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hello gorgeous girl welcome back to my channel and today i’ve got a workout i know that you are going to love my upper body workouts are my most popular workouts here on my youtube channel by far this is a little sneak peek of a full length workout that you’ll find only inside of total body transformation.

That is my fitness membership and community exclusively for women i will leave the link down here below in the description box so today you’re gonna get a little taste of it just to see sort of what it’s like inside of the tri the transformer tribe for this workout you will want to use a pair of three pound weights but if you’re new here.

Hello i’m tracy i put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to my channel and everyone click on that bell so that you always know whenever i’ve got a brand new video that goes live so let’s get into the workout yes yes.

All right so let’s get started with our workout so start with your legs just a little bit wider than hip width apart and i want you to just pull the arms up here just pull we’re doing like a little zip up here that’s it and zip it very good keep the belly pulled in and as you lift those arms up try to visualize your shoulder.

Blades slipping down your back creating that gorgeous toned toned sexy back here that’s it good let’s do two more and excellent now keeping the palms facing down to the floor just reach the arms up so they’re at shoulder height and bring it down and reach it up and.

Down that’s it very good you got it keep the shoulders down your back very good nice two more like this now stay here little circles with your arms now i did not say these were easy good.

And now reverse little circles keep those shoulders down your back that’s it okay good so bend your knees come into a little squat position bring the arms diagonally forward just pull the elbows back behind you feel the chest opening feel the shoulder blades squeezing together and bring it down and.

Squeeze it that’s it and squeeze we’ve got it good really toning up our upper body feeling those back muscles saying hello we’re ready good that’s it and excellent do that again another set here pull it back you got it nice keep on breathing.

that’s it two more and excellent good so stay here just have your arms in a little circle shape your knees are still bent we’re going to bring the chest up open the arms with control and bring them forward and open and forward and open so you might say.

Trace i really feel my shoulders i know i get it me too but you also want to be really aware of your back muscles all right just really keep the intention there two more and last one okay good so now with just one arm bring the hand right above your shoulder here just press it up and then press it out okay.

Press it up and then press it out so as you’re doing this right about where my fingers are you want to feel the around the shoulder blade it’s actually called your serratus here working okay this is the muscle that if you feel like you get that little bulge around your.

Tank top or your bra line you really want to work this muscle okay let’s do two more and good last one here and excellent let’s do that on the other side so we go up and we reach out that’s it and up so your serratus is right in here okay and up.

And out keep on going got two more sets like this and last one and excellent okay good so take your arms up into a little v position get your elbows forward here so they’re kind of angling towards each other you’re going to feel this little spot right in.

Here that’s your serratus we want to squeeze that muscle open it squeeze that little rotation with the palms and those elbows coming towards each other that’s really important okay this is going to get all around the tank top here okay very good so we’re really working the back the shoulders everything.

Getting those sculpted and sexy arms good let’s do two more now stay here and just pulse three you got it one more set squeeze it and excellent okay good so we’re gonna pull our elbows back here and just kick.

The arms back pinkies up towards the ceiling bring it in and squeeze it and that’s it and a good squeeze really feel the belly pulling in here our chest is lifted good working the back feeling those triceps really getting stronger and stronger every day.

Good let’s do two more okay good wasn’t that so much fun and imagine how incredible you’ll feel when you get that full length workout that you’ll find exclusively inside of total body transformation now i get messages from you guys all the time and i’m so so appreciative i love communicating with you and recently someone wrote to me and.

Said you know i’ve been following you for about five years on youtube and i now feel like i’m ready to dive into total body transformation which makes me so so happy and i gotta just keep it real with you guys because that’s who i am if you like these little snippet workouts that you’ll find here on my channel.

You will absolutely love total body transformation because the workouts that you’re getting here on youtube are pulled directly from my membership so i wouldn’t overthink it let it be easy keep it moving give it a try there’s no contracts there’s no commitments you can cancel at any time that you want but i have a really strong.

Feeling you won’t want to you know we’ve had some members inside of our community that have been there for five years that’s so long i mean five years ago what the heck was i even doing right so my point is it’s really easy if it’s for you give it a try you’ve got nothing to lose you can cancel it whenever you want.

But if you love it it’s going to be so easy so effective and so affordable for you to work your entire body like having me as your personal trainer giving you brand new workouts every single day each month you get brand new workouts added to the library you get a new workout calendar every month and most valuable and important is you get.

The transformer tribe that is the global community of women that are the most supportive the most encouraging the most amazing women out there it is all love it’s all uplifting and i know that you’ll love it you’ll fit right in so just wanted to let you know that the link is down here in the description box if the doors are currently closed.

Because we do close them from time to time just so that we can really work on nurturing the members that are already in there make sure to put your name on our vip waitlist so it will be first in line when we open the doors next alright that’s what i’ve got for you today you are awesome you are amazing and i hope you felt.

It bye
Tracy Campoli

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