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DAY 1 | FREE 28 DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE | Total Body Fat Burn HIIT | Timer & Modifications Included


This is a free 28-day total body fat burn a scope challenge are you guys it let’s do this oh la familia welcome back to my channel with Lily here for those of you know me you know exactly what I do you know I am gonna be working you hard we’re gonna be selective together tawny sculpting and feeling guru for.

Those of you who don’t know me welcome to the familia so as part of this 28-day challenge you might going to be working out with me for 28 minutes a day Monday through Sunday working different muscle groups different styles of training and I mentioned I’m with you every step of the way every bead of sweat every little bit of encouragement.

Every time you want to stop on there I’m going to be there with you encouraging you the whole time so how do you get involved really quickly before we get on with this first workout number one that subscribed to my channel please pause this video now and subscribe to my channel to hit the bell icon to give you a notification of when each video goes.

Live every single day and number three join of my private facebook group which is a supportive community of like-minded people doing the challenge as well to share your experience there is a free pdf with this program I have detailed out every single workout you can do this at home in the gym in the bathroom if you want to I remind get your hands on.

That PDF down in the description box below I need you guys to do is grab a resistance band and get ready to sweat this is gonna get messy okay so I better sack is just 9 minutes long focusing on the ABS and fat that down into a plank position spreading those fingertips shoulders directly over the next night the trunk and we’re going.

To come on okay so this is I say just totally cool back in the arms and we’ll sit in the heart rate that’s a little bit all the next is beyond that we’re leaving with moving those back muscles I believe the chorus good luck guys just ten seconds left.

You know down on us and that we never ride with the step bicycles 15 seconds recover it we just throw into bringing that hot right hot double X hands up oh it’s opposite knee good bad guys come on we got it the incredible dig deep cool tires low.

Back flat oh yes and keep that against bullets in between the thighs look come on half way incredible quickly pop the band around the Apple for me biased the nominees at the ankles bring yourself back into a pike position but this time when your elbows come up we’re gonna jump out one two three four come up and back down.

whoa nice straight down onto your back for 700 the heart rate should be creeping up gradually and hey from that low slap.

Double leg take it up push it up against that bombs okay pumping the arms up and down I am buried God knows we’ve got it revealing focusing I’m sorry to say it but this is kind of nice we stuck it up to three I’m just getting you being you guys prepared you’ve got this okay come on fish fish fish good back nice.

And high in that crunch push the fish fish everything you’ve got nice straighten the legs if you can incredible Jacob up amazing breeze are straight up into standing the Bandit back around the ankles bring yourself up into standing we’re gonna get that heart rate up high.

Up you jump out in and up okay one two and cut let’s go so we’re working into the legs here of course but we’re also getting that heart rate up nice and high good work guys amazing focus no giving up amazing guys come on ders 10 seconds.

whoa straightest back down for me okay take the band off this time every time on that double negative on top the right hand over on the left here left arm up back without it lower back flat okay let’s go really focusing on that color okay breathing and aiming to touch the opposite and core not too fast but we’re.

Gonna keep it moving for heart rate stays high good work guys come up incredible all the way through come on push woman deeply guys well I can’t straight up into sitting no band we promise not like food fine rolling back as we reach out we couldn’t across to get the obliques okay.

Really one family that head okay row back hold tight reach across incredible by making sure the government takes in the full body good whack there’s a few a few more pushing to get from this fire circuit then we’re going in to let the lips fat bag you guys are gonna hate me come on let’s do this now.

Hot hold on that’s like this [__] put it apart okay straight up we are now onto all fours okay spreading the fingertips again under the shoulders tuck this tuck the toes under you get my legs up we’re going to take the knee to the elbow let’s go pulling that qhorin really really nice and tight keep going now bye.

There are almost vacations here for you but you’re a beginner just here is enough okay trust me it still works so those of you who are super hot you can actually go for a rotation touching pant whop Sydney come on yeah cool okay really quickly pop Batman’s just about the knees for me guys.

It’s your last exercise we have a jump jack with a punch called tight one two one two nice and fast okay you want to go put some nice momentum here make sure that Paget are strong good but really catching on come on an hour whoo bonus good go to everyone who.

