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BOOTY MAT MADNESS (floor butt burn) | 20 minute Home Workout


Today’s session is going to be booty matt madness so i hope you are ready for the most epic burn like seriously your butt is gonna be shaking and trembling and perking and rounding and building all in one alright baby come on go get your pumpkin go get your pumpkin.

Okay you’re gonna need an adjustable band if you have it if you want to double band your cans you can grab a hip band as well because there will be parts he loves this map he’s so obsessed with me he’s so soft and there will be parts where you can double up so.

Entirely up to you guys we have 10 minutes straight through very small little break for a little stretch then we’re going straight into another 10 minutes fyi how cute is this color i actually don’t know what it’s called but it looks like kind of winter berry i’m not sure but it’s brand.

New gymshark flex so if you do want to get involved i’m just going to show you the back how cute is that so if you do want to get involved i think they’re still available on the website so all you’ve got to do is go into the description box my link to shop is there.

Okay guys shall we get going let’s do this 15 minutes let’s get ready for a nice little bird so we’re gonna start off yes we are teddy on our back i want the band just above your knees core’s really nice and tight throughout okay.

Coming all the way down hello baby flatten those feet out imprint the spine peel your way up into a bridge squeeze and hold good really squeeze those fat muscles pull the core in tight in full in three in two we drive up onto the toes.

Is left and right squeeze really thinking about my body connection guys squeezing that booty we’re gonna go with push outs in four three.

Oh squeeze squeeze come on that butt should be turned on now in four in three is next to toes please squeeze come on i really want.

That butt squeeze 100 of the maximum what you’re doing please do it baby keep tweezing for four three four two and a lower down one okay you should be awake in those butt muscles let’s say so we’re gonna come now up to our side keeping the fast on okay from here i.

Want the feet together and the knees are gonna come apart level one the feet are down level two the legs are up entirely up to you find that new feet in four knees in two legs advanced okay.

Did you call me i don’t need you here to feel good no i’m not angry hold it up up hey.

From michigan mexico oh from here you are gonna arc forward and.

back three halfway full higher five six seven now pocket for lunch eight seven one nice and high six five push it oh my god give it a hit you guys we’re going to even you out okay oh my gosh that burn is so real.

Okay flip over literally just log roll i’m gonna have to swing you guys love bro hello teddy my little cutie pie okay so we’re starting off with that primal flick feet down if you’re beginner feet open flick touch feet touch me oh.

Don’t let anyone hold you down all right all the way down here guys timmy i’m not making this easy okay if you want to take the leg out we’re gonna arc it forward and back really pushing against.

That back let’s go is the way you make me feel is crazy good now bring it forward forward forward forward go down here up let’s go.

last one you guys last one come on now hold it forward no breaks toe down heel up wait for that drop in four three pockets oh oh my gosh we are stretching now you guys oh.

Wow okay chair is coming in next i recommend taking the band off just to get a nice deep stretch here oh teddy thank you for giving me space you’re going to hook the right ankle over the left knee oh and then from there oh my gosh i feel that do you guys feel that i feel that so.

You’re hugging if you feel you can we’re going to start that next timer in 30 seconds oh my gosh guys you are killing it okay changing sides snacks are all over the world this is what happens when we do it evening time our time oh my gosh okay hugging that really.

Hurts 15 seconds until we get you guys hug it nice and tight now it’s up to you if you want to pop the band back on you can otherwise you can go without oh that hurts okay coming up now onto all fours have that chair close by if you can.

Because we’re going to be going with the chair soon now if you want to pop the band on you can this sequence is on all fours it absolutely burns your goal is to not let your leg drop okay 16 reps each exercise we’re gonna come up with a straight leg we’re gonna flex the foot.

We’re gonna tap it down to bring it up let’s go lower i don’t wanna do this again to sixteen okay.

let’s go you act so different with your boys now somebody better gonna make sure.

are kids do not touch the floor okay keep it up let’s go it feels that’s what you find when you unput good now.

Five oh my god we’ve got to even you out give that butt a little shake give it a hit if you want to we’re going on to the other side okay i feel like it’s useful using the front angle we’ll start off here and then i’ll change position so you can.

See exactly where i want you flex that foot we tap down we lift and lower let’s go try not to arch and over jerk the back okay nice and smooth yes dj alice oh is.

Degrees flex that foot up lower let’s go that butt think about the mind body connection okay so you’re squeezing those butt muscles at all times like two okay really nice smooth movements you guys okay change directions.

45 degrees we come up lower bring it out into that fire hydrant eight seven six.

Okay we can do this if you don’t already have the band on pop it on for me and this is the point where you can double that pop another bag just below your knees dig those heels in okay come on squeeze squeeze four three butterfly.

Hey you guys down is left is.

myself i want you to squeeze that oh my gosh alex i think we need to invent lean chairs we certainly need a new chair so.

I’ll tell you the truth you guys this chair every time i’m on it i feel like it could snap so we’ve got eight of these no we haven’t we had eight of these we now have six because two of them have snapped when friends have sat on them i mean he is like six foot five or something so but still.

