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BURN THIGH FAT 🔥 Slim & Tone Back of Legs Exercises | 6 min Workout


If you’re struggling to tone the back of your thighs, these muscles are notoriously difficult, then this 6 minute workout is for you. I challenge you to complete this workout for 14 days, and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Now don’t forget, this is part of your 7 day free guide. Absolutely anyone can do it. If you are a beginner, I recommend doing this section here.

It is just up to 15 minutes a day. That is it. But if you’re someone who’s been working out for a while, and you’re advanced, you want to be doing this section here up to 45 minutes a day. This cute little number is Gymshark. As per, you can shop it in the description box down below. Okay, no more talking. Let’s get started.

Okay guys, this is going to be intense. I want you to peel your way up into a bridge. Squeeze the booty. Turn on the back of the thighs. Walk the heels out and back in again. If you’re feeling super strong, shoot those arm up to the sky. I warned you this is going to burn. 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

The further away you take the feet out, the harder it is. Now I want you to lead with the other leg. This exercise is almost the warmup. One more. Okay, from there peel the spine down. Now we’re going to be coming back up into a bridge again when that timer counts, okay? Hover the right leg. Down, up, then draw a circle.

Good. Down, up, and circle. Amazing work, guys. Keep going. I’m just getting that timer a little bit closer. Good, last one. Okay, now keep that leg up to the sky and pump up. Oh wow, this is going to burn. Come on, nice and high.

Keep pushing. Oh, it burns. (timer beeping) Amazing work. We go on the other side. Exactly the same thing. Okay, peel your way up. Hover the left leg this time. Okay, down, up, bend and circle that leg around.

Nearly there. Come on, keep pushing. Last one. Okay, keep it up and pump up. Come on, all the way. Feel that hamstring burn. Squeeze that booty. Nearly there. (timer beeping).

Amazing. Have a little moment, and then we’re going in with some more single leg work. Okay, this time I want you to peel your way up. Hover the left leg and hook the ankle over the right knee. Dig the heel in. Down, up, squeeze. You should be feeling the booty and also the hamstring here.

If it’s too easy, take the foot further away, and you’re really going to feel that hamstring. Okay, last little bit. Hold at the top and pump up nice and fast. Come on. Nearly there, come on now. (timer beeping) Amazing. On to that other side.

Peel your pelvis up. Hover the left foot. Hook it. All right, let’s go. Down, up, squeeze. This is your second to last exercise. Make it count. Come on, guys. Okay, hold at the top.

Hold, hold, hold. Move that foot further away if you want to. Fast pump-ups, let’s go. Up, up, up, up. Good work. Come on, really squeeze that booty. Don’t give up. (timer beeping) Amazing.

Hug those knees into the chest. Last exercise. You’re actually up for this one in a back plank. Dig those heels in, lift the booty, and just start off here. Hold for me, hold strong. Turn that core on. Okay, knee drives. Drive in and back out.

This is hamstrings, but to be honest, full body. Turn that core on. You should feel those shoulders as well. Keep that pelvis nice and high. Don’t let the butt drop, okay? Nearly there, 20 seconds. Can we get 10 more reps in? (timer beeping).

Good work, you guys. Last one. And we made it. Oh my gosh, wow.
Lilly Sabri

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