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Hi Tracy and welcome back to my channel and it’s boxing day so I really know that means I’d have to look it up but I wanted to give you a gift because it’s the day after Christmas and that’s just what we do around here so if you’re new to my channel hello I’m Tracy and I put a brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos.

Every single week so make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss out today my gift to you is Best Of Arms I just wanted to put together a little bit of a longer sort of mashup arm workout that I know you’re going to love now it’s gonna burn so you’ve been warned but enjoy this workout make sure to.

Leave me a comment below give it a thumbs up if you liked it and i’ll see you next week enjoy the workout ok let’s start with your weight in your hands here you can have the head to the weight pointed forward and just bring your arms for up to shoulder and bring it down and and and up so we want to always move with control right you never want to just.

Like swing those arms around and not good at all ok so keep those heads of the weights up keep your belly pulled in nice and tight that’s it two more like that. Perfect now stay here, squeeze the shoulder blades behind you feel them coming together and bring it forward and squeeze and forward and squeeze so as you’re doing this you.

Really want to be mindful that you’re not letting those elbows down keep them up ok let’s do two more excellent good start here you’re going to just go one and then the other and one so it’s kind of like your banging on a drum here it’s going to work the shoulder and your deltoid, that’s a good thing ok you’re not doing it wrong, you’re doing.

It right if you’re feeling it there. bring the arms down now rotate the weights away from you a little bitso their sort of like diagonal going to inhale exhale bring the arms out in a diagonal bring it down and three pulling the belly, good you got it shoulders down the back good let’s do two more good now rotate the palms are up and.

Just alternating doing bicep curls you’re still on that sort of ‘V’ angle shape okay and good and the challenge here is to not let those start drifting down want to keep them up here ok good two more excellent okay good now bring your arms up like this and just pulse help raise the roof bring your arms up over your head just bring the werights down to.

Shoulder height, bring it back up and bring it down and that and three good and four that i feel that and 5, I feel that in my back, it feels so good, right? To feel a nice sexy and strong back and eight good two more and get to now have a hand down here we’re going to bring your arms forward palms down, not your hands, and you’re going to just kind of do like a bow and arrow and lean towards that elbow same stop and leave this is we’re getting a little bit.

Standing abs here the same time is your arm on fire? Mine is too! eight two more oh yeah do that on the other side lean it and two, three keep going and four and five excellent good awesome, just two more and you get hold of elbows back here squeeze and squeeze.

Keep your elbows really high in your belly pulled in good keeping it nice and simple two more great keep the heads of the wake up pulse up up and up really squeeze, feel the back of your arms kiss those bat wings bye bye Good, now keep it up here alternate up that and excellent keep going keep those arms high it wil make such a difference. Good two more. So now have the palms.

Face up here up squeeze squeeze the palms up oh yeah nine stay here alternating up one arm the other arm one are other arm oh yes feel that squeeze you got five and six keep the arms of seven and eight awesome go two more and bring the weights in front of you here and just do a little pulse.

Or raising the roof right here in front very cool right you take the club and seven eight nine okay good now we’re going to open close and open and and close and good bring the arms up alternate pull and pull and pull and pull that belly to pull and hold you got it.

9 ok good and now both arms down and up I really really want you to squeeze and up and squeeze squeeze squeeze back where they’re good and six keep going seven, perfect, good come up and 8, whew, two more and nine and last one to reach those arms out to the side on hold here breathe in that strength you just created in your body feel those muscles saying thank you. Having palms face down and hold and slowly bring those arms down.

Bring your arms down by your side rotate your palms so that they’re facing slightly away from you and you’re going to lift your arms up to shoulder height so it makes a ‘V’ here and bring it down and lift up and bring it down now as you do this you want to make sure that you’re pulling in your abdominal good that’s it and six keep going just 7 and 8 i’m going to.

Really try to count through here because i know i always mess up my counts let’s do another set of 10 and 10 pulling the belly and 9, 8 bring on those tank tops that you’ve got a sexy dresses and six good lose the cardigan and you’re almost there three perfect just to two more here and last one now stay here squeeze your shoulder.

Blades together noticed i’m meeting my elbows nice and high bring your hands back to that squeeze that’s it and three again pulling in your belly so here are also getting your back but also because we’re keeping your elbows nice and high here you’re going to be feeling this around your deltoids I even feel this around my armpits might.

Just be sore and do another set and squeeze and nine now the temptation here is for your elbows to drop don’t let them keep them up good that’s it and four more, perfect three trying not to feel this in your neck or shoulders down your back good now get your elbows right by your side I wasn’t magic like I took a.

Newspaper and I stuck behind me both of my arms don’t drop it answer here open and open this is a great exercise actually really rehab to exercise for your shoulders here but it really gets nice definition nine good let’s do that again squeeze and two and three keep going and I’m already feeling it and five and six.

Bellies tight and 7, you got it, 8, two more here 9 moving on arms down by your side out to a T and down and out and 3, good bye bye arm fat and hello sexy arms nine keep the shoulders down your back we’re going to do another set of 10 and 10 that’s it nine, excellent, eight you’ve, seven perfect, six five, keep that height, go all the way to shoulder height your arms forward palms facing toward eachother.

Forward and pull a good squeeze and 4, 5 and 6 i’m staying up right here 7, 8, 9 it’s really hot today here in New York I’m already sweating and 3 keep going you can do it and i love this one because it really opens up your chest if you spend a lot of time at the computer like me you know your chest sometimes gets closed so sty here, im going to slightly turn squeeze back little kick backs here.

Ok basic really effective move really squeeze this is that back wing your triceps all right jiggly part of your arm for many people right you dont want that, if you do this and ten good really squeeze visualize what are you working toward what kind of body and life do you want i don’t like some corny but I promise you really really works.

Let’s keep those hands and pulse up shoulders down your back yowzers! let’s do it again and shoulders and really feel that the back of your arms both working here good now bring your hands together like you’re trying to crack the cubes the trip don’t let your arms drop and not lets do one more set like that.

Squeeze it and squeeze three and five, seven these ones burn right? alright, so have your palms facing up here lift up and up. This is one of those ‘V’ to ‘W’ and up. So because our palms facing up now you’re gonna feel a little bit in your biceps as well. Two more and go up and to pull in your ads and 3, 4 this is a great add-on workout so let’s say you did cardio or you know maybe you’re just sittin at the.

Office of your like I just need to move do this get up and do it right now rotate your palms away from you down ok so that hand position has changed and that makes them different good and six keep the shoulders down you’re going to give us a little bit more of your deltoid, that’s the top of shoulder and nine.

And good squeeze and squeeze we can do this yes we’re doing it and 8, two more, 9 ok last one here bring your hands in and press out in press so really be clear your notice on my arms and really trying to keep them at the same height here super important eight all about quality not quantity do that in squeeze.

Squeeze three, yikes, five, oh…mama Ifeel this, seven keep going don’t give up on me nine now let’s stay here and you’re gonna love me press back oh holy shoulder right I said 89 good thumbs down press back oh….5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and r-e-l-a-x, shoulders backwards you did great i really hope that you are feeling those muscles burning if you did.

Make sure to give it a big thumbs up and if you’re not already make sure to subscribe to my channel so that you get notified every single time one of my videos goes live. so i hope that you loved that you felt it and make sure to leave me a comment and let me know and i will see you next time. Bye
Tracy Campoli

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