Oh my gosh wow that was unreal did you enjoy it i absolutely loved that teddy did you like it okay let’s stretch familia hook the left ankle over the right knee we’re gonna do that same press and stretch just because in my opinion it is one of the best booty stretches.

I also love the pigeon but that requires too much effort to turn over so we’re just gonna hug behind the back of the thigh for some of you that may be enough you can just push that knee away but if you feel like you want a deeper stretch hug behind the back of the thigh and for anyone really wanting to get in.

There push that knee away while you pull the thigh in ah how is everyone titter there they’re all in a chat now oh good okay three two and one and we’re going to change legs oh my gosh alex do i have any more filming today.

Um no not today oh my gosh yes i think this is the first time in forever that i haven’t filmed like more than an hour in a day so do you know what i’m going to be doing girls i’m going to be cooking cooking so many more recipes for the app so i’ve got 15 new recipes that i’ve.

Done over the last couple of days so we’ve had to take photos of them all now and writing them up so pushing away if you want to oh then we’re going to go into hamstrings three two and one and then hammy’s if you’ve got it grab the extra strong band it’s just a really nice way of increasing the.

Stretch if not go with the strong and you’re going to hook that just around the ball of the foot rather than the toes come in nice and tight with that knee you want to draw towards the chest take a deep breath in and then on the breath out straighten as far as you feel you can.

This is a really nice way of isolating the hamstrings it doesn’t matter if you only get here okay i want you to try and keep that knee close to the chest and then with each breath out try and take it just a little bit further look at that shake that is how much that hurt.

Oh okay let me get this chat up three two good work you guys and one amazing then from there bring it down we’re gonna come into a spinal rotation just because a lot of those exercises really use the lower back as well so straighten out the opposite leg drop that knee over.

The hand comes out to the side and i want you to look towards that hand the goal here is to try and keep this shoulder blade okay down on the floor if you can and just breathe with each breath out you feel that your body releases just a little bit more take your time with it nice calm deep.

Breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth ah lovely good job everyone oh i love how everyone’s encouraging each other it’s awesome amazing okay back then we’re going to go on to that other side so just hooking around the ball of the foot.

Oh wowzers what else is lousers alex can we show them a behind the scenes are we allowed are we allowed to show them behind the scenes from what’s going on right now yeah so basically you guys there’s currently a big shoot going on in london i’m not in london i wish i was there with the team but the.

Team are shooting our new lean foods rates lean foods range that is so hard to say and honestly we’re getting all of the images through and it’s just insane like absolutely insane oh that is a nice stretch okay coming down we’re going to that spinal rotation again.

So straightening out that other leg so you’re trying to keep this shoulder blade down okay palm up to the sky look towards that hand give it breathe oh lovely three two and one and back into neutral oh up we come.

I needed a little bit of momentum there okay i’m just going to stretch hamstrings while i have a little chat with you guys so i will feel it i can see compost i am so sleep deprived right now guys so basically i was about to tell you how long and until launched but i don’t actually know.

How long until launch but we’re talking weeks until launch and i’ve like pretty much ruled out the next couple of weeks like we are working around the clock like we’re sleeping but we’re not sleeping enough if i’m honest but once this app is launched like my plan is to catch up.

On sleep although we’ll be filming way more for the app but i just definitely said cong hong instead of hong kong alex help me um italy loves you roberta greece greta so excited for the app natalie keller thank you gorge oh kate you’re here kate trevette i thought you weren’t able.

To because of work so i don’t know you might be on your lunch break now okay changing onto the other side and feeling great from jessica lennon lean bands restock there is a restock coming we don’t have the date yet they’re actually shooting some of that.

In london right now um but we don’t have the date yet they’re actually not they’re not with us yet um in the distribution center but as soon as they are and we know a date we’ll be letting you guys know but they are being restocked don’t worry canada rebecca.

Where do you take your hat where did i get my hat this is gymshark here you go i just really like the shape of it and it’s kind of breathable if you know what i mean and thanks to alex for the audio and amazing songs oh that’s so nice did they just see it just then.

Oh was it germany janina guys this is so awesome right so um i feel like i have a tonight’s slide on instagram oh my gosh we have another live okay yeah we have a cooking live in an hour and a half so i’m hoping i will be seeing you there the cooking live it looks absolutely delicious it’s not my dish it is shawn’s.

Dish who is our lean recipe creator and so it’s basically it’s i think it’s greek inspired oh my gosh because his partner is greek it looks unbelievable so it’s like a grilled pepper with feta cheese and it’s ready in literally 10 minutes so we’re going to be having that for dinner maybe with.

Some rice or something but yeah that i think is going to be oh it’d be really nice on pasta anyway i don’t rest so an hour and a half on the instagram page at least lily so make sure you’re there if you go through my stories on instagram you’ll see the ingredients that you need and i think.

That is everything snucker anything else about anything so i’ll be seeing you girls in 30 30 minutes an hour and 30 minutes for that live i can’t wait love you guys loads well done i know that burn but i’m so proud of you and my booty is on fire bye.
Lilly Sabri

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