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CORE PILATES BURN | 30 minute Home Workout


Hey guys from a very very sleepy not very well teddy and i how are you 30 minutes pilates and my little baby had surgery yesterday so we we were up pretty much all night um i think he slept for like 30 minutes at a time then he was just restless trying to like hobble around and scratch.

And yeah so we’re very tired and this is a reality check for everyone you’re to have good you’re going to have bad days you’re going to have days where you like to literally feel invincible like a super woman on top of the world and then there’s going to be.

Days where maybe you don’t sleep so well and you don’t feel as good so what i’m going to say is listen to your body honor your body listen to the signs and the cues that is telling you that’s what i’m gonna do today i actually feel a little bit sick i’m not good with the lack of sleep and we only have like three hours.

Um so i am going to take it a little bit slower however that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy for you i am your instructor i am going to be guiding you i’m going to be pushing you this is a class in your living room and as you know i am watching you throughout so if you are feeling.

Invincible like superwoman today and on top of the world i want you to bloom and push okay i want you to feel that burn just because i may not be doing it all it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t okay that’s that done um it is a 30 minutes pure.

Core burner so we’re literally going to be going in on your core we’re going in on all of the layers all the way down into the transverse abdominis as deep as you can get okay into the obliques rectus abdominis basically all of the core so i hope you’re ready for a bear we’ll.

Be doing a little bit of pelvic floor as well and equipment wise what you’re going to need is a chair the puppy is optional okay you’re also going to need if you’ve got a block if you’ve got it a ball but i don’t expect you to have these so and they may well be coming so have a.

Pillow instead of a ball and then also i recommend your strong hip band if you don’t have the strong lean hip band go with the extra strong it’s just going to make it harder okay 30 minutes on the clock we’re just going to flow through is a straight 30 minute flow then we have our nutrition q a at the.

End with alan kenny optimum nutrition nutritionist and we’re answering your questions all nutrition okay so it’s gonna be epic all right mister let’s move you over we’re gonna get started in 15 seconds you guys i want you to lie down on your mat for me all right let’s move you over my little one.

Oh i love you okay good boy so all the way down and i just want you to start off by imprinting the spine so flattening the back into the mat pulling the core in nice and tight thinking about that belly button and trying to take the belly button back towards the spine okay really really nice and tight.

Bring those arms down by the side of the body palms facing upwards and i just want you to walk your feet out in a count of four two three four keep the lower back flat two three rib cage down four one two two breathe.

the further away your feet are the harder it is to keep that lower back flat in the math i should say so try and keep it flat rip cage down core engage last one okay from here i want you to tap that chin to the chest.

Like you have an apple or a peach and you’re trying to hold that apple or peach okay keep that eye goes forward keep the core really nice and tight and lower good the lower back stays flat the core.

Stays tight we breathe breath out rib cage down breath in breath out if the neck hurts really gently just support it oh all right from there we’re coming on up into double leg tape on top but this time we’re keeping the head.

Neck and shoulders down palms facing upwards arms out to the side single leg tabletop 90 degree at the knee in the hip pull the core in nice and tight mirror that with the other leg okay keep that lower back flat we’re going to trap down breath out breath in breath out.

Breath in keep that core really nice and tight it’s slow it controls four left you guys good okay we’re gonna make it a little bit harder that was like your warm up okay back up into double leg table top we’re.

Gonna tap the left toe down for scissors we’re then gonna reach it out tap it back and come up and we alternate sides i want that ribcage down i want that core tight back in the mat okay one two three four.

is core isn’t whacking so much okay i want them at 90 degrees breathe it out gently rock there just have a moment i want you to take the legs in opposite directions as you draw some circles.

breathing okay scissors level two you can stick with that level that we did before which was just tacking down alternating sides if that’s enough for you amazing if not come with me a higher level.

Okay so i want you to hug the left knee into the chest straighten the right leg out like you’re doing a stretch pump to change head comes up very straight leg keep looking forward to you guys four left breathe three.

You’re okay good now single double the b one two pull that core in tight you got this before left four three two and knees into chest one oh just rock side to side it’s one of them gradual burners right okay so you’re gonna need your block now we are.

Really slowing this workout down there’s going to be different tempos throughout but remember a lot of the time the slower you go the harder it is okay so have that box only if you’ve got one of course and if not you can actually try and do this with a pillow okay.

