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DAILY ABS CHALLENGE FOR WOMEN (lose belly fat) | 6 min Workout


Welcome to your 30 day abs challenge for women. I want you to do this 6 minute workout for 30 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, also on TikTok for a chance to be featured and do not forget to do this as part of a larger workout program, combining it with my longer HIIT workouts, Pilates workouts and of course, resistance training.

You can get a hold of all of that on the LEAN app where you can join tens of thousands of women all around the world getting results and having fun. Check this out. (upbeat music) (timer beeping) – Okay. We have our left knee bent, our right leg straight. We’re going to reach up to that right ankle and back down again.

Use that breath out as you come up, breath in as you lower. Just 10 seconds left, 30 seconds each exercise. Guys, 12 exercises, we can do it. (timer beeping) Okay, straight onto that other side. Breath out as you reach up, breath in as you lower. Nearly there. (timer beeping).

Amazing work, left knee bent, right leg straight. We’re going to try and come all the way up and back down again to hit into the weight those oblique muscles. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get the whole way up. Just go as high as you feel you can, okay? As you get stronger throughout this challenge you’re going to get higher. (timer beeping).

And straight onto that other side. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Double leg table top. 90 degrees with the knees and the hips. From there you’re going to tap the toe down and straighten out. If your neck is sore, lower the head down but keep that lower back flat in the mat.

Belly button back towards the spine and breathe. (timer beeping) Okay, reaching for those ankles now and then straighten the arms and legs out. You want to aim for those legs to go to 45 degrees, okay? Again, head down if the neck’s sore. (timer beeping) Straight into our reverse front from here. Hands in a diamond shape.

We’re going to pop our body all the way up and straighten out. Good, keep that rib cage down and breathe guys. (timer beeping) Amazing, hover those legs at a 45 degree angle. Breathe for me, hold strong. Lift the upper body up if you can. Good work. In five, four, three, two,.

We lower the legs down and we hold here, just a few inches from the floor. (timer beeping) Amazing, up onto all fours now. Last few exercises, okay? Tuck those toes under. Lift just an inch from the mat. Come across the body. Good work.

We have just three exercises left after this. Okay, staying in that four point position, drop the hip down and back up. Good. You want that hip to go an inch from the floor. (timer beeping) Amazing, into sitting for me. We have a full roll up now, all the way, breath out, reach for the toes.

And back down again. Good work. (timer beeping) Last exercise, seated boat with rotation. Lift those legs up. Rotate elbow to opposite knee. If that’s too much, hold here and rotate. 20 seconds of work left, that is it. 10 seconds, you guys.

(timer beeping) Yay, we made it.
Lilly Sabri

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