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CARDIO BOX vs WEIGHTS BURN | 30 minute Home Workout


What’s up you guys welcome to another live today we have 30 minutes cardio box boom versus weights it’s gonna be sweaty so i hope you didn’t wash your hair because we’re gonna be dripping with sweat and hopefully our muscles are gonna be like oh yeah i’m working right now so 30.

Minutes of pure fun before we get started yesterday was international women’s day and we did a little challenge which was i am a woman and i am insert word so i just want you to think about whatever that word is right now whether it’s motivated whether it’s strong whether.

It’s passionate caring whatever your word is that represents you i want you to think about that i’m today going with unstoppable i am a woman and i am unstoppable and every single time i want to stop throughout this workout i’m going to remind myself of that word.

I’m going to remind myself that i am unstoppable i am a super woman and i am going to conquer this whack out so guys i hope you’re ready 30 minutes we have a five minute warm up equipment wise you’re going to need some heavier weights i’ve got some 5kgs and then some lighter weights which is for your boxing okay.

Or you can go without and then i’m also going to get you to grab your lean adjustable band this is going to up the ante considerably it’s full body okay there is a little bit more of a focus on core and lower body but i’ve chucked quite a bit of upper body in there as well.

Okay five minutes then we’re going to our main circuits there are eight of them they’re three minutes each one minute exercise one one minute exercise two thirty seconds exercise three then thirty seconds rest the main difference with this is we’re gonna sometimes do cardio cardio.

Strength rest sometimes we’re gonna do strength strength cardio rest okay 15 seconds until we get started i am in so much pain as the wrong word the stiffness after filming for yesterday for the app okay let’s step those legs nice and wide i want the feet facing forward.

We’re just going to take that lunge side to side warming up into the inner thighs i’m so proud of you for showing up today you guys you’ve done the hard part which is showing up now i’m gonna motivate you i’ve got you okay i got you throughout this whole.

Workout last one amazing windmill we’re gonna take the hand to the opposite ankles up and over the head slight back then heal the spine down let all the tension come out of the body walk those hands forward drop those hips down roll the shoulder blades down.

Good and walk back peel up that spine segmentedly okay one again one time your left foot your left hand and open good work.

okay push back okay we’re just gonna draw some circles with those arms now.

Oh three two one then we’re finishing up with the neck okay taking the leg back swing it forward good we have four more.

coming back onto the mat drop the chin down towards the chest draw a half circle here goes to shoulder and reverses nice okay going into the main circuits now guys so we’re doing three minutes as i said before.

I’m gonna try during the 30 seconds recovery to demonstrate as much as possible but please bear in mind i’m gonna be breathless like you okay this is for all levels beginners injuries feeling pain you stop you modify you take a break you come back in okay.

I’m gonna try you guys to show you modifications for pretty much every single workout before we get started i just want you to face towards me with the leg that feels natural to go in front so for me i’m right-handed i very much feel natural for my left hand to go at the.

Front of my right hand at the back which for you will look like this if you’re right-handed but everyone’s different okay we’re just gonna start off with our box shuffle backwards and forwards just get used to that okay we’re going to go through a.

Few moves now which you need to try and remember but i will remind you throughout this workout okay they are numbered one through to six number one we step forward into it okay that’s number one really fast really sharp do it with meaning number two bear in mind i’m not a boxer for all.

Of you who are boxers disclaimer my form may not be 100 on point but we want to have fun we want to get sweaty i want you to release those endorphins okay so to repeat one two we rotate that back foot as we step forward into it okay let’s go two two two.

Two one and two one two let’s go one two okay we’re now going to go into three and four we are coming into the opponent’s rib cage okay so we’re gonna literally lift the arm up hook it round three three three we then do the same on the other side.

Four elbow high keep your guard over your face okay you don’t want to be punched let’s repeat so we’re going one two three four okay five and six we’re going under the jaw okay we’re finishing them off all right keep that guard up high up five five five and we repeat.

On the other side six six my nose is a bit runny sorry and six okay we’re gonna do all of them one through to six then we’re gonna get started okay let’s go one two three four uppercut five uppercut six okay you should have it.

I’m hoping you are ready for a little bit of fun okay follow me you guys it’s going to be a lot of sweating it’s going to be a lot of muscle building we’re in this together snacking if you don’t mind in a second if you could grab me but only when you get a text a tissue would be fabulous we’re going in 15 seconds you guys.

We’re going to start off with a really simple one two i’m gonna come back to my normal side and then a few jumps in between okay one two one minute event okay let’s go guys if you want to make it harder grab your weights in your hands whoever has pissed you off i want you to.