So what i want you to do is try and balance the block on the foot and then bring that leg up okay this is easy this is far from easy so just find that magic point balance six breathe and then bring the other leg up come on lily you did this before okay yeah.

There we go all right so we’re gonna straighten bring it up oh shake is due to my hamstrings being so tight from leg stay okay take that leg up.

All right we got this let’s go as long as you’re there as long as you’re there by the way oh my god okay grabbing a hold of your back now we’re gonna have some full roll-ups with a little bit of shoulders upper body in there as well you have two options.

You can keep a micro bend a small bend through the knees or you can go straight leg a lot of this is down to your anatomy and what you prefer okay now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pop out like so against that band as we roll up so we’re gonna be working the shoulders in four three two let’s go.

five i’m okay if you want to make it a little bit harder we’re going to continue with that we’re going to try and hover one leg this gets difficult okay you’ve got a few options you can hover it like.

So to make it really difficult a little bit easier is just tapping it down like so okay find that b in four three two let’s go whoa three two okay let’s go four three two and one slow.

just have a moment you guys breathe you are killing it okay so we’re gonna start up in the ante quite significantly now i think they were really nice controlled movements but i want to up that tempo get you working okay we have so got this together.

Our next little sequence is all going to be about the obliques it’s all going to be about that waist snatching we can do it okay i want you to pop your bands around your feet around the outside of the feet we’re starting off with a nice controlled bicycle then we speed it up.

With one two let’s go good good you guys i want you to concentrate on these muscles here as you’re rotating you’re thinking about these muscles and snatching them in it’s one two good you’re killing it you guys i’m so proud of you come on keep going one two last eight.

Seven six last five four three two now hold it go fast bring the arm out to the side now in strength four three two good change inside let’s go.

Take that band just above your knees okay if you want to you can actually double band you can go with another band just below your knees and that’s really going to work into the abductors as well as the core so the outer body outer thighs up to you guys all right we’re going.

With the set of hundreds we’re here we’re pushing out we’re gonna pump find that meat we’ve got this in four in three in two double let’s go breath out three four breaths in breath out keep looking forward straight to those legs if you can okay.

Advance follow me advanced in four in three so then straightening those legs out breathe get yourselves ready in four in three in two let’s go we reach straight right right.

Come on i know you’ve got this four three two get it now hold the stroke you can’t lower them down but keep that lower back flat okay keep going what i don’t want to see is this hold four i don’t want to see this okay lower back flat three.

Hold two and four three two legs in well done you guys how you feeling oh my gosh my voice is cracking that’s how smart i am okay i am so proud of you i’m so proud of me for pushing through today for myself okay and for you all right we got this we’re gonna take this out now we’re.

Gonna repeat hundreds but this time with the balls so we’re gonna be going with our inner thighs if you don’t have the ball that’s absolutely fine you can go with a pillow okay so you’ll know what i mean by the ball makes it harder as soon as we launch our oh.

You’re gonna pop that in between the inner thighs you are gonna squeeze okay squeeze squeeze squeeze come on up into double leg tabletop pump like you did before eye days forward intermediate advanced okay we got this beginners you’re here three.

Two let’s go two three four breath out two three four really squeeze those inner thighs you guys squeeze and fast you’re here okay yeah come on keep pushing again you’re a okay bit crazy is.

is followed by the other we then lower down.

Put your fingers okay you’ve got two options make it a little bit easier by keeping the ball in between the thighs make it harder by bringing it in between the feet okay it is entirely up to you guys.

All right give that core a moment give it a hit if it needs it we’re gonna go with some twists okay up to you where it goes you guys beginners intermediates okay advanced i should say bring those arms out nice and high in that crunch forward.

rotate and center or legs down and seven come on you can do this and sit feel that core pull that core and tight i know you’ve got this last four last three last two now i’m gonna be nasty hold those legs straight hold eight do not give up hold seven.

Hole six if you are feeling energized i’m like a super woman today lower those legs you should be feeling a really nice bird okay now if you don’t have a chair honestly it really doesn’t matter you can do all of this without a chair okay sometimes the chair is just kind of there for the visuals.

Sometimes we’re going to be using it to actually balance on okay so first exercise we’re going to be working around the chair okay you can either come down onto your hands or down onto your arms beginners i will give you mods okay we’re starting off by bringing our legs.