Played straight into static tune is for your legs and your beautiful that’s gone into a micro bed we are gonna be 95 seconds on the start off with crab-walk see like that chest open let go pushing out against that that micro bend through the knees you wanna make pod up come lower okay and tightly up to you please remember guys I won’t come off for.

Everyone okay that’s why I put modifications there this is for you it’s you against yourself and suck it – in my opinion is the highest at focus I with you we’ve got it what good right guys come on pushing pushing pushing amazing I love it chest open.

Amazing did not and now above the fees for me pushing out against the ban feet shoulder-distance apart we’re going to come into a deep squat post eight outs of three come halfway up only okay so we’re keeping that tension on the glutes and the legs are way up good three two one halfway up at me amazing.

Incredible blackouts come on go type just 15 seconds left amazing work come on Bo the accreditors straight down onto the map on the other end put a butterfly bridge before we start getting that heart really really pumping and take me away from the bus he was seeking intros up here way up of that pump out.

Halfway down nd okay so these three exercises are really focusing on turning on the right muscles those glutes want to be firing well then you want to be done renamed okay squeeze the booty core tight amazing work coalesce keep pressure holding the squeeze at the top squeeze that lash out against the.

Ban squeeze between higher push my foot all the way my high wire whoa they straight up into standing we’re going with our in out shots okay so we’re taking the legs right in and out that is all you have five seconds but first concentrate let’s go trying to see us.

amazing come on keep pushing keep digging it give up guys there’s about a map whoa-oh we’re now going for our lunges stepping or jumping lunges guys I’m not going to have to jump them just to the.

Monkey injury if you can I’ll show you a demonstration you’re gonna jump like so whoops okay otherwise copy me arms come up and over yes still not quite there after my accident skiing but I’m getting there if you can I really want you guys jumping okay come on keep pushing dig deep.

Whoa around your knees okay all right this time we’re taking our toes apart hiding them in advice touching okay we’re gonna push out touch the inner thighs together squeeze in the back ribcage down good good too easy.

Take the feet burrow waist and really push out that’s a pant and if you’ve got a good tough band you will be feeling this now in a publication post and back in post and back here you’re like that so either you’re hurry in this type of it the whole purpose is to activate those muscles and then gun on the mouth.

Good work okay keep the bun drop straight back up into standing we’re now going to go with a shuffle jump okay so one two and shuffle across okay it’s ready we’ve got this let’s go one two shuttles on the cost yes guys amazing come on whoa oh yes feel that burn.

We’re low on power in this guy’s jump all the way across power power power ten seconds that’s all maybe they are really nice and high the fans take on we wanted to jump just down to jump jacks okay we have got excited this river will not whoring hi about that well good good.

Come on whoa they can keep weapons above the knees we are now going with a fire hydrant on Timmy Oh balls on that pretty pink lips with a lip against the resistance of that land and halfway down only and of course if you want to remember you’re only going halfway down okay keep that tension on the land which.

Means the tension stable really good work good one more pump it five four three two one other side let’s go up pulsate good you’re really pushing us get back as high as you can hold tight hold it up hold eight five four three two one yes okay you have one extra my left is back up in landing and it sucked into that.

Jump in jump out jump up okay this is gonna finish off so then we’re gonna start right in at up let’s go what come on guys professor I lost one a second okay so a lot of safety rivers and taps and.

Our guys we have so got this okay so it’s not a lot down in longing or legs up up to the sky who black and rich in let them voice I second benita guys and again your Charlotte just pull those feet down to pull the head and neck if you want three and.

Roots that they scratch out its to you whatever level you’re at pull that Corinne really really tight for me okay and keep pushing oh hey straight up into sitting grab a hold of your band and place it around your bricks okay your palm facing downwards knees bent nice and upright through the spike roll back to your.

Wasting point and place the resistance against that down to push out okay it’s out push out push out roll those shoulders back hold on hard work that core now turn the pump it each other a pump well that’s all you’re nice and low really really nice and low three two one come up and back down.

