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Hi and happy new year oh my goodness I’m so so happy that you were here today and I have something awesome for you we are going to be doing best of bat wings how excited are you I hope you’re as excited as I am and if you’re new to my channel hello I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos.

Every single week so make sure that you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a video so today you need nothing you don’t even have to put on workout clothes if you don’t want you don’t need weights you don’t need anything but let me tell you if you suffer from bat wings that dingly dangly part of your arm.

Suffer no more because I have the work out for you this is best of bat wings i hope you love it make sure to leave me a comment below and enjoy your workout happy new year let’s get started so we’re going to start off with our arms going up and down and up and down that’s it and up good and up keep on going here up-and-up.

You’ve got it nice and lift and up good keep going uh-huh good two more and excellent, so now with one arm you’re going to go straight up get the elbow high press it back i’ll turn a little bit up and press that’s it and up and press good and up press that you got it up press it keep those abs pulled in you should be feeling this in the back of the arm.

That’s that bat wing right no bat wings here up and last one stay here little press think of pressing that palm up to the ceiling it’s going to make all the difference in the world and seven good that’s it, 8, 9 now keep it here and press up palm up really press that palm to the ceiling good Whew I feel it you should too.

Alright good let’s do that on the other side up press and up press good up press the back end up pushing good and five and six good nice seven and eight perfect two more last one stay here and press to feel the back of those arms working yes and 7, 8, 9 good stay here palm up.

And that’s three good really press up to the ceiling 5, 6 keep your shoulders down your back nine and good now bring your arms up into this position pulse down to three this is going to work around the bra area i saw a commercial the other day they were calling it sleavage thought that was kind of weird awesome slash a little bit groose i’m not.

Gonna lie and 7,8, 9 good stay here and down down down like you’re smacking air this should remind you like when you’re in a pool and you’re hitting water good you’re going to feel this in your deltoid you don’t need to tell me i feel this shoulder you’re supposed to okay and 7, 8 we look crazy yes it’s true so go in and out keep your hands up at.

Shoulder i do not stop here I know it can feel so hard to like I just want to break don’t don’t give yourself that great keep going and good in and out two more excellent stay here press down with straight arms down 3, 4 again like you’re hitting water good now flex your wrist here and go up up up three and five.

7,9 good now have your fingers facing down press it down to good 3 & 5 7, 8, 9 good so you’re going to go up out up out up out up don’t stop up good up seven good now let’s do that on the other side so up out up out up and don’t stop here and five good 6, 7 you’ve got a good eight two more good excellent up where we started and up.

Oh yes it should feel different now right and up that’s it and 5, 6 you feel the back of those arms no lunch lady arms no bat wings right two more good stay here one arm up other arm up one arm up other arm up really press oh yes and good 5, 6 are you on fire you should be seven and eight nine good so now you’re gonna go elbow in press out.

And in press in internally rotate good get that rotation with your arm in good you see what I’m doing with my hand right uh-huh and six keep going two more the other arm is very happy to have the break right same thing other side rotate Tom up pound back good and 4, 5 yes and 6 seven bringing those arms together nice.

And tight and toned good ok good so up up good now diagonally out out out again post your body up up press up palms up to the ceiling and out out out good two more sets like that two more i know i said it would be and out good one more here up up up good and out-out good close to your body flick.

The palms up up flip like you’re doing a little flick with your wrist flick ok flick and five really press the more height with you can you get with your arm back there the more you’re going to feel it nine good and in and out in and out and in and out up and out up and in and out in and in good up-and-up good back to that pressing down 3, 5.

Good flex the wrist feeling at all 7,8,9 out ballerina arm circle 2,4,6 good reverse circle 3,5 last one here pinkies up up up oh yes five this is such a good exercise because you’re going to get definition between the shoulder and the tricep my arms are on fire yours should be too 8, 9 one more set like that up.

Very good 5,7,8,9 stay here hold and let it go alright so let’s started your gonna have your arms sorta ballet position here, twist towards your hip and then press your arm back twist push back and back scoop push back, now with this movement in your torso we’re also going to be getting the obliques so I always am trying to multitask our movements here your whole body is connected.

Important and again lets do another set like that good, keep on going notice how i’m rotating my thumb down good two more you want to do 20 of these ok good, so other side, down press down keep your shoulders down your back your abs pulled in that’s it excellent second set like that..ballerina press it back so now back to that ballerina arm. So your arms are round here, press back to a T.

So notice how my thumbs are down here So it’s ballerina pressed to a T ballerina and i’m doing a little push back down, press good, keep going you got it excellent do that again so as you know you want to be doing toning work here and that’s what this is whether you have weights or not, you still contracting those muscles right.

Right it’s really important to make sure that you’re doing your cardio work as well and eating lean and clean because even if you do all the toning work in the world if your diet is crappy you’re not going to see those muscles that’s super important ok, so now i’m going to do a little bit torso movement but adding some Egyptian arms step here you go diagonal diagonal so feel free.

You want to go out dancing and practice your moves here excellent so now same sort of idea like you’re presenting two trays here so side, side, good so this is like the big move at the club (sarcasm) two more like that so now we’re going to put those two together we go down and down and then up and up becaue we’re moving your torso you’re going to feel.

Your obliques and your waist is more bang for your buck here right down keep your shoulders down your back that’s really important cause something, especially this movement, the tendency is to want to scrunch up and kind of get that over developed trapped trapezes muscle and you don’t want that because make it look like you have no neck and pretty sure that’s not the look that you’re going for.

I’m feeling this, you feeling this one more now do little circles going forward good down forward I just naturally changed this, now circle backwards as you go down good, now circle backwards down let’s do that one more time keep your arms really straight abs pulled in and.

Shoulders down and bring your arms out to the sides circle very good that’s it now reverse your circles do that again and backwards you’re gonna definitely feel this also in those deltoids switch your direction so now rotate so your thumbs are down and press back.

Good now go in and out so you touching your shoulders keeping your your hands internally rotated so your thumbs are down
Tracy Campoli

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