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BREAST LIFT in 20 Days (chest lift & shape) | 10 minute Home Workout


Today’s home workout is just 10 minutes long and it is focusing on the chest. Yes, we are lifting into the Pec muscles which sit underneath the chest. Ladies, I want you to do this for 20 days every other day. I can guarantee you are going to feel a burn. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram just like these incredible ladies have here. We are getting unbelievable results. All you need is some light weights, if you don’t have them, please don’t worry. Grab water bottles, and let’s do this. I want you to grab your weights. Bring your arms to a 90 degree angle. Pull the core in, really nice and tight. From there, you’re going to draw the elbows together.

Then open them out. Really thinking about those chest muscles. Squeezing. Making sure you’re not overarching the lower back. Tucking the tailbone under, and keeping the shoulders away from the ears. Good work. Shake the shoulders off. From here, we’re going to go into back. We’re actually going to superset back into triceps. I want you to squeeze the shoulder blades together. Pull the core in nice and tight. Really squeezing, and slow on the way down. You can do these exercises in standing as well. Good work. We’re now going to add a triceps extension into it. Keeping those shoulder blades squeezed, and looking down.

You’ve got this, come on all the way! From there, you’re going to come down onto your back. Facing the fingertips forward. I want you to lift the body weight up. Triceps dip, from here. This is workout your back a little bit, but mainly your triceps. Hold, hold there! Core tight. Come down into lying. We are back into chest. I want you to start off with the knees bent. The elbows are going to drop down at a 90 degree angle. Then come back up again. If you want to make this harder, you can actually lift the pelvis up.

Squeeze the butt, core muscles tight. Sticking with the chest. We’re coming all the way down, the palms are facing upwards now. The core is tight. From there, you’re going to bring the arms around, then back down again. Really working into all planes of the chest muscles here. Keep it slow, keep it controlled. It’s normal here for your rib cage to lift slightly. And it’s also normal for your back to be slightly raised. That’s absolutely fine! But, you want to make sure that the core is engaged. This isn’t like an ab workout, where you have to imprint the spine all the time. From there, I want you to come up onto all fours.

Grab just one weight only. Bring the arm out to the side. Pump, and lower. You’re really squeezing the shoulder blades together here. Keeping the core tight. Tummy muscles tucked in. Down to your tummy. Lying all the way down. Squeezing those butt muscles. You can lift your legs, if you want to. The arms are out in front of you. You’re going to squeeze back, and go forwards. Now face the palms upwards, and pump. Press-ups now. You can come down onto your knees, or do a full press-up.

If you want in-between, you can drop down onto the knees then push up. Entirely up to you. Go at your own pace with this. Keeping it really nice and controlled. Make sure you’re in a flat line, and the butt isn’t up high, like this. You want to be in a flat line, and the core is tight. Pace yourselves, good work! Just 10 seconds left, you’ve got this! Back up into kneeling. We’re going with that first exercise again. Drawing those arms in together.

Really squeezing, when you’re there. This is working the shoulders, and the chest. We’re going to go with that chest press again, for the last 20 seconds. Back up into kneeling, we’re finishing up with back. with back so we’re going to add in those tricep extensions as well So, really squeezing the shoulder blades together. We are nearly there! This is your last exercise. You can use heavier weights as you progress with the workouts. Squeeze those shoulder blades together.

Last two, and now extend. Now, hold them up. Pump. You smashed it! I told you, your chest would be on fire. Don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button and also hit subscribe. Because I upload daily workout videos. Tag me in your Instagram stories. I will see you tomorrow, for a live workout.
Lilly Sabri

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