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BOOTY BURN MADNESS | 20 minute Home Workout


To your 20 in 20 firm boots hey workout this is going to be a resistance face workout so you are going to need some weight if you have them also a resistance fan totally optional it’s just going to make the workouts harder and therefore you will get better results are you guys ready are you as excited as I am we are basically doing.

20 exercises in 20 minutes 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest it’s going to be up and down also hello Teddy if you have excuse me do you want to come up here if you have a chair good oh go on good boy going up good boy if you have a chair that is.

Totally optional again it’s going to make these exercises a little bit harder there are going to be some pulses and some holes in there we’re going to start off down on the mat Alex if you wouldn’t mind just chucking me a bit of tissue for my leaky eye that would be amazing so you’re going to start off with the band just above your knees if you have.

It okay look at this eye ridiculous don’t worry Alex I’ll just use this there you go sorry jump shark okay yeah we’re good all right coming all the way down for me we are going to do quite a bit of hamstrings as well we’re getting started in 15 seconds don’t forget those hamstrings act as a shelf for the butt okay so all the way down hello Teddy.

Plant the feet for me really control this Movement by flattening the back into the mat peel your way up into a bridge squeeze the back okay you should already be warmed up pull the core in nice and tight and hold amazing squeeze that booty tap that tailbone under hold just to get those back muscles ready for.

A really intense workout squeeze that booty you guys in four three two inch down down up down down squeeze good luck foreign.

good keep that core really nice and tight call me guys keep squeezing The Bar Next exercise we go in it gets quite a bit harder we introduce the weights good night.

come on keep squeezing those butt muscles okay I want you to come up now into standing have those weights with you we’re gonna go with the reverse lunch pump and forward sticking with that one side I want you to drive up through the.

Heel on the front leg okay so I always tend to start off with my injured sides after that ski ax we’re doing some a little bit less stable but that’s okay good Focus you guys this is you against you I don’t want you to give me everything you have on this particular day you are strong you are capable let’s release.

Those endorphins and power through you guys come on you’re killing it keep going amazing work one more good we’re going to change onto that other side thank you for making it so easy for your.

Mommy thank you okay five seconds reverse lunge pass okay let’s go good push up through the floor amazing work you guys how’s everyone going DJ Alex Avenue.

amazing work okay I want you to bring that chair in now but we need to take the band off nice and quickly we have our Barbarian split squat okay so you’re popping the.

Foot up on the chair just a tiny little Shuffle forward drop back through that heel okay so you’re sinking down amazing work this isn’t about speed this is about the form control it Hello Kitty.

So guys this is actually the leg that I don’t have an ACL on but it’s pretty unstable in comparison to the other side but that’s okay go with two more because we started a little bit late one more amazing.

Good evening you out hello Teddy oh okay leg up jump it forward let’s go again you’re sinking down through that leg can I just take a second to say you are freaking killing it I’m so proud of you come on think about your why we want to be powerful we want to be.

Strong we want to conquer come on you guys come on you deserve it do it for you 10 seconds left one more amazing work okay hamstrings we want nice strong hamstrings the muscles down the back of the legs okay three of them we want to tighten them we want to build.

Strength they are the Shelf to the glutes Teddy thank you is that really necessary just licking me okay pin through the hips you guys keep that back nice and straight drive up through the feet.

We’ve got that tiny little pulse you are not pulling up through the arms okay you’re pushing down through the feet amazing wax okay I want you to get rid of that chair out the way there’s two levels here level one I want you to hold that weight slide down and back up again it’s a little bit.

Easier level two follow me to recap level one you’re here doesn’t matter what level you’re at guys all I care about is you’ve shown up and you are freaking killing it come on we’re nearly there.

A little bit late okay going on to the other side oh my gosh okay five seconds how you guys going all right let’s go recap forgiveness here foreign.

guys please go one more amazing next up goblet squats okay.

You’re holding on to one or two weights we come down nice and low the knees are wide tracking that knee over the middle toe pulse two and up good really thinking about the booty here squeeze those butt muscles keep those knees nice and wide for me okay well I don’t want to see if this.

Neutralize good and if you struggle with that work on a little bit of Mobility before you come back to this exercise again okay beginners if it’s too much here let’s go with a normal squat you will be whacking the quads a bit more but that’s okay sexy quotes is great.

Amazing you guys okay we’re halfway we’re having just a breather then we’re gonna get started again in 15 seconds we’re going back into a goblet squat this time we have a hold and post then up we hold for ten we pulse for ten we come up okay going to 15 seconds how are you all going I hope you’re good go with both weights if you feel you can okay.

Again goblet squat position toes pivoted outwards hold for ten pulse the ten then up we can do this let’s go ten nine eggs you want that chest proud and open five four three knees wide two and one pulse it ten nine squeeze the bus six five four three two and one whoa back in again down we come nine eight seven when you feel this happen today.

