the crunch and the eye gaze forward anyone struggling keep going for.

Me lower down and do the same movement but just with the leg dropping out feet on the floor good work you’re trying to keep that still knee as physically controlled as possible keep it really nice and still work through the hips and the core let’s go for four more.

If you can arms up but keep really stable good work these movements are a lot harder than they look good work knees into chest for just a second and we’re going to combine those two movements again opening with a single leg stretch.

Use me okay so double leg tabletop single leg taper top up into a crotch again supporting the head if you can from there opening up straightening draw back and close open straight in draw back and close good work anyone struggling stick with the one that you did before just the hip opening.

This is quite an advanced exercise now you should be feeling your core we have four left good work two left well done last one good amazing knees into chest again have a quick little rock good work we have one exercise left here.

Then we’re moving on to the next one okay so here we’re moving on to the next position i should say next group of muscles we will be coming back to have so don’t you worry all right so we’re going to go a single leg table top double leg table top from there supporting the head neck and shoulders.

And we’re going to try for a double leg stretch and back in again okay let’s go breath out straighten breath in close to make it harder let’s use the arms and close try and keep that lower back flat and strong if you can lower the legs slightly.

Closer to the floor amazing but go with the level that suits you good work we’ve got four left good two left last one let’s hold them straight four three use that chord two and one whoa knees into.

Have a little rock well done guys the next part is going to be on our stomachs okay so i want you to come on up into this thing and from there you’re going to lie down onto your stomach all right okay so you’re gonna rest the forehead down onto the mat.

And you’re gonna bring the arms down by the side of the body completely relaxed okay from there i want you to pretend that you have a sponge in between your shoulder blades and you’re going to try and squeeze some water out of that sponge take a deep breath in on the breath out squeeze some water out of that imaginary sponge.

And then from there hover the arms squeeze the butt muscles pull that core in nice and tight and we’re gonna hold for four for three keep squeezing for two and one now you’re gonna hover the upper body you’re gonna look down everyone always does this with their neck.

That’s where you’re gonna pull your neck keep looking down keep squeezing keep squeezing those butt muscles and that core and we’re gonna pump up with the arms reverse hundreds breath in two three four five breath out two three four five anyone wanting to make it harder lift the legs as well.

Squeeze that butt and keep breathing rest in two three four five rest out two three four five breath in two three four five down rest this two three four five halfway you’ve still got 50 left keep that chin towards the chest guys and out to keep looking down a little bit.

Higher if you can for the last 14 3 4 5 and out two three four five last thirty a little bit higher keep squeezing two three four five last twenty really squeeze those back muscles two three four five last ten nine eight three six five four three two and one whoa that hurts more than.

You realize well done guys incredible you’re going to take the arms out in front of you now keep your forehead resting on the mat from there take a deep breath in on the breath out you’re simply going to lift the right arm off the mat and hold there the three.

Foot two and lower down one we’re going to repeat with the left arm breath in prepare breath out lift up for three foot two and one amazing we’re now going to go with the legs take a deep breath in on the breath out lift the right leg flex the foot two and one amazing left leg.

Up we come three two and well we’re now going to go swimming we’re going to lift the arms and the legs take a deep breath in on the breath out lift the arms and the legs lift the head neck and shoulders keep looking down opposite arm to leg lifts up arm to leg guys ten nine eight.

Breathe seven six a little bit higher if you can five four three higher two now hold as high as you can for four for three for two breathe i have one well done guys amazing have a little moment we’re going to come up.

Onto all fours now but before we do i want you to drop your butt back onto your ankles and reach forward into the worship pose stretch well done guys opening the knees a little bit wider if you prefer hold in that worship pose position good work keep breathing we’re nearly halfway through the workout.

Okay so from here we’re going to be coming up onto all fours i want you to spread the fingertips slightly okay and from there make sure that the wrists are directly underneath the shoulders same with the knees and the hips we’re going to start off with a couple of cat.

And dog stretches taking a deep breath in as you take the eye gaze forward and on the breath out grow nice and tall through the spine taking the eye goes to the knees resting in one direction and breath out reverse breath in good work.

And breath out reverse now finding neutral spine that point we could balance a tray of drinks band in the middle pull those stomach muscles in keep that back flat for me okay and from there we’re gonna go for a few superman we’re gonna start off by shifting the body weight.

Onto the left side just slightly take a deep breath in on the breath out straighten out the right arm in front of you and bring it back down again okay so breath out straighten breath in draw it back down again one more breath in draw it back down again okay.

We’re going to do the same with the left leg this time take a deep breath in on the breath out straighten flex the foot and breath in back down again breath out straighten breath in back down again last one breath out straighten and this time you’re going to hold it.

Hold there now we’re going to try and lift the opposite arm off the mat hold and we’re going to meet them in the middle elbow to knee breath out straighten breath in touch breath out straighten again harder than it looks good four left.

Three left use that core for control two left last one hold it up hold the arm up if you can and you’re gonna do tiny little pulsations for ten nine eight it’s harder than it looks guys they’re tiny movements four three two and one.

