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Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today get ready to have your booty be on fire because we’re gonna do the booty burn 100 so if your new to my channel, hello I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a workout video so today all.

You need is to get down the mat , get ready to call the fire department because your booty is going to be burning let’s go ok so let’s get started lying on your back want to start off with your pelvice in neutral bring arms down by your side and press your hips up to the ceiling really squeezing your glutes, pulling in your abs and lower back down.

2- good that is, we’re going to do 20 of everything cause this is the booty burn 100 Good, that’s it, we’ll call this 5 high up as you can go good, second set and up pull in your abs, now you should start feeling you’re butt really talking to you now, right now we stay out here and pulse up again, another set and up 5, 7, 8, 9 okay good come all the way down.

Rotate to turn out you’re feet are going to be a little bit here in a V plant those feet, inhale, exhale and I actually like this cause I feel a little stretch in my hips here and the bring it down and squeeze three and four we got it, five really feel that contraction, good seven and eight, nine oh my goodness 10, we got to do it again ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, keep on going, four more, three almost there, two good, now we stay up here 20 times like little butterfly wings now lets make it a little harder if you want, go onto the ballss of.

Your feet, whew…feel the squeeze what a difference keep those hips up and seven, nine, ok good let’s come on down roll over onto your belly here ok, you you can put your forehaed down, i’m gonna just keep my head up so I can talk to you push your pubic bone into the floor here, you’re gonna lift lift up and up, now this is a really hard one, i’m not gonna lie and alot of people say that they can’t get alot of height when they do this, that’s normal ok.

That’s because your hips might be a little tight another set here, feel that squeeze if your doing it at home just put your forehead down we’re almost there, come on feel that booty working You did great, I hope that you definetly felt you were sculpting a beautiful booty because that was the point of the booty burn 100 if you’re looking for full length videos make sure to click here or.

Here wherever it is and become a Transformer. JOIN Total Body Transformation today where you’re going to get full length workouts from me an amazing community commitment consistency accountability, it’s all right there at a really awesome price so i will see over there make sure you thumbs up if you liked it.

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Tracy Campoli

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