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Love arm workouts? you know you love arm workouts! so here’s the scoop: SUBSCRIBE to this channel right now! subscribe to this channel, awesome! so now that you’re subscriber I’ve got something SOOOO AWESOME to share for you today I teamed up with my friends at Fiji water and we’re gonna do a workout featuring water bottles instead of weights and the reason why I want to do this is because first of all this water is absolutely delicious and FIJI now is offering a subscription, a free delivery service so you can subscribe and get water delivered right to your door and the delivery is free. this water is absolutely delicious and here’s the really cool thing, they’ve got this new shape bottle it’s a seven hundred.

Milliliter bottle and what’s awesome about it is that it’s really easy to hold in your hands you gonna see for this workout is a great substitute for weights. Also, you’re never going to have an excuse to not drink enough water you’re gonna be fully hydrated at all times and if you are trying to maintain your weight or lose weight hydration is key so I’m super super stoked to offer this to you… and guess what?? because I always wanna hook you up I got a discount for you down below after you SUBSCRIBE make sure to look in the comments below and you’re going to get a discount just from me and Fiji water so let’s work out! ok so let’s get started you need two full water bottles. don’t drink from them first you want.

Them to be equal in weight ok so we’re gonna start without palms facing outward to do what I called monkey arms so alternating arms you’re just gonna bring the ARM UP keeping the arms slightly bent here. ok good so it’s just sort of like I don’t know I like to call this one monkey arms. So the head of the water bottles are facing towards each other keep the shoulders down near back here and you’ll feel that when you’re using a water bottle because of the nature of the movement in the water in the bottle you gonna feel a bit of an extra challenge it’s a great thing:) ok so now, just rotate your hands so now we have out palms facing out now.

You want to face the palms towards you and your gonna go up here good little shift a little change here might feel a bit weird I know but you will feel a little bit differently in your shoulders this is a great exercise to really hone your deltoids that’s your shoulder you know as women we want to make sure that you’re really working those deltoids your shoulders because that’s what keeps you from having an arm looks really big but rather a nice tight toned and lightly defined like a dancer arm ok so now with one arm you can just punch up over your head and then punch up and punch out punch up and keep going here and 5, 6. I already feel this and 78.

Good two more excellent do that on the other side up and out and you see I’m just kind of moving my torso just a little bit, it’s like what feels natural ok 678 here that water sloshing. Ok, good so now both arms up puch out and three and four and five and that’s it 678 good keep on going here at nine and good so now you’re gonna bring your arms up to this shape and little pulse up 2 3789 again another set here small movement this is to really tone your back, your shoulders a little bit of bicep too. good so now keep your arms at shoulder height don’t let them drop bicep curl and really squeeze in your abdominal every time in the belly and for that 65 you got it and sixty feeling it you should by now and.

89 we’ve gotta do another set let’s do another set here I just can’t help myself 23 and keep going here you seven and eight awesome to more ok the last one triceps. so have the weights pointed forward here keep your elbows high so pull them back alternating. so as your arms backwards here the palms are facing up to the ceiling. you’ve got it 89 excellent so do both arms together squeeze and squeeze really visualize your tricep that that’s the back of your arm doing the work you will not have any bat wings if you do this I promise tighten up the back of those.

Arms so when you stop waving your arms stop waving too;) now stay here and just up just alternating 79 both arms up. excellent excellent work I hope that you really felt your arms your shoulders everything getting nice and tight and toned so now make sure that you SUBSCRIBE to my channel because I put a new video every single Thursday I never want you to miss one and I will see you next week! ok bye 🙂
Tracy Campoli

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