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Hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today we are gonna be busting through myths seriously though there are so many myths when it comes to fitness and weight loss and I am your girl and we are gonna bust through those myths today so if you’re new here hello I’m Tracy I put up brand-new fitness wellness and lifestyle.

Videos every single week so if you haven’t already click on that red subscribe button for everyone and I do mean everyone do click on that Bell icon so you always know whenever I have a brand new video and it goes like legit feel like I might have some nuts in my teeth so why don’t we just check that real quick like make sure that you know.

I don’t eat nuts and they were delicious alright so let’s get into the myths because there are many but there are four myths specifically when it comes to cardio that you need to stop believing and we can all be a lot happier so the number one myth that is out there is so prevalent all over the place and that is.

Believing that you need to do an hour of cardio for it to be worth it raise your hand if you’ve ever believed that I know I personally used to think if I don’t work out for an hour or an hour and a half that it just isn’t worth it and I’m here to tell you that is a big old stinky smelly a pile of doodoo and that’s just not true yeah everybody.

Let’s celebrate because that’s not true okay so what I have found and what research really really shows is for women especially women that are over the age of 30 that there is a known sweet spot when it comes to your workouts and that is having your workouts be between 30 and 45 minutes that’s it so doesn’t that feel better.

Just knowing that thinking that you have to do an hour a day for many women it’ll be like well I don’t have an hour I’m a brand-new mom there’s no way I can do an hour a day so that’s why all the workouts that I give inside a total body transformation they’re 15 20 or 30 minutes and auto workout calendar we give you between 30 and 45 minutes of.

Workouts every single day so the work is done for you okay so here’s the other thing that you should know too even if you’re a super super busy bee and maybe you need to break up your workouts even your 45 minutes like let’s say you have a little bit of extra time and but you have to break it up and do 15 15 15 that’s still good so take the pressure.

Off of yourself it all adds up I think of it like money in the bank right you know you get to a million dollars from putting in 100 100 100 100 or whatever that is free okay so just note that it all adds up and you do not have to do an hour and that for women and like I said if you’re over the age of 30 that’s sweet spot of 30 to 45 minutes is really.

Exactly where we want to be the next myth is that getting your heart rate up as high as possible is the best technique for you to burn fat and I’m here to tell you no that is a big ol fat lie and I don’t even know who spoon fed us that one you ever go to like a workout class and it’s like you feel like your throat is like.

All the way up here and you’re like red is a tomato and you feel like crap and then you don’t want to do anything the next day well I’m here to tell you that that’s actually your body telling you you’re probably pushing it a little bit too hard here okay here’s the deal all right it’s actually better to increase your cardio output at lower rates so.

Just put it really simply a stronger and healthier heart is actually going to pump more blood at a slower rate so let me say that again a stronger and healthier heart pumps more blood but it does it as a slower rate so a really simple you know you can use a heart rate monitor if you want to I ever do and I didn’t even do my whole pregnancy when I.

Was working out you really simply just do the top test if you can talk and breathe or you know you don’t have someone to talk to if you can sing a little song as you’re working out or you know if you’re working out with me talk to me on the screen if you can do that while you’re working out then you’re in the sabres zone and that’s actually.

Where you want to be for your workouts if you can’t talk and you feel like oh my god I’m gonna die take it down a little bit that’s also why I tell my transformers inside the transformer tribe modifications are always encouraged you have to go at your pace is your pace you know and and we have a motto there’s.

Always something you can do and I say that because I want you to never feel like you have to do it as fast as me or you have to push yourself so hard because you might be deconditioned and maybe you’re just starting to work out or maybe you’re coming back from an injury or maybe you just had a baby or maybe you’re pregnant all of those.

Things there really is a way to work with your body through all those things and a really simple way to do that just make sure that you do the top test so number three is that cardio burns way more calories than any other kind of workouts and I hear this from my transformers inside the tribe all the.

Time if they tell me you know weight loss is my goal should I be adding in more cardio than what you put it on the calendar and the answer that that is no you do not need to do that that’s actually a big man okay when we’re talking actual calories burn strength training can burn just as much as cardio why because you’re.

Actually focusing on larger muscle groups and really when it comes to caloric burning our caloric output it’s about making sure that you’re using those muscles and whether you do that from jumping up and down or the heart rate coming up you know if you’re doing a I don’t know bicep curls and deadlifts or whatever strength training workout or.

You’re doing a plank and then you’re going into you know mountain climbers that all of those things are gonna get the heart rate up you know so a lot of times it’s like you could look at a workout plan or even look at the calendar inside of total body transformation be like oh you know that’s not a cardio workout maybe I need.

To do extra I always tell the truck no you don’t need to because I did the workout first I created it and I know which ones are gonna bring that heart rate up so that you’re really getting a well-balanced program just doing cardio all the time you know you see it all the time and people that go to the gym and they do the elliptical all the time.

They’re always running or they’re doing you know that’s not a really well-balanced perler we want to mix it up so your body is always guessing so that you sprinkling in different workouts cardio strength training and different types of those workouts so that your body’s always guessing that’s really the best way to ensure that you.

Aren’t going to be burning more calories so but all that misses and the last and final myth is that you know cardio can only be done in the gym or thrill run no no no no okay cardio means just aerobic exercise meaning getting the heart rate up so you absolutely do not need to go to a gym in order to get your workouts if you don’t.

Want to if you love the gym that’s awesome you know I told my transformers that you know I actually go to the gym in my building now to do my total body transformation workouts why and I need a little change of pace because I’m always in this wall it is beautiful home all the day time so it just helps me to just kind of get in and it’s just really my.

Time so you know whether you work out you know you do your cardio running on the streets or in the gym or in your home in your living room in your pajamas you can get a cardio workout absolutely anywhere and that’s exactly why I created total body transformation you know yes you get these little bite-size snippet workouts here on YouTube but.

They’re really never more than about five minutes I created total body transformations I wanted to make it so friggin easy for you and fun because we do have a lot of fun too so that’s why I create a brand new calendar for you each and every month so you have a well designed workout nothing is going to be an hour.

Rest assured it’s always in that sweet spot of 30 to 45 minutes a day we make sure you know I’m always talking to you I’m always reminding you of form and techniques you’ll always be doing that that top test and there’s so much variety inside of the program these absolutely can’t get for you like yoga check me got that you like Pilates check.

We got that like hit workouts check we got that like low-impact check you got that you like doing you know toning workout to the weight check we’ve got that like using bands yeah we got that too you like using gliders and sliders or paper you know paper plates or towels yeah we got workouts you wanna do rebounder workout.

Yeah we’ve got that dance cardio like that yep we’ve got that too so basically anything that you like we’ve got it we’ve got it all sprinkled in because I have exercise AED my name is Tracy campoli and I have exercised AED I get bored really really easily so I never wanted that to be the case for you so I will leave a link down below if you’re.

Interested in joining our tribe and you totally should be we’ve got an amazing opportunity for you to try it out for just 10 bucks and this is a limited time opportunity so I don’t know when you’re seeing this but get in know because you you can try out total body transformation everything that’s inside of it for just ten bucks for a week and.

If you like it awesome if you don’t that’s cool too no problem you just cancer yourself we make it really easy for you so that had got for you do not believe the lies there was so many lives out there that people will have us believe and they’re just not true so I got you boo I got you girl alright that’s what I’ve got for you.

Today you are awesome definitely you know give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and leave me a comment down below I always respond to you and I will see you next time
Tracy Campoli

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