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Day 16 | Free 30 Day Fitness Challenge | Hourglass Sculpt- Little Waist & Hips


Hey welcome back to my channel we are officially on week 3 day 2 of week 3 which is day 16 all together Wow can you believe your hair I mean I kind of can’t believe I’ve made it this far no that’s a lie I knew we worked as a team I knew we would but honestly I’m so proud of you guys all of you who have made it here I salute you well done even.

If you’ve had a few gaps in between it doesn’t matter just try and get through this 30 days so many people are asking me like what happens on day 31 and what are we going to do now that’s something I need to discuss with you and I’m deciding how I’m thinking either alive on here maybe a Facebook like an Instagram live comment down below what.

You would like me to do because I want to get feedback from you guys I want to know what you would like at the end of the 30 days do you want this to continue do you maybe want some meal plans in there as well I mean there’s so many different things I could offer you guys and ultimately why am I doing this why am I doing this for free.

Because I want to help you that is it that’s the bottom line why did I become a physiotherapist because I want to help people I think seeing people in pain that’s what it all comes down to I want to spread my positive vibes and help you by the achieve your goals of a healthy happy lifestyle so with that said please give this video a thumbs up if you.

Haven’t already it means the world to me it really supports my channel and please just keep spreading the love telling your friends telling your family about this free 30 day online program which brings me on to today today is one of my favorite workouts it is the app class okay so there are two parts to this today is lower body into waist and core.

Next week is going to be core against a little waist but into shoulders so as you guys know we are all born with different Anatomy the way in which our body is shaped is down to our Anatomy but we can manipulate that a little bit now a lot of this is about the illusion of creating an hourglass shape so how do you do that.

We built that beautiful x-ray by working into the shoulders working into the hips which gives you the illusion of an hourglass if yes we are going to try and make that waist really nice and tight but as well as that we’re going to build it to the booty build into the hips and the shoulders to create that illusion of an x frame which will give you that.

Hourglass pickup oh yeah right we’re gonna get going 30 minutes of working out with me I need you to grab your weights I need you to grab your resistance band if you are in a hotel if you are traveling if you don’t have weights grab anything you’ve got I don’t mind fill up water bottles whatever it might be one of my best.

Friends is doing this a couple of days ago she tapped me on Instagram and she had an bottles of Prosecco probably shouldn’t be saying that out loud but yeah do that for me guys first exercise to wake up the booty and the hips feet are wider than shoulder distance apart slightly pivoted outwards we’re gonna go with a nice deep goblet spot we want to.

Keep the knees wide and we’re just gonna hold okay this isn’t hip today guys this comes under one of our resistance sections hence swinging the weights okay 15 minutes is going to be beyond the legs 15 minutes is going to be focusing on the core we’re gonna hope for another 3 2 up we come one then.

We’re going back in again holding nice and lower just waking up the legs waking up the booty good news tonight I have a massage booked in Alex night both to where I’m desperate for it 3 2 1 up will come one to go nice and low just waking up those legs relax the shoulders relax the neck when my tension is at the moment three two one and up amazing I.

Now want you to pop the band on guys just above the knees this workout it’s gonna be a burn don’t you worry that it’s gonna be a bit of a gradual burn okay we now have three the same thing that this time of the band down we come keeping those knees nice and wide they’re going to want to buckle in don’t let them little bit wider three two one.

And up two to go down become knees nice and wide just warming up the body three two one and up last one guys down to come nice and low tracking those knees open the middle toes three two one and up we come ahead stepping to the side of the map we’re going to go with those zigzag exFAT walk coming nice and low pushing against the band four two two.

One two one two keeping that back nice and low for me good work guys now as I said if you’re taking breaks in between these workouts I really don’t mind all I want you tend to complete these 30 days and then who knows you can repeat the program if you want that you put at the same time I may have another little.

Trick coming for you guys one more in each direction we’ll get back and maybe we’ll come down onto the mat now to really wake up those food muscles okay flying all the way around for me okay we’re keeping the feet flat black singing the back into the lower map you’re just gonna push out against the bands and slowly back in again slowly.

Back it good work keeping that core really nice and tight for me good get back in there get it really engaging those core muscles squeezing the back muscles doing two last one hold them right now pop you’ll notice that my core is really tight here my button squeezed eight seven six five four three two and one.

