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Hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s Tracy so for today what I want to share with you is just a little compilation video so I put together some of my favorite upper-body arm and shoulder exercises for you to give you just a little bit of a longer workout and sort of a mashup so I hope that you enjoy this arm and shoulder workout if you do make sure to leave me a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below so I’ve got a lot going on some really exciting stuff coming up for you so don’t worry there’s gonna be more content coming soon definitely want to hear from you in the comments and let’s get started okay so let’s get started you’re just gonna keep your hips still here and just move.

Your ribs side to side now you know by putting your hands here that’s just gonna send the message to your pelvis hey guess what don’t move right now if you struggle with this what you can do is sit in a chair that way you’ve got gravity helping you yeah your family’s gonna think you’re a little cray if you’re doing this but it could work so whatever works you got to do it let’s do 2 times 2 times 2 2 that’s it good keep going uh-huh good it’s very hot New York today so it might get a little sweaty very quickly good so let’s go back to single great keep going this is fine you should start feeling that drawing in here excellent.

Okay so put your hands on the back of your head here and you’re just gonna do like a little crunch forward okay crunch and crunch that’s it really pull in your belly my hair driving me crazy crunch keep going crunch pulling and crunch two more and good so now again keeping the pelvis still here we’re gonna go down just to one side and down and don’t really feel the side of the waist working here good that’s it I feel I’m doing a lot of work up let’s do the other side crunch crunch really squeeze pull in that belly and squeeze that’s it you guys squeeze squeeze good a few more good let’s do two more okay good so now you’re gonna take your.

Arms here lean backwards so it’s like you’re doing like sort of punch on the diagonal so we’re gonna reach and reach and reach okay really draw in the belly good awesome let’s do that on the other side so you reach lean back and reach so what’s happening here is you’re working your waist from all angles and that’s really the best way to get that flat belly so that your core is working everywhere okay good so now we’re gonna alternate back reach reach reach that little kind of jiggle doing in between I don’t know what just helps me move rhythm so you can do it too or you can just keep it simple keeping my hips still good so now you’re gonna.

Reach with the hips so the hips are shifting here that’s gonna bring that work a little bit farther down uh-huh so now two times so one two other side one two yeah a good dance move you can do this do it at the club wow you’re friends with your amazing moves let’s do two more sets one more excellent okay good so now all you’re gonna do is just going to turn a little bit to the side tuck your butt under and sweet as you do that what you’re really doing is pulling in the waist here okay really feels like that belly button goes to the spine feel that opposition and squeeze squeeze like crazy okay and please two more and let’s go back to.

Those rips go a little bit quicker good so now we’re going to do two times so one two one two good keep going keep those hips still good so let’s go to that little lean okay that little punch you got a family now you know if these please take a little bit of time to practice and get used to but once you do it’s like whew that’s great okay and just crunch forward and gradually squeeze and squeeze and just two more so let’s get started with your arms down by your side you’re gonna rotate the palm so they’re facing behind you and just bring those arms out to this side here and up you’re.

Gonna feel this in your deltoids that’s your shoulders and that’s exactly what we want good keep going uh-huh good perfect good let’s do two more okay good so now we’re gonna do like a little scarecrow so you just are bending at the elbows and up and up good really pulling up from those elbows feeling those deltoids working mm-hmm good two more like that so let’s put those together so we T out and scarecrow will do ten of these and out and scarecrow that’s it and three and four a shoulders on fire mine are and five good six we’re gonna do ten seven that’s it nice and eight good two more perfect last one here okay good so now.

Put one hand on your hips the other arm you’re gonna lift it up lean away and internally rotate you’re almost trying to get the palm facing up to the ceiling here so you’re rotating as much as you can and then down and lift and up you should feel that and up and good we’re only going to shoulder height with the arm we’re also getting a little bit of standing abs here so you like it you like it good two more all right good oh my arms are on fire let’s do the other side twist it and twist it try to get that palm facing up to the ceiling if you can good perfect okay last one in this series bring your arms up like this like you’re banging on a drum good don’t let those elbows drop down that’s the.

Hard part uh-huh good you should really feel this it’s toning up those deltoids those shoulders do another set and three good and five keep your abs pulled in tight eight-nine and excellent okay so lets get started here, stand with your legs externally rotated about hip width, maybe a little bit wider we’re just going to go out to some plie’s here okay so you bring those arms out to the side now we’re doing this plie here you want to make sure that you’re not letting your butt stick out okay so really keep it underneath you keep your abdominals pulled in good you don’t even need shoes for this workout and excellent, so now we’re going to add onto that, I want you to plie bring one knee.

