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Hi and welcome to week two of the bridal booty camp challenge! I’m Tracy welcome back and if you were not officially a part of this five-week totally free challenge make sure to click on the link below in the description like I said… completely free and here’s the scoop every single week during as the month of June I am going to send directly to your inbox the exact workouts for you to do to look smoking hot weather you are getting married or not so today our focus is going to be on your back you know so it’s actually super super trending right now the Met Gala was just last month and everyone was wearing these expose back dresses and so I know that a lot of the wedding dresses this.

Season are going to be exposed back and even I think that’s just such a classic really sexy but sort of the demure look that anyone can pull off your so I’m going to be giving you some great exercises so that you strengthen up your back and feel sexy tight tone and super confident on your big day so let’s work out ! okay for this workout you are going to use a three-pound weights today ok so you know if you want to go lighter that time to you could probably go up to 5 pounds today which is crazy but you could definitely do 5 pounds if you wanted to. So Let’s get started with your arms up above your head here palms are facing away from you and just do a pull down squeeze your shoulder.

Blades down your back and squeeze so because we are really focusing on your back in this workout today I want you to really really think of those shoulder blades going down your back here can’t stress that enough ok and good a few more like this and squeeze feel that strong toned defined back. two more and excellent ok good. so no have your arms in sort of a little circle here you gonna lift up and then a straight arm up ok lift and straight and lift and straight and one more like that and get now let’s do that on the other side and straight arm and lift really feel those back muscles engaging all around the shoulder blade ok one more like this and now let’s do that with.

Both arms so fly straight arms and notice how I’m kind of pitching my body just slightly forward here ok and out now of course you’re going to feel this in your arm so you don’t need to email me or leave a comment and say “I feel this in my shoulders!” you’re supposed to keep going good and that’s it one more ok so let’s get your elbows into your body you’re going to lift the elbow bring it down reach out bring it down to lift it down reach down and again and reach and reach out two more. Feel that shoulder blade going into your back here and reach good lets do that on the other side and reach and out the elbow and reach that’s three and reach out and for reach out got one more.

Like that and let’s bring your arms to chest height here and pull back bring it forward and very good keep going and more thats and 56 and really draw it in… eight excellent two more and to bring the arms here squeeze your shoulder blades squeeze ok make sure that your not arching your ribs as you do this. just really feel in between the shoulder blades working here ok I definitely feel that. I feel those back muscles 8 good nine awesome. lets bring both arms up pulled down and hold up alternating sides down and you got it three and again here as you it as you bring that arm feel that squeeze in your back and and that’s good and six get a few more like that and again eight good two more and.

The last one, perfect! WOO HOO! you just completed your second week of the five-week bridal booty camp challenge and like I said if you are not officially part of the challenge there is so much more than what you going to receive here on youtube make sure to click on that link below in the description and join the challenge officially because every single day you’re gonna get the exact workouts. you’re gonna know exactly what to do to get smoking hot weather you are getting married or not that’s what we all want if you’re not already a subscriber to my challenge WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM?? seriously though subscribe to my channel because I put out a new videos every single Thursday when it’s Thursday you’re here!.

Alright, I will see you next week! BYE!!!!!!
Tracy Campoli

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