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Crispy Sweet Potato Donuts ! Easy Sugar Donut Recipe ! Homemade Donut Recipe


Hello friends ! This is a delicious new sweet potato donut recipe! Click Likes ! Leave a comment and subscribe to the channel. Thank you for watching To make donuts, I use 500g sweet potatoes Peel sweet potatoes Slice the sweet potato into thin pieces Put the sweet potato in the steamer Steam for 20 minutes Put the sweet potato in a bowl and grind it into powder Add rice flour 100g.

Tapioca 100g (Can use tapioca or glutinous flour) Sugar 50g Salt 1/5tsp Water 200ml Mix Knead the dough by hand Diving into cake Put oil on the pan Put the sweet potato cake into the frying.

Fry 7 minutes I use 150g of yellow sugar to cook the sugar coating so the donuts Water 50ml Cook for 5 minutes on low heat Add sesame 1tbsp Dip donuts in sugar water Remove to a tray to cool Sugar donuts look delicious If you watch the video, remember to click Likes, leave comments and subscribe to the channel.

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