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BEST 11 LINE ABS (2021) | Lose Fat in 14 Days | 8 minute Workout


This is your 8 minute 11 line abs home workout challenge. This is the best of the best abs, 2021. We have taken your favorite 11-line ab exercises and mashed them all up into one video. So trust me, this is going to burn. I want you to do this for 14 days and let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Also, for a chance to be featured, make sure you tag me in your Instagram stories. These women are getting incredible results. Make sure you tag me on there, on TikTok as well, all you have to do is use #lillysabri. You can do a full YouTube review if you want to.

Full YouTube review if you want to, like this one right here. No equipment needed for this but trust me, you are going to feel an insane burn. 30 seconds each exercise. Before we get started, this beautiful number right here is the Gymshark Adapt Animal. It is launching tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. GMT, UK time. The fit is a dream so make sure you check out the description box down below for how to buy it. And how to use my link. I would massively appreciate you using it to support me guys. Let’s get started, let’s do this.

(timer beeping) Coming into a side plank guys, holding really nice and strong, find that beat. Down, up, down, up, good. Pull that core in tight, 30 seconds each exercise. (timer beeping) Good now rotate, up, dip, up. (timer beeping) Good straight onto the other side,.

Swing those legs around. Nice and strong, you’ve got this. Good, dip and up. You want that elbow directly underneath the shoulder. Core really tight for me, come on you got this. (timer beeping) Good straight into that next one rotate, and dip. Feel that beat, feel that energy. 10 seconds.

(timer beeping) And down, amazing work. Bring those legs around, all the way down. It’s side crunch, side crunch, center, center. One two. (timer beeping) Right hand behind the head. Reach and back. Good, really squeezing those muscles down the side of the waist.

Into those obliques, come on you got this. You’re nice and high, then you side crunch. (timer beeping) Good, changing sides, reach and back. I love this song. Good, breath out, breath in. (timer beeping) Amazing work. The legs stay down, the left leg is straight.

We crunch across, then reach to the toe. One, two, three, four. It’s slow and controlled. Really thinking about those muscles you’re working, into the waist, finish it up. Straight change, let’s go. (timer beeping) Good, both legs up, we now have bicycles, one, two. Really rotating elbow to opposite knee, breathe.

Slow it down if you have to, you got this. (timer beeping) Good now hold across, lift, and lower. Hi Teddy. (timer beeping) Good, straight change, lift and lower. Really crunching and reaching across that body, hit into those obliques. Control it, breathe.

(timer beeping) Amazing work, down you come. That core should be absolutely on fire. Crunch, and lower. I know the beat’s super slow, but this is all about thinking about those muscles. Crunch, and lower, good. (timer beeping) Straight up into sitting.

We have our first set of Russian twists. Spread those butt cheeks, row back, pull that core in tight. Rotate, lift the opposite leg. (timer beeping) Good, lift those legs up now. One, two, one, two. I know it hurts, I know it burns, run it. 15 seconds.

Come on you so got this, move it. (timer beeping) Good all the way down now into lying, we have a set of hundreds. Both legs are up, and we pump. So this ones actually for the main core rather than the waist, but we need to try and straighten, bend. Come on finish that core up.

Keep looking forward. (timer beeping) Four, three, two, and one, woohoo. You smashed it fam. Please don’t forget to click the thumbs up button. Also click subscribe. One, not one, 2.1 million subscribers isn’t that far away, That is amazing, isn’t it? I love you loads, and happy shopping tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for another home workout.
Lilly Sabri

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