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You know you need to work out but you just can’t pull yourself off of this chair oh girl I have got you covered keep watching hello more just girl welcome back to my channel so as I said today’s workout all you need is a chair a chair you’ve got a chair just make sure it doesn’t have wheels so we have your new hair hello.

I’m Tracy I put out for our new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week and today this is a really special workout because like I said you don’t need to get out of your seat my mission is to make fitness as excuse proof as possible so this is one of the excuse proof workouts that you will find inside of total body transformation now.

This is just a little piece of it this is not the whole thing it’s just a little snippet of it to give you a real taste of what you’ll find inside of total body transformation so if you dig it and I know you will make sure to click on the link down below so you can join us inside the tracks so let’s get going in this chair workout so now I’m.

Gonna go Szczesny up alright so come forward again lean back now and I want to see can you do it full-time without holding on good that’s it good listen you’re back it off you might have been pulling in your abs nothing good alright good standing on the edge where you do those jacks at and 3:9 okay good.

Little dips come forward get your butter laying it down and up and down two three four five work it no dangle the arms here okay there so sit your booty back bring it up to the front of you now so your bust towards the edge now we do it with straight legs the entire time okay squeeze it and so without letting the knee at all you’re really pulling it.

It’s almost like a jackknife feeling eight nine ten okay they’re put together the other side sweet really pull it pull in the ABS good another set we can do it ten and nine good eight good for more yes three two one Omega 54 here cross that leg towards the edge pull in and in let’s see if you can do with your.

Hands reaching forward four oh yes it’s a lot harder so if you feel this in your back it off with the hand stopped and ate the legs feel heavy oh my goodness and all rights to the other side cross it over oops goes on this board here we go pull in your abs nine and excellent back to them beside the leg lift here hurry up.

Squeeze and squeeze and three four good so don’t say you don’t have time to work out we’re just using it sharing it now keep it up pull it in reach it up squeezing a big step three and other side let’s do it do it way up here we go nice and mom can reach up a little bit and squeeze length.

Believes so the more you get to this long place here that way you’re working in full range of motion that’s really important okay good nothing how fun was that you know like I said we can make things difficult or we can choose to make things easier and if you’re like me I choose to make things easy and to really make things excuse proof and.

That’s exactly why I created this workout and I created total body transformation you know it is the excuse proof workout system that you can transform your body from you’re in the living room in just 30 minutes a day so if you want a new monthly workout calendar completely done for you it’s literally like having a personal trainer.

A ka-wah in your pocket every single day if you want brand new workouts so that you are never bored if you want to sweat and smile what I mean by that is actually enjoy your workout and they want a community of the best tribe of women that you will ever find that will support you cheer you on hold you accountable and become your new fit.

Friends then you’ve got to join us inside of total body transformation the link is down here below the video now we do have periods of time where the doors are open and periods of time where the doors are closed so if the doors are closed don’t worry girlfriend just get on our VIP waitlist so that you are first to know when we open our doors.

Next so you’re awesome I hope that you love that work I’ve definitely leave me a comment down below and I shall see you next
Tracy Campoli

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