Above the chair we’re then going in between the legs below the chair this is the ideal chair zacha can i swap chairs quickly okay so you’re gonna come above you’re then gonna go below okay i’m just quickly changing chairs thank you thank you.

In four in three in two and four three two let’s go straight in double is.

let’s go half way crazy about listening to your body because normally when i’ve had my eight hour sleep i.

Would smash through that so it just proves how much your body needs rest how can you expect it to work properly if you’re not allowing it to rest okay legs up we’re going to bring the hands into an arrow shape we’re going to take ourselves in between the thighs we’re then going to attempt.

To do a full sit-up okay all right we got this let’s go beginners i don’t expect that full fitness freelancer take your legs we’re now working on the chair okay last little section.

Planks and on the chair then we’re done okay so we’re starting off on four point kneeling i want the fingertips and i want you to make sure that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders same with the knees and the hips okay have that chair nice and close by.

All right we’re going to start off just with a lift pulling that horn sucking that belly button back towards us is i’ll show you from impress keep going what i don’t want to see is this okay this is what happens a lot.

Tap reach okay really nice and stable minimal sway good pretend you’ve got a dinner on your back your favorite dinner and you don’t want it to slip okay four left guys we’re nearly there.

Only if you feel you can okay i love you all right so we’re gonna place the feet up onto the chair okay again only if you feel able you’ve not come into a normal plank hoping this chair is going to be okay normally i use the other one.

Let’s give it a go all right so coming into that side pulling my core in nice and tight okay okay the other side even you out we are so.

Nearly there you guys okay breathe crunch and center eight eight count hold you’ve got this import of you’re on the chair amazing reach okay i want you to come on up in exactly the same way we did at the beginning just that slight lift four three two now rotate.

Touch the knee if you can touch the foot oh then we’re done just as your little bonus and then we have our q a how are you guys going really good okay okay one minute that is all we’re starting at 15 seconds you have killed it you guys if you want to wet your inner thighs.

Pop the pillow in between you want to work your outer thighs pop the fans around your knees okay if you’ve got the pillow squeeze roll back and hold you started breathe one minute good if you’ve got the band on push out against that back pop the hands back here beginners.

Your legs come up okay we’re gonna try something we’re gonna straighten it six oh wow q a time how are you guys feeling i really really really hope you enjoyed that ted’s are you okay oh baba i love you yes i do and we have a q a we’re gonna go straight on over to it i really hope.

You enjoyed that i am so sorry that i wasn’t properly on form but there was no way i was skipping your work out for you so even though i didn’t go as heavy like this is all about you as i said before like this is ultimately the self-care guide so it’s all about listening to your body.

Pushing on the days where yeah you feel amazing and on the days where you don’t feel so good that’s absolutely fine just give yourself a little bit of slack okay because you are phenomenal you are doing so well i am so proud of you and like i said before slowing a movement down doesn’t necessarily mean.

That it’s making it easier nine times out of ten actually it’s making it harder because we’re concentrating on the form so i hope you got a nice little burn there there is a finisher as well which is going to go in the playlist and then as i said before we are doing a little q a.

You sent in your questions to my instagram we picked the most common questions and they’re the ones that nutritionist alan kenny has answered from optimum nutrition i’ll be giving a little bit of my thoughts on it as well but yeah self-care guide this is all about you.

This is all about looking after your mental health as well as your physical health and i’m just so proud of you for showing up today you are incredible and shall we go what’s the first question i feel guilty after eating foods that aren’t healthy.

Oh nice one that comes up a lot hello so this question asks how do i not feel guilty after eating foods that are unhealthy i think this is something that and does come up a lot in today’s world in particular and because we’re constantly bombarded with pictures and images of perfect.

Meals and people doing great things on social media and i can kind of feel like you know why aren’t i doing that all of the time or maybe my meals don’t look as good as that and and i can’t drive somebody’s negative emotions but it’s important to remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint.

And it’s not a single meal single foods are really just a small little part of the overall picture so you know if you eat five to six times a day that could be 35 to 40 meals a week you know if a couple of meals a week aren’t the the healthiest and don’t then that’s fine if it’s part.

Of the overall bigger picture the break from being really diligent with your food can also be a positive thing mentally and psychologically so that you feel that joint that you’re not being overly restricted so it’s just about timing and where you can place and some of these foods that are.

