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BUTT LIFT & ROUND BOOTY πŸ”₯ Pilates Body | 8 min Workout


Let’s face it, summer is the time for taking it slow with your fitness goals. And that’s fine. What’s hard is when you’re trying to get back on track with your training and feel healthy again. If you’re like, you’ve taken it slow this summer, this 6 week intense, structured plan is going to get you back on track and change your life. The Feel Good Fit Factory is everything you need.

To transform your body and mind in the comfort of your home, with a personalized meal plan for 6 weeks, and a habit tracker to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted. Enroll now on the LEAN app and let’s take on this 6 week challenge together. (upbeat music) (timer beeping).

Okay, so we’re starting off with our feet flat, peeling your spine up into a bridge. Take those arms up to the sky. Down, up, squeeze. 30 seconds each exercise, guys. Amazing work. (timer beeping) Great, now stay at the top, squeeze the booty, and fast pumps up.

Up, up, up, amazing work. Really squeeze that booty. Pull the core in nice and tight. And breathe. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, hover the left leg. Hook it over the right knee. Down, up, squeeze.

Down, up, squeeze. (timer beeping) Okay, hold at the top. Squeeze that booty. Fast pumps up. Good work. Really squeeze those butt muscles, pull the core in tight, breathe. Come on, feel that burn, don’t give up.

Nearly there now, keep going. (timer beeping) Great work. This time we’re going to hover the right leg, hook it over the left knee. Let’s go, down, up, squeeze. Down, up, squeeze. (timer beeping) Okay, hold at the top, squeeze that booty.

Fast pumps up. Up, up, up, amazing work. Nice and high, come on, keep squeezing. Nearly there, keep squeezing. (timer beeping) Amazing. From there, take your feet really nice and wide. Down and up. Nice and fast with this movement.

Dig the heels in. Really squeeze that booty. (timer beeping) Great work. Take those feet in together. Touch the feet, knees apart, down, up, squeeze. This is called the frog pump, guys. Don’t give up, keep pushing. Come on, really high.

If you can, take those arms up to the sky. (timer beeping) Okay, hold at the top. Hold, hold, hold, squeeze that booty. Now, fast pumps up. Up, up, good work. Come on, keep pushing up. (timer beeping) Amazing.

Coming down now and onto your side. I want you to take your knees into a bent position. Feet up, open, flick, touch the feet, touch the knees. Good, you’re trying to get a gap underneath the waist if you can. Keep that core nice and tight and neutral spine. (timer beeping) Good work. Lower down that underneath leg.

Take that upper leg forward. We’re going to draw some tiny circles. Good, I want this leg as far forward as you can. Okay, now changing direction. (timer beeping) Amazing. From here, take this upper knee in towards the chest. Drive it back, lift lower. (timer beeping).

Okay, keeping that leg back in extension now, so far back. Squeeze the booty, tiny little pump ups. Good work. All the way, come on now. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. (timer beeping) We’re going to go straight onto the other side. Swing those legs around. And we are going with that ankle flick, okay?.

Heel flick, open, flick, close, lower. (timer beeping) Okay, take that underneath leg down, upper leg forward, little circles. Now, remember, if you’re wearing a band here, it’s going to make it so much harder. Put that LEAN band just above your knees. Come on, as far forward as you can. And changing direction.

Further forward, come on. (timer beeping) Amazing. Drive the knee into the chest, take it back, lift lower. (timer beeping) Amazing work. Now, we’re going to hold it up, guys. And we’re going to pulse. Tiny little pulses as far back in extension as you can.

Squeeze that booty. Come on, last exercise. (timer beeping) Yeah. Guys, oh my gosh, my butt is on fire.
Lilly Sabri

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