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Better than Noodles ! Spicy Potato Noodles ! Easy Potato Recipe ! Easy Dinner or Brunch


Spicy potato noodles recipe is delicious Thank you for watching the video! Click subscribe to help the channel grow fast! Potatoes 400g Peel potatoes Slice into thin pieces Add and steam for 20 minutes Crush the potato Add pepper 1/5tsp Salt 1/2tsp.

Tapioca starch 100g (Or potato starch) Mix Use your hands to knead the dough Roll into a long bar Cut the potatoes into strips about 4cm long Put in boiling water and boil for 2 minutes Then take it out and put it in cold water right away Put it out in a sieve to drain Cooking oil 1tbsp.

Onion 25g Chili powder 1tsp Sugar 1/2tbsp Chili sauce 2tbsp Soy sauce 1tbsp Salt 1/4tsp Add the potato noodles and mix well Then take it out and enjoy This dish is chewy, spicy, and delicious.

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