Considered um somewhat less healthy or maybe a little bit of a treat for yourself and it’s important to remember the food doesn’t have any moral value food isn’t good or bad it’s just timing and then it’s it’s how does that reflect in your overall diet so.

You know what you do over each day what you do over each week what you do over each month there are going to be bigger picture things that have more of an impact rather than just single meals or you know having one bad day or one one bad weekend or whatever it may be so i would say just don’t beat yourself up.

Over it and don’t try to put it behind you move on maybe try to structure your your week a little bit better maybe plan to have some of these foods but have a bit of a plan and a purpose and behind it as opposed to maybe uh feeling guilty with it or feeling that you’ve done something wrong when you do have those sorts of food so.

Okay i love that um i think all i’ll add to it is i get asked a lot like how often do you have a cheat meal how do you feel when you have a cheat meal like i’m going to be completely honest with you from the moment i heard the words cheat meals.

Like years ago i’ve never understood it and you guys already know about my relationship with food like what is my favorite hobby in the world it’s eating shortly followed by cooking like i just love food and the fault of calling something like a cheat or the thought of calling food cheating like i just don’t get it i.

Don’t get it in any way shape or form because for me food is like pure love and enjoyment and i know then that will lead on to yeah but like surely you have to eat healthy to get results being honest again i love the feeling that eating healthy gives me i love when i eat a really nutritious.

Healthy meal that i’ve prepared myself i love how it makes my skin look and glow i love how it makes my hair look and glow i love how it makes me energized and i feel amazing like actually nine times out of ten when i eat bad well not so healthy food i shouldn’t call it bad but not so healthy food.

With like additives in it my skin actually breaks out now that doesn’t mean i don’t eat it of course i am human i love sugary stuff um and i don’t i don’t hold back i don’t punish myself i don’t feel bad about it because if i’m being honest i’m now at a stage where i would say 80.

Of the time i want to eat healthy foods because i love the way it makes my body feel and i love the way it gives me energy and so yeah i hate the thought of calling anything a cheat alex will confirm it never in my life have i ever felt guilty about anything to do with food would you.

Agree 100 you eat way more than me always and i just love i love food for me is way more than numbers and actually i often say food is fuel and it is food is 100 fuel and you need to treat it like that but on top of that for me food is nourishment for not only.

Your body but for your soul i just love preparing it and being together with other people and enjoying it and that experience and that’s what i want you guys to love as well and because i do strongly strongly believe that you can achieve results and have an amazing positive relationship with food as well so that’s.

All i’m going to say on that i’m sure you want to know more but let’s go to the next question okay next question what are the things to change in my diet if i’ve hit the plateau okay so this question asks and what are the things to change in your diet if you’ve hit a plateau for a.

Few months and hitting a plateau is just part and parcel of any kind of nutrition program and it can be frustrating because obviously if we want our way to decrease we’re looking we’re always just looking for it to go down and down but it never really works like that in real.

Life it never just goes down in the linear fashion there’s always going to be little periods where it might come back up a little bit or it might just level off a little bit and that’s fine it’s part and parcel of it and it’s not always necessarily a bad thing our bodies need time to adjust to.

The demands on our body the amount of energy we take in versus what goes out and so i would uh regroup a little bit maybe even take a a step away for a few days or a week and take the pressure and stress out of the situation like maybe don’t track weight or anything like that for a little while it’s.

Important to remember like wait like when you jump on a weighing scale it’s only one metric it doesn’t like really tell you that much it is something that can definitely guide us but it doesn’t tell you how fit you are it doesn’t tell you what your body fat is like it doesn’t tell you how hydrated.

You are and these are all factors that can have an impact on weight as well so and i would say take a step back take the pressure off and you know as people progress don’t the demands on our bodies are a little bit different you know your body needs a little bit of time to adjust and the other thing to.

Consider there is that as you decrease and body fat that’s a little bit lower your your leeway like the amount of room you have to play with is less and less so potentially people need to be a little bit stricter and the more advanced you get and but yeah we take the pressure off.

Step back for a few days or a week and just kind of see where you’re where you’re at and then maybe you can be rude and be refocused i love that about the scales and that it’s only one metric and one metric that actually for a lot of people when you’re kind of a little bit further down further down your fitness journey.

Isn’t anywhere near as important like i i’ve never owned scales in my life my family have never owned scales like i’ve never seen my mum my sister anyone weigh themselves and so it’s never been something that i’ve been brought up around and i’m really really thankful for that and.

