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Hi it’s Tracy and welcome to week 5 of the bridal booty camp challenge and if you are not officially a part of this challenge this is what I want you to do right away make sure to click on this link below and officially become a member of the challenge and here’s why every single week through the month of June I am giving you the exact workouts to do for you to look smoking hot whether you are a bride or not. you definitely want to be a part of this challenge and this week we are focusing on your caboose:) we’re working on your booty you know when I got married my dress was super skin-tight but the one thing that you.

Really did notice was my booty because you know I don’t have a lot going on the top so I want to make sure that I show my shape so these are some of my favorite moves so you have a nice tight tone and lifted butt. don’t worry this isn’t gonna give you a big butt but it’s gonna give you that nice shapely butt you want so let’s work out! ok so let’s get started on all fours here so you gonna come up on your hands and knees here taking one leg out behind you make sure your hips are square you just gonna lift the leg and then lower and lift and lower. now you want to really make sure that you keep your mind in this so that you’re really squeezing those muscles in your booty because we want to get that smoking hot booty.

Right course we do so squeeze the muscles don’t just do this mindlessly and of course make sure that you’re drawing in your belly too. lets do two more like that and good. So now take the leg and just bring it in a diagonal position here and just lift lift ok and not by changing that angle you’re gonna start feeling this a little bit more on the side of your rear end keep going here that’s it just think about gorgeous wedding dress you’re gonna be wearing and how nice and confident you’re gonna be feeling while you’re wearing it. and good. let’s do two more here so now we’re just going to change it up a little bit and have you come to this side here so you’re on one arm here the leg is.

Parallel knees pointed straignt forward you’re gonna lift the leg and bend that elbow and then straighten and lift and straight and that’s a very good and really get that leg up to your best height and 5 and now we’re working on the side of the rear end it’s important that we hit from all different angles right and eight and let’s do two more here and straighten my arm everything’s parallel belly’s pulled in pulse up here and three your booty should start being on fire here this is good for those saddlebag areas so the next one is my favorite we’re gonna go into a double attitudes what you gonna do lift up the leg closer to me tuck the toes and pop yourself up a little bit and then bring it down ok if you’re like I can’t lift myself up.

Keep the knee down and do the other leg end like that so let’s do 10 like that so lift and up and three lift up and four lift up and five, lift up and six we’re almost there keep drawing in the belly, you should feel your booty on fire here and eight lift up, good really squeeze the glutes, two more make them count and last 1. back to the side closer to me keep it in parallel to and you want to keep it at 90 degree angle and this is not ninety degrees thats heel into the butt. really a ninety degrees if you do this correctly you should feel this right underneath your booty. so now turn out in that attitude, same deal! you guessed it.

So let’s get started on the second side. Lift the leg straight behind you. go ahead and bring the leg off to the side and we’re going to lift up here so now come on to your side the leg is straight towards me you’re going to bend that elbow as you lift this leg really fight to get that leg up in the air and six and seven, good eight. two more like this nine and keep it up straight arm straight leg pulse up two, three squeeze you should feel all through here.

Seven, eight, nine, ok good. going into that double attitude here alright. so what we’re gonna do is lift up in an attitude tuck the toes, lift up and down okay We’re pros at this now think of how gorgeous and confident you’re going to feel three more we can do it back onto all 4’s. remember, heel is not into your butt pulse up and 5 squeeze right underneath your butt. that’s what keeps your booty up. turn it out this is that wrap around the booty that was great great work so we have officially completed your five week.

Bridal booty camp challenge! thank you so much for all of you that participated in this challenge and if you didn’t you still have a chance make sure to click on this link down below and become a part of the bridal booty camp challenge if you’re not already make sure to subscribe to my channel and the reason why is because I give you a new video every single Thursday and I would hate for you to miss it because that would really suck so make sure you like this video that you give it a big thumbs up love you lots and I’ll see you next time. byyeeeeeeeeeeee!
Tracy Campoli

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