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DAILY STRETCH ROUTINE (with Nona Bayat) | 5 min Full Body Mobility


This is your 5 minute full body daily stretch routine. I recommend doing this every day to feel energized, supple, and ready to take on the day. I am joined by someone incredibly special today. Drum roll! The one, the only, Nona Bayat! Did I get your name right? – Amazing! Lets do it! – She’s like, you’re doing it in such a British accent.

So this is the routine that you do every morning? – Yes. – Since your back injury? – Yes. – I’m excited about this. How do you feel after your morning mobility routine? – I feel so relaxed, my muscles just feel a lot more smoother and not as stiff. Kind of like our videos? – Yeah.

Okay, if you want some fun, check this out. – Check it out. Here’s why, you want to come over and tag us in your videos. – Make sure that you are doing that. Try out this routine, try out our other “challenges”/dances, for a chance to be featured. Shall we get started? – Let’s do it. – Lets go! We’re starting off with our legs long across your mat.

From there, you’re going to slowly with your arms right in front of you, roll all the way back into lying. Amazing. From there, you’re going to hug the right knee in towards the chest. Flex the left foot, flex the right foot. Hug in really nice and tight. Just breathing there. Thinking about nice, calm, deep breaths in through the nose. Filling the lungs, and then breathing out through your mouth. Go from here, into locking the fingers on the back of the right thigh.

Take a deep breath in, on the breath out straighten that leg out as far as you feel possible. I’m feeling pretty tight today. (Laughs) So just, breathe out. Good Work. From there we’re going to point and flex that right foot.

Its working into that posterior chain muscles at the back of the legs. 3 more of those. Great. From there bring the knee into the chest, and you’re going to open the right leg out to the right for the groin stretch. 3, 2,.

And 1, now coming across the body, into the spinal rotation stretch. Placing the left hand on the right knee, right arm out to the side. And then allow gravity to take you. You may get a few clicks and clunks here, that’s fine. And now just tilt the head to look towards the right. And from there, slow and controlled,.

Bring myself back into neutral. Bring that knee, again, towards the chest. Take one last pull-in, and then changing sides in one movement, flexing those feet. Good. Hugging in nice and tight. Now prepare to lock the fingers around the back of the leg. Take a deep breath in, and normal breath out.

Straighten out as far as you feel capable. Now you’re going to point and flex your foot. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Bring that knee into the chest again, hold on to the left knee with the left hand,.

And open out into that groin stretch. Now coming across the body into that spinal rotation, hold on to the left knee with the right hand. And now you’re going to look towards the left hand. Doing it breathing, relaxing. Now back in to neutral. You’re now going to have both knees in towards the chest, and you’re just going to rock yourself a few times. Backwards and forwards.

And then from there, we’re going to come all the way up, into sitting. Yes. Okay, from there, bring yourself around, onto all fours. Spread the fingertips slightly, we’re just going to start with a few cat camel stretches. You’re dropping the pelvis down. Our face towards the fingertips.

Breath in reverse, and breath out hump. Lock one in each direction. Breath in, and breath out. Great work. From there you’re going to drop down onto the forearms. And now, with the fingertips, you’re going to walk them forward.

Try to get your chest nice and close towards the floor. Now dig them fingertips in and raise out the palm. You should get a nice stretch here usually, you can sway side to side a few times. Feel that weight and that tightness really lingers, and then just hold it there, and breathe into it. Good. From there flatten the hands down, you’re now going to take the right hand.

And feed it under the left. Taking your right ear towards the floor. Breathe. Now back into neutral, you’re going to change sides. Good. We’re going to do our last exercise now. My absolute favorite. You’re going to come back into neutral.

You’re now going to drop the butt back onto the heels, and just relax there. If you want to, you can take the arms down by the side of the body. Workout timer. And you’ve made it! You can stay there if you want to, otherwise you can come up and join us. Well done guys, you absolutely smashed it.

How you feeling? – Amazing. – Yeah? Your back’s okay? – Amazing
Lilly Sabri

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