Go for them come on you guys get in that zone come on mental get in that zone whoever has annoyed the hell out of you this week visualize it okay corona punch it away 10 seconds yes you guys keep going i cannot wait for my mask.

Let’s go you act so different with your you guys.

i told you it’ll be tough okay you guys i’m gonna work you very hard today all right we’re starting off with a goblet feet pivoting outwards and up squeeze that booty at the top.

Next step one two three four few jumps in between two one let’s go um come on.

five four three two one two three four let’s go come on you guys come on give me give me give me a second come down we squat pulses.

20 seconds all righty guys we are kneeling on the mat we have the weights into the chest the knees are wide you drop down up squeeze at the top double weight if you want to beginners if this is too much you bridge you’re on your back.

Okay let’s go oh 15. guys four times three.

This really works the booty and we need to tighten that band pop the weights onto the pelvis let’s go yeah hey let’s go on you guys okay.

recovery if you want to you’re just gonna go with that side to side boxing shuffle okay we are going with the top down jump one two you’re here.

come on you guys let’s get that song going can you skip it forward oh oh hey.

a little bit more pre-workout is foreign me let me crazy.

Yes you guys three five six everything.

20 seconds just don’t stop okay come on think of that word give me everything from that word one if you want to drop up.

is okay you’re here beginners you stay here you keep that core again just immediate advance one two three two you may want to put your feet under a sofa for that little bit of help.

12 11 10 8 7 six five okay is hate yourselves thank you 15. okay.

How are we going all right you guys i’m so sorry to say this but we are up and standing again oh bring yourself back up we are back into boxing okay i know you’ve got this in the bag okay i know you’ve got this you jump the feet out one two three four in out one two three four begin a step.

Follow me beginners if you want to make it harder grab those weights thank you sorry you guys his blood five four three two one curtsies okay weights on your shoulders.

We are alternating sides let’s go one minute love this song coming up to halfway coming you guys come on dig deep deep deep come on come on alex when does the lean max arrive i think the next sample is soon i’ll.

Turn the music down this is what i hate can you see how it slips it drives me crazy so we’ve got our mats on the way which are non-slip four three two and rest one oh how are we going how are we going all right you guys.

We have a frogger into an overhead press last circuit my good gosh okay both weights in front of you we jump back into a burpee four step beginners grab the weight up press lower back down okay intermediate advantage i’ll start you off then beginners let’s go.

beginners step step step back guys please remember your words think about that word this is your last circuit it is so worth pushing through okay last circuit.

Is all i want from you squeeze that beauty at the top okay one two three four five six one minute let’s go come on you guys this is your last opportunity to show them who’s boss and it’s you come on come on.

Yes how many guys 20 seconds do you know what that means okay you have 30 seconds to count your burpees i don’t care how many you get all i care is that you give me everything beginners you’re gonna squat.

Beginners follow me in a second everyone else you’re going in three two one go beginners you’re here double it come on three two and down we come ah.

That was awesome i bloomin love that let me see how i’m doing on here okay the green circle’s complete that’s a good thing okay i did my exercise daily count in one lily savory workout that’s pretty awesome i just pressed go again guys i’m so.

Proud of you please and take a second to write in how many reps you’ve got this is not about anyone else this is about you you don’t have to write it in the comments if you don’t want to but please write it down somewhere i wish we had like a.

Lean journal but what i want you to do is make a note of it make a note of the date make a note of how you’re feeling it’s always good to make a note of how you’re feeling at the beginning of the workout versus the end please bear in mind you’re going to have good bet good days.

Where you feel like you’re on top of the world and you’re super woman and you’re going to have lots of good days like it’s my time of the month coming and the boobs oh my gosh the pain that’s why i’m wearing this high one so it gives more support anyway what my point is is.

You accomplished it and i am so proud of you you have no idea i am so so proud of you for showing up especially those of you in europe it’s early in the morning right now and for those of you who do this in hindsight afterwards in hindsight whatever i mean um but yeah i just want to say i love.

You very much i’m so proud of you and is there anything else i think that’s it that’s it oh a lot of you asking about um the pre-workout i did say it during but this is the optimum nutrition one i i’m a pink lemonade girl but it’s entirely up to you guys what.

Your favorite flavor is for i am always back to pink lemonade um and also the lean sale is still on and i think i honestly think that’s it good luck there’s a finisher for you to do don’t forget about that please if you don’t mind take a second to hit the thumbs up button also drop a comment down below i really.

Really appreciate it and as soon as this video goes live if you wouldn’t mind for posts if you wouldn’t mind dropping a comment down below it really helps me reach more people like you and yeah i’m just so proud of you i love you guys very much mwah and i’ll see you tomorrow for another.

One bye blood love you i’m sweaty
Lilly Sabri

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