Bring ourselves up into sitting this time you’re gonna come back onto your forearm why I tend to see a lot of is this okay and then you’re kind of doing this please be careful guys tuck that tailbone under draw the ribs down engage that course I’ll show you again this is over arch now watch my stomach.

I’m flattening watch my stomach that’s an engaged cause okay really tight out we go hand is the best way of doing this is looking at the feet then you know that you’re headed in the right position good work try and avoid that temptation to over arch let them down pull the stomach muscles in tight for those of you who.

Are new to my channel I am a charted physiotherapist by the majority of my experience like working in professional football and soccer and I am such a particular when it comes to fall so important get that boom right you can pretty much half the amount of time you spend on working out if you’re doing it right three to go.

Two to go it should be fill in that booty hold it wide pocket ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one amazing lightly down now that guy’s okay again try not to over up that back you’re gonna flap to the back into the mat pure your way up into a rich okay keep the right leg still the left one’s gonna open and back it’s slow in control.

Focus and back good work amazing again you feel that that back is overarching and the ribcage is flaring like so readjust come up again we’ve got eight left this is a lot harder than it looks try and keep that right next completely still so let’s make it we have five left keep that right let’s.

Go four three three neither to hold it wide right let’s stillness let move up ten nine eight seven six five four three two my back into the center till your way down have a second okay through the lats and that back again fuel your way up into a bridge the left next day completely still this time the right leg opens against the resistance of the Sun.

And back again this left side is your stabilizer okay engage that blue pull that core in your butt crack that open breath in close amazing black guys whew should be feeling those glutes we’re going to just start it ain’t left keep it controlled seven left so proud of you guys six come on it’s only thirty minutes.

With me five keep breathing for good luck three two last one hold it wide use that let’s try to stabilize up come on pull it nice and tight tiny movements that pump it right leg away nine eight seven six five four three two slowly work the way down hug the knees into the chest you are doing so well guys don’t you.

Laugh okay we’re now going to take the band off and we’re going to come into side webserie so when it comes to building into the our bus obviously I guess this is water they need however guys when it comes to your glutamine which you got out about muscles the ones that give you the shape on the side I can’t explain to you how important these.

Muscles up I would say this is the second most prevalent muscle that I worked with the football players just because there goes stabilizing muscles when you’re kicking the ball you have to have stability through the standing leg and that’s where the balut meat comes in okay so lighten down now I want you to bend the underneath leg and straighten.

The upper leg and I want you to try and create a gap underneath your waist so this is what I call lying on a beach this is what I cook correct form like we’re pulling up nice and tight the core is engaged and we are in the neutral spine you’re going to flex the upper foot and we’re just going to pump up just a few inches.

If you can were lifting the arm up pull those stomach muscles in nice and tight this is just working into the glute meat we’re going to go with another eight seven six five four three two and one that was like a little teaser of a warm-up take your weights now place your weight on the outer side then lower down the rather higher it is higher up easier.

Flex that foot okay let’s go up up up good work breathing control using those breaths out through the mouth to control your breathing and keep your core tight let’s go with another nine eight seven six five three four three two and one now pretend we’ve done this before.

You have a flat surface in front of you a little table you’re going to swipe pull it and swipe back good work swiping forward breath in and breath out back and you’re going to pass neutral okay so we’re hitting glute meat and then glute max the big booty muscle at the back breath in and breath out now for you ladies and gents maybe float.

Your partner’s your bums your sisters a lot of you have been asking about the outfits that I’m wearing I always link them down below cuz you know that I’m obsessed with workout gear it’s actually a little bit embarrassing how much I’ve got Alex makes me do a clear-out quite often so if you want to know where my outfits a problem it’s all.

Linked down below okay you’ve got two left breath in and breath out last one breath in good work and right now I’ll hold it back in extension so we’re past neutral just going to be fooled a little bit like what space okay with past neutral the lower abs are engaged okay so what didn’t happen is you over arch here keep that core nice and tight we’re.

Back an extension of it puffing up good using that breathing control guys you can do it you should be feeling those glute muscles kicking in we have another ten nine eight seven six three five four three two and one hold it there we’re gonna mark it up and own and that 410 that’s one good – you can do it.