Across your body here go back into plie same side reach so this is an excellent exercise because you’re working your balance for sure but you’re also really getting your abs, ok so you definitly should feel that abdominal contraction here definitly in the obliques. I can feel alot on this side of my body, that’s it, let’s do two more. So out into your plie, knee up notice one side is easier for you to side is a little bit easier to be to balance keep that rear end underneath you. It’s so tempting to kind of stick it out and do all kinds of weird things. You don’t want to do that. okay good so now what you’re going to do I’m just turning at an angle so you can see you’re gonna put the foot that farther away from you that’ll be your standing leg, the leg closer to me is going to be your working leg you’re gonna bring your knee up pull in your abdominals it’s you’re really contracting you’re.

Going to start with a parallel attitude and then come up to standing if you can try to put your foot on the floor you know can’t balance thats fine put your foot down okay so we go squeeze and really feel the core working I want you to intentionally pull in the abdominals ok. You’ll need it for life here. Your core is really the center of everything ok, so it’s important to keep it strong, two more, mm hmm, and last one, ok so lets do that on the other side okay so the like farther away from me now and this side will be your standing one here we go see if you can really challenge the balance okay a little trick for you is if you try to focus on one point that will make it alot easier ok? Abs are working here, I’m falling over here, it’s ok. Two more. Clearly my other side is better ok excellent, so now we’re going to do sort of an attitude ankle routine, which if you don’t know what I’m talking about don’t worry I’m going to explain.

So you’re going to stand here and just reach for your ankle. My leg is in a zig zag shape here and I’m letting my hip hike up just a little, that’s so your working this outer part of your waist ok. so your just squeezing and squeeze. You want to make it more challenging, don’t put that foot down ok. ok, let’s do that on the other side. Just turn a little bit and here we go, reach and reach. Pull in your abdominals and feel your core working. Feel your external obliques, that’s the outside of your waist. let’s get started so we’re up and down and up and down that’s it and up good and up keep on going here up and up you got it nice and flipped and up good keep going uh-huh good two more and excellent so now with one arm you’re gonna go straight up get the elbow high press it back I’ll turn a little bit up and press it that’s.

It and up and press good and up press back you got it up press it good keep those ABS pulled in you should be feeling this in the back of the arm that’s that bat wing right no bat wings here up and last one stay here little press think of pressing that palm up to the ceiling it’s gonna make all the difference in the world and seven good that’s it eight nine now keep it here and press up palm up really press that palm to the ceiling good whew I feel it you should too all right good let’s do that in the other side up press and up press good up press back that’s it and up push it good and five and six good nice seven and eight.

Perfect two more last one stay here and press to those arms working yes and seven eight nine good stay here palm up whoo and that’s three good really press up to the ceiling five six keep your shoulders down your back nah and no bring your arms up into this position pulse down two three this is gonna work around the bra area I saw a commercial the other day they were calling it sleevage I thought that was kind of weird awesome flash a little bit grose I’m not gonna lie and seven eight nine good stay here and down down down like you’re smacking air this should remind you of like when you’re in a pool and you’re hitting water good you’re.

Gonna feel this in your deltoids so you don’t need to tell me I feel this in my shoulder you’re supposed to okay and seven eight we look crazy yes it’s true so go in and out keep your hands up at shoulder height do not stop here I know it can feel so hard you’re like I just want to break don’t don’t give yourself that break keep going and good in and out put two more excellent stay here press down with straight arms down three four mm-hmm again like you’re hitting water good now flex your wrists here and go up up up three and five that’s it seven nine good now have your fingers facing down press it down two good three and five whoa seven eight nine.

Good so you’re gonna go up out out up out up don’t stop up good seven good now let’s do that on the other side so up out up up up don’t stop here and five good six seven you got it good eight two more good excellent up where we start it and up oh yes it should feel different now right and up that’s it and five six you feel the back of those arms no lunchlady arms no bat wings right? two more good stayed here one arm up other arm up one arm up other arm up really pressed oh yes and up good five, six are you on fire you should be seven and eight, nine good so now you’re gonna go elbow in press up and in press in internally rotate good get that rotation with your arm in go.

Ahead you see what I’m doing with my hands right uh-huh and six keep going two more the other arm is very happy to have the break right same thing other side rotate palm up palm back good and for five oh yes and six, seven bringing those arms together nice and tight and toned good okay good so good now diagonally out out out again close to your body up up press up palms up to the ceiling and out out out good two more sets like that two more I know I set it and out good one more here up good and out out good close to your body flick the palms up up flip like you’re doing a little flicks with your wrist flick okay flick and five really.

Press the more height with you can you get with your arm back there the more you’re gonna feel it nine good and in and out in and out and in and out up and out up and in and out in and in good up and up go ahead back to that pressing down three, five good pop flex the wrist mm-hmm you feeling it oh yes seven, eight nine now ballerina arms circle two, four six, good reverse circle three, five last one here pinkies up up up oh yes five this is such a good exercise because you’re gonna get definition between the shoulder and the tricep my arms are on fire you’re should be two eight, nine one more set like that very good.

Five, seven, eight, nine, stay here hold and let it go
Tracy Campoli

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