Again push push back really work that cool and work those shoulders three two one come up and back down again these turn it up good pushing out that really push banks around the knees now pop it on nice and fast for me okay run there we’re going into a back plank.

Solutely working the arms the course and a little bit of booty who dips facing forward lift the butt okay from there take the body weight up drop the head back a little bit you’ll be in a pop-out that we will lack in the glutes as well good at work want to come down in between pumper three really squeezing those muscles and.

Something to tell about other good lacking you can you’ll stay up we’re really working the hamstrings here as well good luck you want to make it harder move those feet even further away and trust me that really loves the house oh my gosh at Burnley we’re going to another step now of hundreds with the resisted abductions with pushing out.

Against the bat don’t wanna take the top push out up in a crash let’s go bring it two three four five right down to three foot by a core nice and tight by I’m gonna make it harder straighten the legs out push out against the back come on when I really well they’re not funny.

By the end today keepers you just ten seconds I’m watching you all we’ve got this together walk it up onto all fours from there the fact in suspect position like we were in circuit one the fingertip are spread you want the wrists directly underneath the shoulders toes.

Tucked under lift hold just start with a hold make a man I’m gonna push out in out in lower lift anyone will feel an ambitious stay up throughout the whole thing okay stay up otherwise come down and up you got your level then tie up to you I’m going to stick with that middle level from my intermediates.

This advanced stay up beginners follow the modification oh yeah into a side plank now all right so it coming on twice I’ll only be meeting the web on that hand rather than the elbow the underneath leg is better okay after lick her arm I should say it up after like Hobbit pop feed under and up.

Good just five seconds left one more ref made it now come up into a full plank if you can one foot on top of the other and just hold hold really nice and strong all the way through to the end hip high core tight come on Beth for lovin hip higher and head straight on the other side over we come down see underneath me.

That upper leg is straight nice and strong okay really nice and strong core cover the leg let’s go pop and feed under amazing what guys keep going I’m taking my time up forever okay ten seconds one more rep okay we’re now coming up into a full plank you want to make it a little bit easier put one foot in front.

Of the other you can run on top of the other come on like that I’m shaking cool we got this we’ve so got this down onto the mat keep the band where it is we’re now gonna roll back to our fighting point hold and pop okay the push out against the back hold I’m gonna pop alright we’re really working the.

Core let’s go roll back hold hold nice and strong but I want you physically as long as you feel your core can handle okay come on that’s really bad here too though that’s what five four three two and one lift the legs up and hold Oh 25 second bow hold widen the legs against the band if you can relax the shoulders straightened if you can up to you 15.

Minutes publish very much John Renick who maybe that whoo straight up into standing we all kind of jumped at compasses again oh yes we are we’ve got this guy’s like a job jacked up jack punch punch heart rate high let’s go go honest really really nice and fun getting the heart up again you’re.

Cautiously on fire yes loving that burn come on a little under 50 cents I’m really pushing again it’s happened guys I’d love to say that you have totally made it but I want you to come down onto the mat because I have a bonus exercise for you is second only commit your heart rate should be up we’re about to do 45 seconds of burpees to finish up.

I want you to count your reps count how many you do drop in the comments down below to take your band off for me guys finish your bonus then you are done okay because me as much as you like alright so all the way down on the mat you lift your hands come in to a bad knees and jump up in between okay like so what what patient if you are a.

Beginner guys we’re going to be encouraging you the whole weight goes down on the mat to Korean you’re taking me in your head whoa [__] that keep pushing it are you walk away oh wow we did it guys.

That got me I’m not gonna lie that is probably the hardest of the Sarawak hub for me in particular purely because closely I’m still really happy my injury so I’m so happy I made it through that and I’m so so I’m proud of you like honestly I love you guys so much if you enjoyed this video please do give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below.

Let me know how many reps you got on the batteries and let me know what you thought guys I was you tomorrow the day number two which is pure booty okay it burns and then Wednesday I get to love Wednesday’s workout is all in your PDF okay I shall see you tomorrow what for yet another one and enjoy your dinner tonight.
Lilly Sabri

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