Readjust wide low three two pulse it ten nine eight seven six five twist the bar four two and one guys come down onto the mat I am grabbing the tissue to blow my nose you should be on that in a bridge position knees wide feet together let’s go up up lower squeeze.

Go back amazing come on really really good if you can both wait up squeeze lower up squeeze lower come on really squeeze that booty now.

Come on you guys we’re gonna do four more because I started late you can have a break if you want to two and one hold and pump we come up we hold for ten we pump the ten then we come down all right up ten nine six five four three two now Pump It Go ten nine come on squeeze that booty.

Seven six five four three two one down up hold ten nine six five four three two and one oh wow you guys wrap that chair we’re on to hamies okay I want the chair in on the mat so it doesn’t slip okay single leg driver come on up into a.

Bridge for me and holes hold there hold in four Advanced injury arms up beginners here two beginner the here actually okay we’re gonna come down lift the leg drive up down opposite legs.

yes guys is that amazing work hold if you can no break hold there hold hold hold you’ve got this guys host holes hold hold Now hook the right leg over the left down squeeze down squeeze beginners.

We’re gonna do this keep going Advanced okay beginners hop up the right toes next to the left heel up down up okay really concentrating on these hamstring muscles squeeze the booty as well work those sleeves four times amazing you guys keep going 15 seconds I’m coming back with my advanced.

With your arms are up I salute you come on you can do it it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing this is if you can hold otherwise come down for a break okay to recap beginners left toes neck to right heels Advanced you’re up on the chair push the left ankle over the right knee.

Down up down arms up to do one okay breathe now the goal is to feel this in these hamstring muscles okay I want you to think about those muscles My Body Connection the chest slipping down up nearly there you go on Dixie ten seconds.

Oh wow oh yeah two one more amazing oh get rid of that chair but we are gonna need it again so just pop it to the side side work no band okay I want the weight on that outer thigh the lower down the thigh is towards the knee the harder it is lengthen that lever.

Flex the foot come up come forward up foreign five four three two now you can’t hold it.

Hold it hold it five four three two now we’re gonna really quickly change over okay Flex that foot let’s go amazing work you guys I’m so proud of you we’re nearly there now ten nine eight seven six.

Five four three two now hold it hold it hold it hold it and lower okay Pop That Band on guys finger push out okay I’m gonna just above the knees if you want to grab your weight come on up into standing and into a squat speed push out all right let’s go nice and fast forward squeeze that booty.

Amazing take the weight back through the heels back low it’s close to 90 degrees as you can try to not come lower than that though okay take that body weight back through the heels we’re gonna go slightly over on this one because we started late 15 seconds.

Nearly there come on ten nine eight seven six five to push four three two and one grab your chair we’re coming down onto the chair okay I want you to take your body down to come on to those shoulder blades if you want to load your pelvis up with those weights okay you can do it guys.

Keep those knees while I find that big butterflies down up open close good tuck that tailbone under squeeze the booties ignore that timer when it finishes okay you have a little holes better posts okay.

Keep looking forward chin to chest hold squeeze your butt’s going to want to drop bring it higher take those knees wider every time you feel it dropping come up in four in three in two speed push out go out out out out look forward chin to chest squeeze our booty okay pelvis higher ten nine eight seven six.

Five four come higher three two squeeze the booty one now hold ten nine then we’re done I promise now guys I have been filming so much for the apps so I’m sorry if I’m not always as like sprightly as normal so that means honestly if you can overtake me.

And rest if you can go higher than me please do okay this is your workout I’m just here to guide you I’m I’m so proud of you honestly you smashed it we now have another couple of hours of filming for the app because we are traveling to LA in a couple of days and so we’ve got to get as much filmed as possible and for YouTube we’re just gonna stretch out.

Now guys and glutes on the mat so coming all the way down I’m just gonna have a little look at what is going on okay hugging behind the back of the thigh pulling in nice and tight for me guys breathing ah a few of you are asking about the outfit so this is new gym shark it.

Hasn’t launched yet but it will be coming I I was surprised I was like I don’t know if I like this the color I absolutely love the fit the fit is insane for cardio for weights literally for everything but the color I love I really love it and I love it because it’s kind of like a winter color as well it can be winter or summer okay so if.

You want to increase that as soon as it’s live I’ll let you guys know I’ll let you know the launch day best place to find out push out against that knee by the way guys if you want to um is on my Instagram because I’m on my Instagram stories every day so that’s where it’s best to find out like launch dates and I’ll let that stuff okay.

Changing over oh wow the right’s worth oh yeah and that was painful my food is burning okay hugging behind this leg how long have you been working out Lily from a mirror I have always been sporty so I yeah I probably first started swimming like actual swimming training when I was about eight maybe um so yeah I’ve always been always been.

Super super sporty Athletics track and field um tennis and swimming were my main my main sports um and then yeah working out probably started um usually when I was at Uni and so like 18 19 when I stopped swimming training and so yeah and then Jim I had a gym.