Breathe three we’re nearly halfway through this workout that’s already full we’ve got this five come on that’s half way through the legs by the way six then we’ve got the core seven three to go really smooth marks good – that come up whoo last one guys now hold it forward and pump it ten nine eight seven outs of eight five four three two oh my god.

That I’m really don’t burn okay bring that leg forward give it a good kick if it needs it wait that muscle up to ten I’m proud of you guys okay GUP newzeas that side is done the bad news is we have to even you out so I’m just going to swing around in the other direction okay let’s even you out so I tend to say this to you guys you would have heard me.

Say it before please do try and work your weaker side first so weaker side up because you will find that you fatigue throughout the workout so if you can get that weak side done first that is definitely a good idea okay so keeping that gap I’m gonna be super wasted again flexing the upper foot bending me underneath me and we’re.

Pumping up so we’re not going really high with this height isn’t the goal control is the goal okay so we have another ten nine eight seven core tight we can do it five four three two and one grab a hold of your weight as far now the thigh as you feel comfortable okay let’s go again we’ve got 20 more pulsation breath really.

Chorong tights and you want that mind-body connection now quite a popular thing to talk about on blogs at the moment on Instagram what actually is it all comes down to your nervous system life this is where so many people are saying put your on an aeroplane mode put your phone away when you’re working out because we should be.

Concentrating on what muscles were actually activating to get the most from our workouts so thinking about where you should be feeling this we should be feeling this whoops is gonna stop you guys keep going in the glute meet that actor muscle okay all super cool so making sure that you’re really activating those muscles you’re.

Concentrating on pulling them tight holding that we’re now going to come back into extension again so that upper leg is moving back the ribcage is tight and low and we’re going to pump up there no interrupting like this guys keep that core nice and tight otherwise did not work in the right muscles and you’re at risk of injury where you have 12 left.

Keep pushing look last eight seven that’s four three two and one we have that imaginary table with swooping forward and back and again if you can please try and keep that foot flexed that activate posterior chain that means we’re going to be fixing the back of the leg rather than the quads at the front good work keeping it smooth keeping it.

Controlled get using that breathing control amazing work guys still got six left we can do it keeping that core tight five left amazing work good for to go but really putting that core tight three you got it guys two left come on amazing last one and.

We’re going to hold it back in extension again so we’re gonna hold it behind and we’re gonna pump up for another ten for luck rib cages down last six five four three two now arcs let’s go up and over and back ten of these keeping that movement smooth that’s too good that’s three you should be feeling the glutes full.

Amazing five breathing seven three to go eight we’ve got this nine I’m really big ten hold it pull it pump it up last four three two well cut it bringing that leg forward give it a good kick stretching’s with you want to those glutes should be on fire now okay so now they are working and we.

They’re on to finish up the glute section I’m actually going to get it up into standing before we move into our 15 minutes of ABS okay so up into standing all right the first one note and what you do is come nice and low into the squat position straighten the leg out to the side whoops and bringing it back in against.

They strengthen and in in 20 on each side that’s for keeping this leg bent six seven eight nine keep it low ten ten to go you can do it nine keep it alive eight don’t give up seven come below and now you can six amazing five good four keep it bent in the hip three two and one amazing so you.

Should have been feeling that on the track of the standing leg and the outs of booty okay coming nice and low let’s go ten not ten twenty thirty two three four so my left side is the weakest side and I work that first but it feels a little bit easier I’m very happy to say come a little bit lower if you can seven eight nine halfway 10 now that’s burn 10.

Good stay low nine if you can go lower eight million s-76 good five don’t give up four three nearly left to one amazing shake those legs up to finish the legs off I do need you taking the band okay we are going to do 14 side steps that we’ve done with glutes okay so I know this burns we’re doing four steps in each direction which means we don’t.

Back put some forwards and no one is giving up nice and low let’s go one two three four five six seven eight nine with 1/4 of the way there 12 13 14 15 16 18 coming up halfway 20 halfway 20 Tuesday nice 23 24 let’s get it 25 pieces good 10 to go 9 8 lower 7 1 really no now 6 legs are complete we are moving on to core now lying down for me.

Guys that proves how much my head as much they didn’t even say 1 quarters you guys knew what I meant I kept coming in to call plus there’s 15 minutes of ABS now you’ll notice during this I’m not doing too many openly to switch to the muscles down the sides of the body just because they can actually fit in your place see what and not very.

