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Day 3 | 5 Day Resistance Band Booty Challenge 🍑 | Bum Lift Workout


Well guys welcome back to day number three of your booty resistance band challenge today’s session is literally gonna be working into all three of the fat muscles to basically lift round and build the buff all you need is a resistance band one minute on each exercise follow me it’s gonna burn teddy you ready so we’re starting off with a.

Micro bend in the knee we’re gonna tap the foot out to the side Center and then back at a 45 degree angle so side center back Center good keeping that slight Bend through the knees chest open to make it harder come a little bit lower thirty seconds left we’re halfway.

little bit lower if you can really work that out of beauty amazing changing sides of shifting the body weight over slight Bend feeling that our booty the glue meet Gibbs it’s heavy no baby good white guys hello in little one keeping that bend through the knee chest.

Open ten seconds dirty bah well Billy Lovelady good amazing from there we are doing crap walk forward and back so chest over cool tight step forward forward forward forward back really pushing out against the.

Resistance of the band here nearly amazing from of that coming down onto the mat go out a beauty should be on fire by adapt or let beat him nice and close towards the buck coming down to the poor arms pushed out against the resistance of the band we’re gonna pump for four three two one.

Slowly halfway in only to one halfway and only keep the tension on those glutes core tight good now hold the legs wide and just pump out out out smooth at the way amazing from there guys you are going to need a tool and we get some flying over quite close to the bull dick the heels.

In for me and peel your way up into a bridge squeeze the back push out against the band close to shoulder distance lower you into the numbers keep the tension on the band okay do you want to keep the knees pretty wide to keep the fat working now hold at the top and just pop out out.

Out out keep squeezing the bar keep the pelvis high amazing from that slowly and blow it down and now when you guys lying on your side or me keep the fund where it is you have a slight bend in the underneath knee flex the foot we’re going to pump up good trying to keep that out country to the side of the way.

Good now take the legs back squeeze the butt and pump up there squeeze the booty amazing from there we are changing science guys too quickly swinging your blood around lying on your.

Side amazing keeping that cap underneath the side of the waist slight bend in the underneath leg let’s factor pump up and down keep the core really tight keep the foot flexed move it back into extension squeeze the booty and pump up there so we’re now working the loot max the big.

Butt muscles have it from there tell us your basket I would need to touch the feet together keep the knees nice and wide okay feet together come up pump up two and lower down really squeeze the back muscles and keep the bank resistant so locate the knees.

Nice and wide make it harder by arms up amazing peel the spine down quickly from yourself up into standing i now want the plant around your ankles into the center of your mat bring the body weight down and step out senator you want to try and keep the body pretty low for this one.

And also try and keep the knees nice and tracked over the middle toe chest open fading in fading out of scars are amazing and comes back above the knees guys we are finishing up with some crab walk.

I want your bodyweight blows Michelle against that band keep the body weight low 50 seconds left at work then we’re done keep pushing wired against the band keep the knees wide okay super important nearly there 30 seconds.

La Oh guys day and number three a complete my bar is on fire I don’t know about you but the burn is real I’m so proud of you please don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button way more importantly hit the subscribe and the bell icon because it.

Means you’re not gonna miss out on what’s coming down what see you tomorrow for day number four thought you loved me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I would stop waited like forever to be your plus one is you litter left me at the party
Lilly Sabri

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