But on top of that like in terms of measuring progress and i talk a lot about this in our facebook group and listen i’m not i’m not covering everyone here of course people who are morbidly obese clinically obese your doctors are going to tell you that weight is very very important but what i’m trying to say is in terms.

Of getting progress in your fitness journey if you’re already of a baseline fitness your weight in my opinion shouldn’t really be one that you’re tracking at all from a mental health point of view and and some people will differ in that especially if you’re trying to like gain.

Weight because you’re trying to gain muscle um and you’re a professional athlete and you need to get into a different category for boxing and you need to put on weight like of course there are circumstances but i’m talking for most of us for the general public that are watching this.

Right now throw out the scales and that’s a broad broad statement but your mental health is way way way more important to me you can measure how you feel in your jeans you can measure how your dress fits you can measure your freaking energy and how amazing you feel after.

You’ve completed a workout you can measure that you are now able to do 10 burpees rather than two you can measure how many pull-ups you can do press-ups you can do sit-ups you can do how much energy you have to play with your children or your little puppy when he has energy there is so much more to.

Measure there is so much more to life and i feel incredibly passionate about it i’ve learned a lot from you over the last couple of years especially to be honest the last six months and because i haven’t ever suffered with like disordered eating or anything like that and it’s been really.

Um really amazing for me to be able to speak to you girls about the struggles that you have and learn more and hopefully pass on my positive experiences with food and and with exercise so yeah i i really really hope like just by leading by example that’s what i’m trying to do to show you the way i live.

My life and that doesn’t mean i feel amazing all of the time but nine times out of ten i i do feel happy and energized and that’s because i don’t overthink things i don’t count calories i don’t put numbers on things i just eat intuitively.

And rest when i need to exercise when i want to and need to and from a mental health point of view so yeah next question question three what should our diet look like you’re training hard and what role is protein nice like so this question asks and what should your diet be like when you.

Train and work as hard as lily does and what role do protein powders and protein bars play in that overall uh diet and essentially and look lily’s great at sharing all of the things that she eats so and just by following lily you should be getting some ideas and i know she’s and done some good.

Recipes and meal plans for her lean guides and i think one thing that that’s clear from working with lily as well as and something that she’s really and great at promoting and an advocate of is really trying to fuel for for the work required so don’t be afraid of just fueling your body and.

And you know eating enough foods and more than you might even considered before to to meet the demands of the exercise because you’re doing lots of exercise and it is very demanding on the body and you know often in in weight management of diet cultures there is.

A tendency to to under consume and people want to just minimize everything and not eat enough but people will run into trouble then with energy levels and maybe might be able to train or recover as as good or as and well as they should so things that are common what you’ll see in lilly’s and diet as well are going to.

Be you know good sources of protein and you know that can be plant-based proteins like animal-based proteins and but a good variety of protein in most meals throughout the day really good carbohydrates to support and all of that energy demands and lots of different colors lots of.

Different fruits and vegetables they’re all excellent as well and then when we’re looking at um jump protein bars and protein powders really they’re just an additional tool to kind of be a convenient way of getting more protein into your day-to-day diet they can also be really really useful particularly in the.

Post training window when we want to um you know promote muscle recovery after the training session and it’s just a convenient way to get towards your daily total each day as well so i’m actually reading all of your comments as they’re coming through um.

I work out a lot you guys and before getting ready for the app and filming for the app i was actually pretty much just doing exactly what you do so the guides that you do was what i was doing however now at the moment to get this app ready for you i am having to do more.

And so obviously i’m eating so much and i was talking to one of my close close friends in dubai about this and she was like yeah but when i see like the amount you eat and i find it amazing and really inspiring but then i think oh but i don’t work out as much as her.

And what i’m trying to get across here is everyone is different there is so much to consider and that’s why i love intuitive eating and listening to my body because i believe your body is the most intelligent machine on the planet and it will tell you exactly what it needs.

Is just up to us if we want to listen to it or not it is going to tell you by showing pain when there is a problem with a joint with a muscle with a bone it is going to tell you by yawning and feeling tired and making mistakes and losing concentration that you need more sleep.

It is going to tell you by injuries that you may well be over training it is going to tell you by hunger pains or cues for hunger or lack of energy cues for hunger can be so many different things that you need food it’s going to tell you by feeling thirsty that you need water.