Pleased to give you that beautiful v-shape but not too many to the point we’ve different with this today’s workout is all about me out ok so what we’re gonna do in the class in the back into the mat you know pull the stomach acid seven simplices house start but hands are placed onto the side the chin is.

Tucked to the chest on the breath out we lift them you lower okay we’re just doing ten keys to warm up the ABS to using that breathing control supporting the head beneath see for the last four three two I’m going out this stay up in the crunch we’re going to support the head with the right hand the left arm is down by the side move your feet in just.

A tiny bit nice and high that crunch we’re reaching to the side I really really love these side crunches if you do them right you will really feel it keep those knees shoulder distance apart a lot of people who say they don’t feel this is because they’re kind of just sliding across the map you want to come nice and high festival.

And then crunch you have ten left nine eight seven good six five four three two and one straight chain let’s go really using that breathing control staying high in that brush well eight seven six I’m really gonna burn your core here in just 15 minutes you guys already know I will laughs three two moving the feet away from the body now their arms come.

Up and over and we’re gonna go with a full sister touching in between the hair and then the lonely lower back down again okay we’ve got ten of these on the way down please make sure that the lower back touches fast mid back after that good come on guys remember form is key.

We’re halfway by six seven back eight to today nine good stay at the top ten now I want you to grab one of your weights for me take those legs out into extension so this these are straight roll back to your biting point relax the shoulders hold the weight and we’re coming up one English all the way to ten that’s five six seven eight nine.

And ten now hold hold pose hold on again it’s head good six left five back three four three two and one come up to sitting even keep the feet flat raise them into more advanced Russian twist two counts as one count for each direction is one that’s three four now this is oblique side so as I.

Said not too much of this but just enough to feel a burn for left 5kg doesn’t really give you about three left two and what amazing drop those legs back into extension brought back again from a bring over the right leg pump it up good we need five like five minutes I should say they’re.

The way through this workout okay changing legs last six five four three two hold it down well don’t go those ABS should be on fire now you should recognize this exercise we are going four hundredths with the weight so the weight is going to go just below the knees you’re going to hook one ankle over the other.

You’re gonna come on up into a crunch literally no breaks in this workout today and we’re pumping up and down okay building that core in nice and tight you want the lower back flat if you need to lower the feet down beginners everyone else keep going beginners come here for me okay nice and high in that crunch.

We’re already nearly seven minutes through the fifteen minutes okay we are so nearly done with this workout if your legs are up if the weight is there can you straighten it for the last twenty three four five right down two three four five ten nine eight seven six five three two ah Wow knees into chest power gentle rock there guys we are going to.

Go and I really sit up now okay so we’re using the weight if you can this exercise is quite difficult to go without the way if you need to absolutely fine from the feet up flat though if you want more advanced part of the hand goes movement dinner place the hand down no.

Wait okay from the air straighten out the right leg hold the weight in the right hand left knee is bent we’re coming up and punch it to the sky we’re punching across the body rotating the money ten each side that’s for beginners exactly the same thing placing the hand down if you need to five left punch if you want.

To full good three those of you with the way keep going to get my major changing sides for me this term is straightening out the left leg the weight is in the left hand right arm down let’s go good really using that core rotating at the top good work to recap for my beginners keep going place the right hand down left arm up to the.

Sky punch across five left for left use that hand on the floor to push you up even if you want to get here I don’t mind okay we’re just aiming to improve every time we do this to left last one nice and down amazing we are going to go straight into bicycles just breathe uh ii allow those abs to.

Have a moment bicycles fingertips are by your temples you are up in a crunch with your legs up and then elbow see opposite knee let’s go 20 of these two cats as one three seven heart by ten seven five four three two Oh Neela Chester well damn your abs should be we’re gonna come on up into sitting now for you of.

Those single leg stretches okay so what you’re going to do is come down onto the forearms like we did for that glute exercise exactly the same counts in terms of form it without ribcage flaring head back okay I want the ribcage down if it’s something I show a lot on my Instagram page just really quick tips of how to.

Get your form right so we’re not here with you the core is tight double leg take it up taking the high gaze forward towards the feet one leg straightens and back good we’ve just got five minutes left about guys ten to go if you’re beginner go single leg sorry I should’ve told you that at the beginning good if you’ll.

