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BUILD A HOURGLASS WAIST and HIPS in 14 Days | 15 minute Home Workout


This is your 15 minute Hourglass Sculpting Workout. We’re specifically working into the waist and the hips. It’s just 15 minutes long, but trust me, it burns. I recommend you do this workout three times a week and also combine it with my other workouts. My full body workout, my upper body workouts and my resistance weights training. Please let us know how you get on in the comments down below and also support each other in those comments girls. Honestly, this community is phenomenal.

Watching the support that you give each other on a daily basis is the reason why I do this, honestly. We are changing lives together and I am so proud of you, girls. You can get incredible results like these ladies, just here. If you want to be featured, please make sure you tag me on your “Instagram,” stories. And if you want to, you can even do a full “YouTube” review. The effort that goes into that, I salute you.

I am so proud of you and I am so grateful. All right girls, you ready to burn? Let’s do this. (timer beeping) We’re starting off in a full plank guys, so we need to find that beat okay. Pull the core in really nice and tight. Follow me, we’re going to work into that core to be (indistinct) full body, we got this. Draw in,.

Two, three four. Right, left. You got this guys, keep pushing. One side down, we’re going to even you out. Enjoy that beat you guys. (timer beeping) If you’re struggling at any point guys, you can just literally go here, to here, okay? But don’t give up, you got this.

Pull that core in tight, 15 seconds. (timer beeping) Amazing work, pop that band on now for me, and we’re going to work into the booty. If you have the band. (timer beeping) Amazing. Into a bridge position. (indistinct) and squeeze. Hold. Find that beat.

If you want to make it harder, add the weights on. Okay, left hip drop down. Left, up, push out, push out. Squeeze. Changing sides you guys. (timer beeping) If you want to you can lower down, otherwise stay up. Squeeze that butt. Tuck the tailbone under. Ribcage down. Breathe. (timer beeping).

Good, butterfly bridges. So down, up, open, close. Good. Think strength, think power. You got this. Squeeze that booty. Now hold at the top, pump out. Out, out, out. Good work, keep pushing.

Squeeze that booty. Work those hips. (timer beeping) And slowly go down, amazing. Coming into a back plank now. Two part movement, we push up, open close, dow, open close. One, two, three, four. Don’t let that booty touch the floor.

Oh my butt is on fire. (indistinct) Amazing! Slowly lower down. Tighten that band very slightly, and come onto all fours. (timer beeping) Tuck the toes under, lift into point kneeling. Hold. Hold.

You really want your core super tight for this, okay? Keep holding in four, in three, in two, four point push up. One, two, three, four. Really push against that band you guys. Three, two, one, change sides. Let’s go.

Nearly done. (timer beeping) And lower down. (sighs) We have the fire hydrants, with a pump, out to the side. Up pump. Find that beat. Let’s go. (upbeat music).

Four, three, two, change sides. Up. Pump lower. (sighs) Down into sitting now. We’re working into the waist again. Spread those butt cheeks. (timer ticking) Grab ahold of your weights. Pull back to where you can really feel your core, push your knees out against your band,.

Russian twist. So it’s twist, reach. Keep pushing out against that band you guys. Beginners just come a little bit higher. And you don’t have to do the reach okay? Twist, center. Super advanced, lift the legs. Straighten them if you can. (upbeat music).

(timer beeping) And then (indistinct) down now, into lying, hold on that band around your feet, if you’ve got it. (timer beeping) We are bicycling. Okay, let’s go. Like she said, keep moving to the beat. 30 seconds you guys, come on you can do it. We’re nearly finished with this work out.

10 seconds you guys. (upbeat music) (timer beeping) If you have a pillow close by, please grab it. If you don’t, don’t worry, go without. Place it in between the feet. Straighten those legs out. Twist, twist. Reach. Amazing work guys.

If you are a beginner, I just want you to come up, straighten one leg out, crunch in. Change when I say. Okay? Keep going. Beginners, change sides. (upbeat music) (timer beeping) Amazing work. Grab ahold of one weight only.

You’re going to straighten your left leg out, arms up and over your head. Reach, rotate to the top. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Make it harder by keeping the leg in hover. (upbeat music) Changing legs, let’s go. Amazing work.

The weight is now going to come just above the shins or just below the shins, I should say. (timer beeping) Okay, cross the legs over, come on up into hundreds. Pump those arms up and down. Push. You got this. (upbeat music).

Come on guys, keep going. (upbeat music continues) If you can, straighten the legs. Dig deep. Come on. If not, take the legs down, but keep going. Come on. (upbeat music playing) 10 seconds. Incredible.

Grab onto those weights, we have a curtsy lunge now. One of my favorites to hit the outer booty. Grab both weights, step and center. (upbeat music) Come on, come really nice and low for me guys. For the last 15, we’re going to pump in five. Three, two, hold there. And pump. Pump.

Pump, you got this, find that beat. 10 seconds. ♪ I rose up from the ground ♪ ♪ Just like I was spellbound all the odds were against me ♪ (sighs) Okay, going straight onto the other side. Five seconds, straight into that curtsy. Core tight, let’s go. ♪ Movement and I ain’t losing ♪.

Come on think strong. You are doing so well. Keep pushing. You know what you’re body’s capable of. I got you, come on. (upbeat music) Through this front heel okay. If anything the toe is raised on that front leg. Dig deep through that heel.

Three, two, one, and pump. Pump. Five. (timer beeping) Okay, pop that band on, if you’ve got it. Step outs. Then we are done you guys. (timer beeping) Into a squat. Grab your weight if you can.

Step, center. Good work. Beginners just push, center. Good, come on, don’t give up. 30 seconds. Push out against that band. 20 seconds. Now stay low in between if you can. (upbeat music).

One more each side. Two, (timer beeping) one. And we made it. Girls I am so proud of you for making it through that. I promised it would burn, didn’t we deliver? Please, please smash that thumbs up button also hit subscribe. We’re on the road to 2 million.

Thank you so much for being part of this journey. I will see you tomorrow for another home workout.
Lilly Sabri

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