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Hi, It’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and you are going to love today’s workout because it Is the Love Your Body Workout So if you are new to my channel, HELLO I’m Tracy and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel because I put out brand new fitness, wellness and lifestyle videos every single week and I never want you to miss a workout or a video So, this is the THIRD of our LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE this is a totally FREE 21 Day Challenge and if your not officially part of it….what are you waiting for girlfriend?.

Click on the link down here in the description or here or here it’s gonna pop up for you It’s completely FREE and I want YOU to be a part of it This workout I know your going to LOVE because its some of your favorite favorite moves So this is the Love Your Body Workout a compilation of some of my BEST moves to help you absolutely create YOUR most fit and sexy body that you LOVE, so enjoy the workout. so we’re going to start off in a little bit of a squat position here and you’re gonna punch as fast as you can across your chest really pull in your abdominals with a good deep bend in your knees.

Good, keep breathing. Abs are pulled in tight. Good So like I said the other day when I was doing this I was sooo cranky…so punch away ANYTHING that is bothering you anything that’s annoying you, anything that is quite honestly pissing you off get of it, Punch it out! and then when we go into your active, you can choose to run in place or do a boxer shuffle, so you can either scootch side to side like so or you can do a little jog in place, whatever is best for you. I’m gonna do this today. Keep breathing.

So remember, do not stop. that is the most important thing ok. Next we’re gonna do toe touches here. Don’t worry if you’re flexibility is not great girlfriend, I can not not be touching my toes you can just go to your knees like this if you need to bend your knees that is fine too the important thing here is that you do something, right? 🙂 Good, keep on breathing. abs are in nice and tight move those arms up over your head and alternating legs.

Feeling that stretch. Make it count, make it work. beautiful. Excellent so, get back into that shuffle here. Next movement squats! Regular old squats. We’re going to keep your legs parallel Im’ going to turn sideways so you can see exactly what I am doing here. so, parallel feet and squat down, chest up, down, straight up Here is the deal with squats guys, you want to make sure when you come up you squeeze your booty that’s where you get the money right? [giggle] you really make sure to draw in your belly and squeeze your booty otherwise you’re not doing much. Make it count for you. Good…and squeeze it.

Squeeze it. I have to say, working my booty is one of my favorite things to do I like having a good tight, toned booty so this will help you get that pretty simple, i kinda think of it like i dunno, a switch glide. back into our little active rest here. Next move were going to do a little switch glide. pretty simple, I kind of think of it’s you know…I dunno, switch glide. it’s easy and it’s fun no big deal. You’re just switching your legs, switch switch a bit of a cardio blast here, pulling in your abs, good.

Light on those feet. You don’t want to feel this in your knees or your ankles good, keep breathing. Let’s punch forward. Just to up the intensity a little bit. I’m doing same arms like you do opposite, doesn’t matter, just do something. so back into your little active rest. Now next movement, diagonal toe touches. this is whee you get that dynamic stretch, but you’re also going to get some of that oblique work. which you love, i love, we all love ok, so out and out, switch, switch, ok So you see I’m bringing my arms up over my head kind of reaching on the opposite. Good, you can even go to the outside edge if you want to. you’re going to really feel those obliques. This is on of those movements that going to give you that V right, in your abs.

I know you all want that. It gets requested alot. Good, this is also good because it’s not high impact. we are not jumping around on this one. get that leg up, don’t be lazy now back into your active rest here. Okay, next movement. You are going to do two punches, a little squat and then you’ll switch it. let’s see what it is, ok? Punch, Punch, Squat and switch Punch, punch, squat switch are you pissed off about something…punch it out there is always work to be done, right? You got it! Keep on going, keep that energy up.

Excellent, get back into your shuffle here. Next one we are going to go into like a second position pleat and do little punches across the chest so it’s important here on this next one, level change, ok. boom, boom boom, boom, ok punch, punch, that’s it and really get down. If your just doing this, that is great if you are a beginner, but challenge yourself beautiful bodies are made by sweating, right? So work those muscles abs are tight, really good deep bending at those knees. You start feeling it right? Excellent, now back into your little shuffle here. Next one, I stole some of my samba moves.

So you are going to really move your butt here like this, but then you’re going to add a little punch hip out, hip out, ok? Hip out, punch, out punch really move those hips, that’s crucial here to get that waist tone up this is sorta like samba punch, punch, punch back into your little shuffle in place Next one we are going to do knee crunches. So this is focusing on your abdominals you can choose to do low impact and do not hop or you can add a little hop.

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch really work those lower abdominals as you do this try to make it a little more high impact, add a little hop you really don’t have to. You do have to do what works and what feels good for you. You should feel challenged, you should feel strong. You should feel those muscles burning. but it should also feel doable, right? awesome ok good, back into your little shuffle. So next are side kicks, ok? again, great opportunity here. If you are upset about something….kick it away. Get rid of it.

Out kick, out kick, out kick duck down, chest is up, notice how your not loosing me here kick…kick…kick have a target, ok Being a coachy coach like I am…an emotional target, frustration, fear, anger, sadness, kick it Mixed emotions, get rid of it, kick it out. Move yourself into this state that you want to be in alright? back to your shuffle, guess what guys, two more exercises and it’s great because we are going to do the same thing on each side just a little knee pulling, but here’s the deal don’t do it slow make it count in and in, drive that knee.

Fast as you can. Squeeze your abs, squeeze come on home stretch find your strength find your power breath you got it, in and in this one feels long right? It’s because we are going so fast. keep on breathing deep full breaths lungs are open legs are strong keep your strength up come on, we’re in this together you got it alright, good. into your little shuffle last one…come on.

Find your strength Where is it? deep inside of you I know you’ve got it when the buzzer goes off, do the other side here we go in , in fight for it, come on! visualize your perfect, strong body Not of a choice you can model, not your best friend YOURS I’m sweating are you sweating my legs are getting tired it doesn’t matter You can do it, only 10 more seconds.

Good! Back into your shuffle Catch your breath take in deep and full breaths here keep it dynamic keep it active You did GREAT and I really hope that you felt the BURN from this workout and that you have really created a beautiful and healthy self love because that really is my mission to help women create bodies and lives that they absolutely love so like I said before, if you are not already part of the challenge, you definitely want to be a part of the Love Your Body Challenge We are into RIGHT NOW, so click on the link down below in the description and JOIN US because I want you to have the experience of absolutely LOVING your body okay, I’ll see you in the challenge…Bye
Tracy Campoli

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