And i love just keeping things simple like that but i need to bear in mind i am a physiotherapist and a lot of that is maybe from training and learning so one thing that i’m really excited about actually is on the app we are going to have programs and you have the option of getting meal plans and with this you’re going to put in.

Your current weight your activity levels your height your goals and then that will help guide you on what you should be eating depending on all of those those factors to get the results you want now i don’t want to over complicate things i don’t want you to become fixated or anything like that like i.

Really don’t but i’m learning that a lot of you need and feel you want this guidance so we have decided to now include that in the app and i think it will really really help initially we weren’t going to um but yeah just all i could say is intuitive eating and an intuitive.

Lifestyle and way of living is not only going to help your body it’s also going to free your mind and you will feel amazing for and i’m not saying it’s easy for me it was something that came very naturally it might not for other people so i’m always here to help you and but just try please to enjoy the.

Journey like there are so many more important things than how much you weigh on a scale like your energy levels like your quality of life so yeah i think that’s that one again let’s go with the next one next question how do i get more protein in my diet i’m calling a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Nice this next question asks how do i get more protein into my diet if i’m following a vegan or vegetarian diet and so firstly the good news is that people can and don’t get sufficient protein for any body composition our performance goal following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle so there’s no issues there.

And and there is a great variety of plant-based sources and people are able to get and you know complete proteins from plant-based sources as well so um commonly recommended higher protein and plant-based foods some would be things like nuts and seeds quinoa soy-based products like tofu and.

Chickpeas beans lentils and legumes there’s a whole host of of plant-based and vegan or vegetarian protein sources and potentially somebody else might look down at and using a vegan protein powder so a plant-based protein powder and up to nutrition have a 100.

Plant-based protein powder and as it’s just a convenient way of getting another additional 24 grams of protein into your date and some people that are following a plant-based lifestyle might need to maybe pay a little bit more attention or do some initial planning.

And to ensure that they get a variety of sources or just to be aware that you know per gram there to get 20 grams of protein may come at a slightly higher calorie cost than some animal-based proteins but overall they’re just minor things and there’s no issues with that at all.

People can still achieve any health body composition or performance goal following a vegan or vegetarian life so i’m so glad um you girls are actually asking about this with plant-based with vegetarian with pescatarian and so i’m pescetarian i haven’t eaten meat for.

Oh my gosh it’s nearly like it’s over 15 years such a long time and yeah my brother and i both became vegan 15 years ago actually david a little bit longer than me and i slowly introduced some fish i have i don’t really have a huge amount of.

Dairy actually i’m totally honest um probably more i’m starting to have more um but yeah that’s the lifestyle i’ve always lived that’s the food i love and on the app because this is coming up a lot we’ll have everything okay it’s not just going to be pescatarian purely because i’m.

Pescatarian everyone is different everyone’s bodies are different everyone’s preferences are different so there is going to be vegan of course there’s going to be pescetarian there’s going to be meat as well and so yeah don’t worry about that that’s coming up a lot and.

Can you be healthy and can you have be energized and feel great as a vegan of course you can and with plant a plant-based lifestyle of course you can with a pescetarian diet as well so yeah please don’t worry it’s all about just finding what works for your body and another thing that’s coming up a lot.

Is um is the app a paid app uh yeah i have touched on this before yes it is it’s a subscription model guys i would love to give you this for free like i would love and but i’m just going to give you a little bit of background we’ve been working on this now for.

Nine months and it takes up a heavy amount of my week i’m talking like up until 2am working on this like four or five times a week and and on top of that the investment that we’ve put in we put in a lump sum of money and and for that lump sum of money we.

Could easily have a house so if my mom was watching this right now she’d be pulling her hair out because she’s very old school and she doesn’t like risk and she’d be like what are you doing um so i would love to give this for free but honestly guys like the amount.

Both alex and i have invested in it and obviously financially but also the time like it’s nearly a year’s worth of work and and also there’s a risk there i feel i’m i’m very excited i’m so excited but it’s also so so scary when you’re putting down like this amount of money in this amount of time and you don’t know what’s going.

To happen so i would love for it to be free unfortunately it can’t be we’re not in that position i wish we were absolutely minted and can give everything for free forever but just we need to make a living and so yeah unfortunately it’s not however we are trying to make.

It as affordable as physically possible for you girls especially based on how much is there and i don’t know anything else on the market that’s going to be providing what we’re providing and the fact that we’re asking you this is your app this is built by you for you and it we talk about it a lot in.