Drop that arm down we’re gonna go straight into the side leg lift staying on the same side you’re gonna take the leg out and draw it back in again eight good work seven remember the breath out is always with the hard work the way up breath in lower four left.

Three left two now hold at the top and pulsate it good luck tiny little movements pulsate all the way through last eight six good hold it for four the three for two and lower down one we’re not quite done on that side okay from there what you’re going to do.

Is straighten out the left leg behind and then take it across in a diagonal on the breath out you’re going to arch up and over breath in up back let’s go and that’s really getting nice movements through the spine without jerking the back you want the ball and socket of the hip.

Joint to be moving but not jerking through the back as you’re doing this movement okay keeping it smooth and controlled good we’re gonna go with six more in each direction amazing work keep pushing don’t give up really good last three.

Glass two last one good now we’re going to take that leg out to the side straighten it and pump it last eight six hold it four three two oh i had a little mini shake going on there.

Reaching forward i think it’s after yesterday’s workout as well gosh those hip workouts really really get into those deep muscles you feel it okay we’re going to turn onto the other side now and get going with exactly the same thing okay so straight onto the other side.

We’re going to find neutral spine again making sure that the wrists are directly underneath the shoulders same with the knees and the hips and we’re going to do a couple of those caps and dog stretches good work guys okay from there once you’ve found neutral spine the point where the tray of drinks could balance.

On the lower back pull that core in nice and tight shift the body weight just slightly and this time we’re going to be going with the right leg left arm okay so we’re going to straighten out the left arm and bring it back and back last one.

And back we’re now going to do the same but with the right leg and down and down last one hold it up hold it strong straighten out the left arm this is where it gets harder meet elbow to opposite knee and back nice and strong good work.

over halfway good you have to really concentrate for this two left keep it strong and smooth hold it up hold the arm up tiny pulsations if you need to pop that arm down absolutely fine we’ve got eight left four three two and one straight into.

Side leg lift lifting that leg out and back down again good work breath out flat breath in lower amazing work guys we’ve only got about 12 minutes left of the workout it’s gonna get harder though i’m sorry but it will be worth it.

Three two now hold it up and pump it good work laughs eight six four three two hold it hold it hold it straight into the next exercise the leg comes behind and we’re gonna go for those arcs good as i said before really nice smooth.

Movements you want that eye gaze in between the fingertips so no arching of the neck okay i’m going to keep that neck in neutral spine keep it strong and injury three pull those stomach muscles in good over halfway with these keeping those.

Movements strong four left in each direction good work amazing last one well done guys from there you’re gonna lift that leg out to the side nice and high we’re gonna straighten it and we’re gonna pump.

Last four three two hold it straight three two and one worship post stretch well done guys okay we’re gonna go into a little bit more glutes now but we’re gonna be working on the big butt muscle the glute max i want you to grab your band for me lie yourselves down on.

The mat and place the band just above the knees okay so band goes just above the knees beat it through amazing oh the sun was caught behind the cloud but it’s coming back through now all right it’s like a greenhouse in here it gets so hot but i love it okay from there if the.

Band is really really strong like my one you should feel a slight resistance already even by just keeping the legs in neutral from there i want you to flatten the back to where it’s comfortable okay so don’t arch all the way flatten to what we call neutral spine.

You’re going to place the hands on the hips for stability take a deep breath in on the breath out resist against the band as far as you can i just want you to hold it there resist it hold it hold it a little bit further if you can now pump tiny little pulsations last eight six.

Keep it wide keep it wide you’re gonna lift just two inches and you’re gonna pump out there this is hard keep pushing the butt is just off the floor the core is tight if you can lift the arms amazing wider eight wider.

Hold it hold it hold it you’re going to come two inches higher hold it right hold it right if you can even wider carl guys you can do it you’ve got the pattern now you know what we’re doing keep it wide keep the core strong keep the butt engaged arms down if you need them no worries.

Four three two one you guessed up two inches we’re nearly at the top hold it wide come on hold it really wide for me keep pushing against the resistance of that band you’re nearly there four three two okay all the way up to where you’re comfortable at the top.

Okay push that resistance out push it out push it out let’s go amazing guys keep pushing you should be feeling that back kicking in i certainly can keep that core nice and strong you’ve got temple six four three two and one now hold at the.

Top hold the four hold for three keep that band resisted push it out two and slowly lower down one oh give that part a good hit a bit me okay have a moment i’m gonna go straight into the next set of bridges this time i want.

You to come up onto your toes for me okay touch the knees together and from there you’re going to lift up with control okay the knees should be touching open out now to hip distance apart keep the left leg completely still as the right one pushes away from the left and slowly back in again let’s go.

And slowly in slowly keep that left leg completely still in hold it out hold it strong pop it keep that left leg completely still good eight four three two and one back into neutral.

We’re going to change side the left leg opens the right leg stays as still as possible and close close just really push against the resistance of that band use your core to stabilize this right leg amazing three left.

Two to go last one hold it wide pump it come on really pump against that bag ten eight six five four three two hold at the top hold there bring the arms up if you can to the sky to 90 degrees we’re going to lower halfway down we’re.