Begin up changing legs for me everyone else keep going with that double leg pull three two and one can anyone hold their legs straight if you’re beginner come put down with the feet and try to cover the arms everyone else here eight seven six don’t give up five three four three two now can you.

Lift the arms as well four four three two amazing work on that okay taking a hold of the weight again we’re going to go with a combined Russian twist this is quite hard in terms of I would say not agility coordination okay but I absolutely love to be a fly on the wall to see how you guys get on with this one so we’re up with the legs we’re going to.

Rotate like we would for a Russian twist but we’re going to straighten out the opposite leg to the direction little twist in beginners keep the feet down and twist there William 10 each side legs up let’s go one two halfway five it’s good nine and ten that is a lot hotter than it looks I’m sure you guys just experienced that.

Coming down into lying now okay four minutes left about gosh I’m feeling it and I just think that my tabs are pretty strong okay so grab your waist again this time we’re going to tour inches and we’re only doing 20 okay so legs up to the sky those of you who are beginner keep the feet down and just slide the knee is 20.

Okay so I’ll start with the advanced I’ve dropped down to the beginner to show you guys let’s go four five six beginners are here is seven eight nine ten last take keep breathing a bar so to make should be up don’t give up four three two amazing work okay I want you to grab your fans now if you don’t have a band please don’t hurry it just adds a.

Little bit of an extra limb okay so this is gonna come above the knees three minutes left of work guys so the reason I use the band a lot when it comes to chord it’s because your core is directly linked to your pelvic floor and your core is actually of course it that goes all the way around the apps and the lower back so by resisting against the.

Backs are basically resistive abduction pushing out we’re turning on the glutes and working the core at the same time my favorite thing to do okay so from here we’re gonna redic we’re going to try and do a few stirs up there 32 by temple let’s go do it really pushing out against that bad we ran into 10 that 7 8 9.

Now hold as high as you can lift one leg up followed by the other resist against a fan honk I resist ribbit resist okay Pavan er hold white no any other set of hundreds holding nice and white against that band don’t give up keep pushing got your soda in there good if you can straight myself to 5 right in 2 3 4 5 right down to.

Beginners feet down right in 2 3 4 5 right time 2 3 5 45233 will fight right up 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 right up to three full time amazing keep the band on for me we’re going to come up into sitting you are so remember we have under two minutes left okay so grab hold of your weight keep your resist against the bag roll.

Back to your – point resist resist resist hold there it is in a hole to start with you should be doing that for burning a little bit lower gonna so I really want you pushing hey guys push push much much much lower and raise an inch breath out as you come up keep those knees wide walk on really wide a little bit wider if you can.

love 10 white nine and seven push three two and one hope you like you would hold on total power of the three four to 10 volts ten nine come on push white six five four three two we have a boat hold you are done you can take the band up to this unfortunately the boat hope is one.

Minute roll you want to make it harder grab your weights okay last exercise I’m sorry we’re going to go in five seconds okay copy me guys roll back to your biting point beginners stay here feel that core intermediate-to-advanced lift those legs up we’ve started by the way good luck good one minute of work if you need to.

Drop the weight down relax those shoulders palms facing upwards we are approaching halfway she says that with ten seconds of a pathway you can do it though legs are up nice and strong we’re now halfway we have 30 seconds left relax those shoulders climbing then we are done with cause then we are done please go back out okay we have 20.

Seconds left can anyone strengthen their legs I’m going to try and hold for this last 20 seconds my legs are shaking but I’m going to push okay last ten no I don’t give up right five four three two wow you make sixteen complete I am so incredibly proud of you.

Please do let me know what you want after this day 31 what is going to happen that’s kind of down to you guys so drop a comment down below do you want me to do a Facebook live and insta live a YouTube live so we can interact with each other and get an idea of what you guys want next whether it’s a nutrition plan whether it’s more real-time.

Warehouse with me I’m just so unbelievably overwhelmed with how many of you are doing this with me every single day I’m so proud of you guys I shall see you tomorrow tomorrow it’s gonna be quite intense again so please rest up and joy I’m about to go and have a massage do not forget 30 minutes a day is your.

Doing at this intensity is enough okay well done guys
Lilly Sabri

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