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BURN BELLY FAT in 20 DAYS πŸ’¦ | 10 minute Workout


What’s up guys welcome to your 20 day challenge to burn your belly fat we’re gonna be focusing on the lower abs this is just a 10 minute workout that want you to do every single day for 20 days of course you need to be combining this with fat burning and good nutrition so I’m going to link a video at the end for you guys to try straight after this one alright let’s get stuck in let’s whack close-ups okay guys the next side with scissors you’re gonna bend both knees in straighten one leg pull in one two and change don’t forget to breathe throughout this and pull those stomach muscles in really nice and tight good luck from now we’re gonna work into those lower abs placing hands in a.

Diamond shape underneath the small of the back he’ll move up into a crunch we go over a reverse crunch then from there straight from the legs out one two three four give that for me here we’re going to open the legs nice and wide that aren’t making way you’re gonna reach the hands to the earth and pull Oh from here we’re gonna come up on top for spreading the fingertips tucking the toes under so jump off with money to do lift a few inches and hold hold there nice and tight breathe we’re now gonna start by taking the knee towards the opposite elbow and if you.

Can you get a lift and tap perfect from they are coming back into lying and we still have a set up hundreds control that lighthouse we’re going to straighten and bend the legs both legs are up pumping those arms up and down as you pump either straighten the legs and bring the back in again only to 90 degrees if you have a school neck throughout this guy’s just make sure you support that head keep the eye gaze forward you kill the net good work lower it down from there Yuma straighten out the left leg take the right leg across the body and the left arm out to the side we’re coming.

Into a crouch and lower three two one and quick-change straightening out the right leg taking the left leg across the body okay great into excess dead fucks now every three reps we’re going to hold so our arms are up touching opposite arm to chin okay bolt and then one two three hold keeping that lower back nice and flat good job type Wow your court should be on fire four million acre feet away from the body I’m going to go to a cool set up.

And rotate if you need to use the hand to push you up a little bit that’s absolutely fine alternating sides we I’m calling my service started like that I’ve run it through my babies got you distracted seconded overloaded careful don’t pull the cord off good work guys staying up and sitting now nice and high on those but phones to spread the bat sheep we’re gonna roll back a Russian twist okay as you to rotate side to side when you try to lift the opposite leg up my circus but you don’t get that Kisuke Oh give it back a last exercise comes in a diamond shape we’re gonna repeat the reverse crunch because it’s.

So good the lower abs we’re gonna tap the toe down and Center you want to make it harder let’s tap both at the same time making sure you’re keeping the lower back flat no overarching like this okay families workouts are completely free so to check out what else I have come in please don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon next to it because you’ll get a notification of every single new challenge which is every day at the moment so hit that subscribe button it smash the like button and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another workout thought you really love me guess I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I.

Would stop waited like forever to be your first one but it eula turn left me at the party out of the blue
Lilly Sabri

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