Going to come up we’re going to open and close lower up open close i really want you to push against that back good work we’ve got four left really good two to go.

Last one now i want you to make sure that the feet are shoulder distance apart and we’re just going to hold on the toes at the top i want you to squeeze those butt muscles at 100 of their maximum squeeze fully squeeze we’ve got another eight counts here keep squeezing keep holding.

Keep the knees resisted against the bands for four keep squeezing for three a little bit higher two slowly slowly slowly lower downward wow we are still not done i’m sorry guys you got another set of bridges this time you’re going to dig the heels.

In so we activate the hamstrings a little bit more okay from there you’re going to flatten them back into the mat again you’re going to peel your weight up into a bridge okay from there the arms come up good work and what you’re going to do is push out with both legs again.

you should be feeling this a little bit more in the hamstring the back of the thighs you’re digging those heels in lifting the toes up keep pushing nice amazing keep going you’re so nearly there now.

12 10 8 6 four three two one flatten the feet down hold at the top as high as you can we have a 20 second hold here keep squeezing keep holding we’re so nearly there keep pushing against that bank keep that resistance on.

If you want to make it harder you can take your feet away from the body and dig the heels in and hold up hold there keep squeezing for the last eight counts nearly there guys harder still move those feet even further away six five four three two and lower down one.

Oh yes you have just one exercise left in this position you can take the band off if you want to i’m going to keep it on i want to make the most of this workout we’re going to come back up onto our toe and we’re doing single leg glute activation so what we’re going to do is peel up.

Into a bridge again arms come up a lot of you have already done this exercise with me i love it it works you’re going to drop one side of the hips down push it back up again alternating onto the other side drop down up down up down you want to really squeeze those.

Butt muscles at the top up down up amazing this is the last exercise in this position really good work guys we want you to push against that band if it’s on up amazing just six left come on really squeeze that butt perfect just two left now two and one we’re gonna go with our last.

Hold this one’s 30 seconds okay 30 seconds of a hold i’m timing squeeze for me come on really squeeze those back muscles good work cute pushes okay we are 10 seconds down 20 to go now we’re going to hold as wide as we can with those legs against the band.

Oh coming into the home straight ten seconds a little bit higher a little bit wider hold my glutes are shaking i don’t know about yours keep holding last four a bit higher three wider two and one wow we made it we have just two minutes of abs left that is it.

Okay we can do it okay timer is ready for our two minutes of abs it’s 30 seconds on each exercise no break in between okay we’ll keep the band on for this it won’t make a huge amount of difference we are gonna go with hundreds we’re gonna bring one leg up followed by the other.

Lower back flattening the mat and we’re gonna pump the arms up and down okay we’ve started breath in two three four five breaths down two three four five break it two three four five breaths out two three four five thirty seconds of work that’s all keep.

Really nice and high in that crunch for me okay now for the second thirty seconds you’re gonna try to straighten out the legs if you can’t don’t worry guys keep them back in the best position or for anyone less advanced place the feet gently onto the floor everyone else legs are up.

15 seconds if anyone can i want mini ab crunches really good work guys nearly there now eight seconds four okay so from here we’re gonna go with single leg scissors then double interlock the fingers hands at the back.

Of the head come on up into single leg double leg tabletop tap the toe down and back up again 30 seconds worth now i want you really high in that crunch i want the elbows wide and the eye gaze in between the thighs tucking the chin to the chest we’re nearly halfway through this one.

Good work we are halfway keep breathing keep that lower back flat i just had to readjust there there will be a temptation to arch if you feel that please stop readjust then continue do not give up for me it’s absolutely fine.

To readjust four three two and one have just a second before the last exercise okay so same starting position interlocked fingers back of the head single leg tabletop double leg table top elbows wide we’re going to double leg now.

Up we can breath out tap down rest up up up 30 seconds of work anyone struggling you can go back to that single leg absolutely fine stay nice and high in the crunch you should be feeling that poor kicking in we’re over halfway good work ten seconds.

four counts left three counts one more rest for me and here we come whoa we made it another 30 minute workout complete reach the arms up and over the head allow that ribcage to completely flare.

Oh take some really nice deep breaths in and out and then lengthen those legs along the mat again allowing that rib cage to play you should feel a nice stretch through the abs deep breaths in through the knife and out through the mouth.

Wow well that is another one complete day three of 30. well done guys that is day three complete 27 days of workouts left with me you have got me for a full 30 days so please make sure you show this video some love you spread the word by pressing the.

Share button down below and share it with as many people as possible and also leave a comment down below let me know how you got on so many people read the comments and then reply to threads because a lot of people are sometimes nervous about commenting themselves i.

Totally get that but by you commenting you are helping so many other people by sharing your experience and it also gives me feedback on how you’re getting on because i love helping you guys that is what this is all about is all about getting us healthy and happy together as a community so.

Thank you for being part of my community i love you all and yeah let’s keep spreading the leave with lily message see you guys tomorrow same place same time well done again bye
Lilly Sabri

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