The facebook group also in instagram i’ll start talking about it more here on youtube as well but make sure you’re in that facebook group because that is where we’re making really really important decisions about what you want on the app um because it’s made for you by you anyway next question i think there’s two.

More right yeah next question is it necessary to have protein powders to hit by daily now okay i love it so this question asks is it necessary to have protein powders and each day it hit my daily protein needs or can it be done through a real food like um chicken and meat fish and eggs and so yeah look.

Protein powders are a convenient way of getting additional protein in throughout the day and they also provide a convenient delivery system essentially post training when we might necessarily want to sit down and digest their whole foods like a chicken or something like that whereby.

Obviously protein powders are delivered in liquid form and we they’re quickly and easily digested particularly whey protein so and they’re not 100 essential by any means and you can get your daily protein needs through food for sure and that’s something that we would preach and try.

And promote it and first so food first approach rather than relying on supplementation supplementation then can just you know aim to fill the gaps or provide a convenient solution to know for when you’re on the run or heading to the gym or whatever it may be so.

And yeah 100 ideally you get that all through your food sources but then protein powders and our bars our replacements essentially are just a convenient solution to to kind of fill some gaps and help you along the way oh god my legs i don’t know everyone just put.

That i was like oh god my legs honestly like wow my legs how are you feeling by the way with this guy like how how has it got you has it got you good um so just molly just asked just molly i think that’s your name on him um about high protein snacks so actually um snacks is a big section.

In the app just because i think it’s a it’s a place where a lot of us fall down like how to snack healthily throughout the day um a lot of it with snacking actually is about convenience and ease and when you’re trying to like just fill that like hole where you’re like i’m just so.

Hungry and i just want to grab something and that’s when i guess we make like less healthy decisions and so for me a big thing that i would say is prepping snacks always having them ready that’s why i tend to cook in bulk and just as a few like little ideas now before the app launches.

Things that i’m loving at the moment is natural yoghurt and i’ll put a scoop of vanilla protein in there i’ll mix it i’ll literally mix it with the natural yoghurt chop some chia seeds in some maca some flax seeds ground flax seeds make sure they’re ground mix it all up sometimes i’ll put like a little bit of.

Honey as well or some berries and that is like one of the most amazing snacks and i also love my acid bowls again with protein because then it gets the protein in oh another thing i’m loving at the moment is cutting banana or apple that’s a new phase isn’t it i’m loving this.

Um and peanut butter but it has to be the crunchy one for me and what i do is i sprinkle a few chia seeds on something it’s like you know when you get like that crunch you love the chia seeds food mixes that you’ve been playing around yeah i’m loving superfood mixes and you’re because i’m adding chia seeds.

Now into the protein and i’m not blending it i’m just literally like whisking it and you’re obsessed because it it gives like a little yeah no it’s like a little bubble you know what i mean like and it’s chewy and like a bit crunchy you’re upset and i to be fair i’ve always loved it so.

When you put some chia seeds in with the yogurt or in with like the oat milk and the protein it’s like oh it’s the best sensation on your mouth you know like um those sweets that you used to have when you were younger and it was like the lolly and you dip the lolly in the powder.

And then cooked it and then it was like like that but it’s not sour but it’s not sour the taste is gonna be i’m talking about like the experience in your mouth and it’s just so good and so healthy and delicious anyway there was the next question we went we digress last question last.

One okay how do you know if you’re eating too much or too little without tracking okay really good question here and it asks and how do you know if you’re eating too much or eating too little without tracking and measuring out your calories.

And so yeah look calorie tracking or anything like that really is an essential eater and it’s not something that is really suitable or applicable for everyone and there’s lots of different ways you can manage or manage and monitor your nutrition and without going into it to that level of detail.

Essentially if if you were to be eating in a deficit you may see a decrease in your weight on the scale you may notice you might be a little bit more tired or have a little bit less energy than usual you may take a little bit longer to recover from your training sessions.

And whereby the opposite is true if you were eating too much or you were in a surplus you may see a little bit of a gain and weight on the scale and you you might feel kind of have that little bit more energy or might feel that you recover a little bit faster so they’re kind of like two or three key.

Ones that are kind of obvious ones that we would see and but just to go back to the initial point like tracking and everything like that isn’t for everyone and not everyone needs to do that or anything and it is probably considered a little bit more of an advanced measure where we.