Probably between like 22 and 24 25 and then it’s been home workouts ever since no probably a few more years of gym but yeah home workouts at least for the last three four years so yeah I hope that answers that one okay just a little bit of inner thighs I know we didn’t really work for them but in compound moves will work in many many.

Muscles so you’re just opening out keeping the feet together knees apart how old is your doggy Teddy is over two now he’s about two and a half a little baby I’m dreading leaving here are you Alex yeah I don’t want to leave him oh and then bringing those legs together now we’re just going to come across the body into a squat of rotation oh my gosh.

There was like four clicks there so you’re going to look towards that opposite hand try and keep the shoulder blade down good and don’t force this just let gravity do its work with a little bit of assistance from that hand I am so hungry now oh my God oh.

And then coming back and rotating the other direction what should we have for food Alex scrambled eggs yeah I think so that’ll be nice oh I’m craving food I’m a shake you guys know I love my food okay last one quad so coming on to your side I want that knee up at 90 degrees and then.

You’re just going to hug behind the back of the foot if you can you can’t reach onto a trouser or hook a band around or a towel if you don’t have a band squeeze the booty ah it’s sunny in Dubai It’s Always Sunny in Dubai so we are mid-summer now and it’s about 40 degrees it is so hot you guys so to increase this stretch squeeze.

The butt I know you’ve been squeezing the butt for the last 30 minutes but squeeze the butt and that will increase the stretch down the front here the chords full quad muscles oh do you have your own line of resistance bands from Faith yes I do this is the Hem here and this is our staple the.

Adjustable so it’s three bands in one you can tighten and loosen it depending on how much resistance you want so you can get those on my website lean with flip over guys and let’s just do that other side so again you want that leg up to 90 degrees coming down and then hug behind the ankle hey hey I love the plants thanks guys you should.

See my entire house we should actually work out how many plants we have Alex yeah and we need to get the walls repaired the wall behind us is completely cheap basically we were shooting on a green screen for the app um and yeah oops we pulled off the paint yeah.

How much of the lean app in premium it is nine pounds 99 a month which is around I think 12.99 off the top of my head US Dollars and again nine pounds 99 a month if you buy the costly or the annual subscription it’s quite a bit cheaper as well so yeah it’s an absolute steal um.

What’s your favorite gym shark outfit I don’t I don’t I really have the fave I would say the favorite lines are hamstrings coming out um are any of the adapt um I absolutely love the fit of the adapt it just makes me feel like super confident it holds you so nicely shapes you so nicely so yeah they adapt.

Uh or the vital seamless are like my two fave lines I would say so coming down um and then changing over onto the other side yeah sorry about my runny eyes guys this always happens when I’m run down when I’m overworked and they start streaming don’t they Alex and it’s like uncontrollable it’s so annoying I was.

Like totally ready for that live and then like we turned on live and they were like oh so that’s why whenever you see me wearing a cap it’s because I’m a little bit uh overworked normally but that’s fine it’s worth it for you guys okay oh and we made it favorite workout.

Video you’ve ever filmed um I was asked this the other day by a YouTuber who was doing a video on uh YouTubers favorites and recently my favorite is the skipping video I’m loving it I’m so buzzing after it so basically it’s um there’s two that are coming to the app there’s a 20 minute.

One and a 30 minute one the 30 minute one is my favorite because it’s skipping with upper body and abs um so it’s 20 minutes skipathon Marathon no breaks but it’s all different like combinations with the skipping ropes high knees butt kits single legs and it’s just like When the Music’s pumping I’ve had I think I had a Justin Bieber playlist on and it.

Was just so much fun and I was Dripping with sweat 20 minutes then down on the map for 10 minutes of abs and upper body I love that um I also love like full body strength ones I’ve started liking training upper body it’s far from my favorite like I yeah I’ve always I’ve had like one of them upper bodies where it’s quite small.

But not tight do you know what I mean but recently I have noticed such a difference especially in my shoulders like I’m really really proud of my progress but um I don’t love Training Up Football if I put it in like a full body and so there’s a 30 minute full body strength training on the app and I asked the girls in the Facebook group to vote.

And that was their favorite so that was interesting um but yeah I don’t know I like I like mixing it up I like Pilates as well as you know what I eat in a week um yeah so I’ve never done one have I done one of those videos I’ve done like what I eat in a day yeah there’s a few what I eat.

In the days um so you can check them out on YouTube just search it name of your pet Teddy will end with that fluffy hidden behind all right guys we love you very much Ted’s join us oh hello good morning I love you bye guys we love you so much and I really really really hope you.

Enjoyed that and we are going to be uploading on YouTube twice a week now moving forward right snacker and so I’ve got some YouTube videos to film as well today but yeah I hope you enjoyed it I hope you love the band you can repeat this at any point start lifting heavier try to go with more reps always thinking about your form first.

Add a resistance band you can get these on the website just basically push harder increase that intensity as you get fitter healthier and hopefully happier guys I love you so much you smashed it you should be so proud of yourselves well done
Lilly Sabri

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