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Daily Morning Stretch for Sore Muscles | 10 min Full Body Routine


This is your Daily Morning Stretch Routine to losen sore muscles. The perfect workout to set you up for a beautiful productive day ahead. It’s going to be calming, it’s going to be relaxing, and it’s going to help you feel amazing. This cute little number is Gym Shark, I know some of you’ll be wanting to know. Okay, let’s get down on the mat, and let’s do this. (Workout timer beeping) This is going to be beautiful. Starting off in sitting. I want the feet touching shoulders.

And collarbones completely relaxed. And from there, we’re just going to go with an inner thigh stretch. Taking three deep breaths in through the nose, filling the lungs. And sighing out through the mouth. Last one in, and out. Amazing work.

From there you going to straighten your left leg out, bring your right foot in, nice and close to your inner thigh. Rotate your body, take a deep breath in, on the breath out. Sink the chest load towards the thigh and reach towards the foot. Amazing. Again, we’re going to keep going.

With those deep calm breath cycles in through the nose, and sign them out through the mouth. And just take a moment to think about whatever your goal is for this stretch session. Whether it’s to relax, to ease any muscle soreness and just go with that. From there, you’re going to take this leg and you hook it over the underneath leg.

Pull in nice and tight and rotates in the opposite direction. You should feel a nice stretch down here. Hi baby. Amazing going onto that other side now. So straightening out the right leg. The left foot is in nice and close to the inner thigh. From there, rotate the chest, then sink down.

Pick that leg up and rotate over the underneath leg. Pull in nice and tight, and rotate the spine. Looking over that shoulder. Amazing work. Back into those inner thighs now, we’re going to bring the feet even closer in towards your body. From there, open those legs out like you are trying to open your feet.

As if they were a book. Good. From there take the chin to the chest and then just draw a half circle taking the ear to the shoulder and reverse in the other direction. One more each way. Incredible work. From there, we’re going to come into the wrist, just cross in the feet for me.

We’re just going to draw some circles to start off with. And then in the other direction. Amazing. Take one arm out straight in front of you, and use that other hand to pull back and feel a nice stretch through the fingers, all the way down into the wrist and the arm. The forearm. Reverse that stretch now dropping the arm down.

Or the hand down I should say, and apply heavy pressure there. You should feel this stretch, all down here. Keep the shoulder away from the ears. And changing onto that other side. Drop that wrist down. Amazing work. So you don’t want your shoulders up here. Sink them down,.

As you keep going with those calm deep breaths in and out. Amazing work. Coming down now into lying. We’re going to control that movement as we go with a practice roll down. Okay. Arms are out in front of you. Relax the shoulders, take a deep breath in. On the breath out slowly,.

Segmentally lower the spine starting off with the lower, the mid and the upper and reach those arms up and over the head. You’re trying to reach the hands as far away from the feet as you can. And then just lift each hip one side at a time to fill a nice stretch down the side of your body into your (indistinct) Amazing work.

From there, I want you to bend both knees up. We’re going to start off with a spinal rotation, dropping both legs over to the left. And then from there lift the upper leg, on top of the underneath one a little bit higher. Place the hand on that outer thigh, and then look towards the opposite direction. Good. Keeping going with those calm deep breaths in and out. Okay. We’re going to change sides now.

Place those knees together, and drop those legs over. Lift the upper leg higher than the underneath one and look in the opposite direction. Amazing work. Back into neutral, you’re now going to hug onto the outer thighs. From there just hug in nice and tight and you’re going to draw some circles.

In opposite directions just to get some nice mobility through the hips. And changing directions. Great. From there you’re going to grab a hold of your lean band if you have it. You’re going to hook it around the ball of the foot, bend the opposite knee, take a deep breath in.

On the breath out, straighten that leg out as far as you feel you can. Good work. With each breath out, just trying to get that leg a little bit further into that stretch. Now straighten out that other leg, and you’re going to take the right hand onto the band. Drop that leg out to the side.

Good. With each breath cycle, just trying to take the toes, a little bit closer towards the head to increase that stretch. Try and keep this other hip down as much as possible. Now coming across the body, with a bent leg or a straight leg if you feel you can. Again, looking towards that opposite hand. Okay. From there,.

Bending the left knee, hook the right foot over the left knee, and then from there hugging nice and tight. Good. Breathe into that stretch. Close the eyes if you want to. And with each breath out, just try and pull it up just a little bit tighter. Amazing work. Going on to the other side now.

So hooking that band around the ball of the left foot, take a deep breath in. And on the breath out, straighten out as far as you feel you can. With each breath out, just try and take that foot a little bit further forward, to increase that stretch down the back of the leg, the hamstrings, into the calves as well. Now holding on with the left hand only,.

I’m going to open that left leg out to the side. Again, trying to keep that opposite hip down and if hand straightening that other leg out. Amazing work. Coming across the body now, into that spinal rotation. Now back into neutral, we’re going to finish up, just a little bit of a thigh stretch, coming up onto all fours.

From there, slowly lower down, and we’re just going to take the right heel towards the buttock. Holding onto that heel if you can, if not grab onto a band or a trouser leg. Squeeze the booty to increase that stretch. Now, changing sides. Amazing work. Squeezing that booty.

(Workout timer beeping) – Three more deep breath cycles in through the nose, out through the mouth. Good work. And relax off. And you are done. I really, really hope that helped. I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you tomorrow to the do this stretch again.

Well done guys.
Lilly Sabri

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