Can kind of manage and control our our nutrition and health in general without all of these additional kind of apps and tracking various different things thank you ellen q a complete um i love having alan on because it’s like it gives.

Information you need but sometimes when i’m listening to professionals i feel like my head could explode i don’t know if you agree and i i guess that’s the same like obviously my degree and experience and work was as a physiotherapist and one of the things like is called layman’s terminology which sounds very.

Boom um but it’s when you’re speaking to like patients or people who don’t have that degree and knowledge like it’s just making it like real and relatable and understandable and sometimes i feel certain professionals like i just end up feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed so alan.

Thank you i don’t know if you’re watching this but thank you so much and it’s really really helpful i really hope you girls like gain some knowledge and are going to hopefully implement some of that stuff as you know like i am always always always here for you that’s.

One of the things that i am determined to keep that connection with you girls like we’re obviously we’re nearly at 2.1 million now and yeah we need to arrange a celebration like what we’ll probably be well we might not we might be at 2.5.

Million by the time we do the celebration who knows i want to do that online festival but and yeah i just want to say thank you so much for coming on this journey with us i saw some more questions coming through about the app membership after i spoke about it and there’ll be different options so.

There’s monthly there’ll be quarterly and there’ll be annually and so there’s loads of different options uh to finish up we also have lovely danny who is the innovation manager from optimum nutrition who’s going to be speaking about the new product i didn’t speak about it on my instagram.

Stories we also hinted about it in the other videos and we saw it this week in one of my pre-recorders i believe it was the booty lift and but this baby right here i’m gonna leave the lovely danny to finish up and talk a little bit about the new lean way by otto nutrition over to danny.

In the studio hi everyone i’m danny i’m the innovation manager over at optimum nutrition for those of you not sure what innovation managers do we basically come up with all the ideas and then make them into reality which is products for you guys and one of those such products.

Is this little baby here our brand new leanway which i’m here to talk to you about today so why am i talking to you about it and what makes it so special well leanway is so special because it is the first truly sugar-free whey protein concentrate powder super super exciting.

And we know that sugar-free is something you’re all looking for day to day and it’s increasing we know that people are really concerned about how much sugar they’re intaking into their diet and this product was built around this wonderful clothes not only is it sugar-free it’s low in fat.

It’s less than one gram of carbohydrate per serve and it is brilliant it honestly is 17 grams of the purest best quality whey protein out there so we’ve developed something for you that basically gives you all of that protein without any of the added macros meaning.

You’ve got loads more macros to eat all of the yummy things like peanut butter ice cream pasta whatever else you want to do but you’re going to still get in 17 grams of great quality whey protein it is lean in all those macronutrients apart from the protein but one thing isn’t leaning is flavor.

And let me tell you i have switched all of my protein usage to this since we developed it it’s available in five flavors so you’ve got a chocolate that kind of reminds me of a chocolate milk we may have taken and consumed when we were younger i won’t give any brand names and there.

Is a vanilla there is a strawberries and cream which is phenomenal and then there’s this cafe latte which is my personal favorite and i’m drinking all the time so if you’re partial to an iced coffee this is your bag and also a salted caramel which is equally as delicious and the great thing about this because.

Of the way we’ve produced it is that though like i said it’s lean on macros it most certainly isn’t lean on flavor or texture you get a lovely rich creamy shake that feels super indulgent but without any of those extra macros so it’s a win-win guys and i’m not just.

Saying it because i made it really is a fantastic product i’m drinking it i drink it all of the time and i can’t wait for you all to try it and incorporate it into your fantastic lifestyle so and we are done guys i really really hope you enjoyed that live workout i hope you enjoyed the q a.

And basically all of it as an experience i really really hope to hope it helps you moving forward in terms of the lean way it is now available in holland and barrett so all of my uk familia is available in store and online so make sure you check it out um and yeah i’ll see you when is the next live.

Oh we don’t know yet because you’ve got a new guide coming on sunday so keep your eyes peeled for that and please if you don’t mind drop a little comment down below like this video it really really helps us reach more people like you um i need to get on with some bits now for you guys um for the next guide but.

Yeah any questions as per we’ll be doing more q a so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on my instagram alex is that everything i think so yeah just buy from this little fluffier knife hello it breaks my heart see if you like this ted’s alright guys we love you and we’ll see.

You soon bye

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