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Best Lower ABS workout! How to lose the pooch with TRACY!


Yeah it’s crazy air so today your workout is going to be lose and the pooch is lower abdominal focus moves pains it’s about eight minutes and then I want you to repeat it okay so it’s about 1516 minutes in total we do do a little bit of a warm-up there so you don’t have to do it the second time okay so this is one very very important.

Crucial piece of the puzzle okay these Tony Buzan and then you want to eat really clean drink a lot of water watch the diet and of course do your cardio so with these three pieces you should start streamlining and lose the couch to lose the couch that was the couch all right let’s go in your belly.

nice and high and town and good down and lift you gotta go and down and lift good I get it down and lift one more like that so now we’re gonna go to reverse lift.

Air so you make a little platform and place that right beneath your tailbone to your legs up into the air lower down exhale really back down lift you can take your legs to a tabletop reach the leg up to tabletop and get them to reach out and as you reach that leg up really really late you’re badly.

And reach and good pick up the pace so this is the easy version here kind of easy right and the lower okay that’s.

Enough you want to extend those arms for or here okay let’s do one more like that now this is more advanced what we’re gonna do next I’ll start with your hands behind your thighs go back lean back a little pull and you really don’t want your arms to do much they’re just hanging a little bit of the weight out of your legs here if you’re more.

Advanced reach your hands forward you know keep your belly tight the whole and good and tight tight with your hands okay so now let’s pick up your pace.

that’s it.

You’re gonna take your legs pop into your table get behind your head love reveal started you know comfortable next up pull the in round up lift up those knees over down AB SuperDuper time X are you on the list make sure to visit.

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