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BEAUTIFUL FULL BODY FAT BURN | 21 minute Workout to Burn Calories


This workout is all about toning and sculpting into that strong, beautiful body. And to feel amazing and like the boss woman that you are while you are doing it. 21 minutes on the clock, one minute each exercise. That is all. It’s not going to be easy but 21 minutes of pure burn. I’m going to keep you motivated throughout. All you need is some weights. If you’ve got it, a resistance band as well. You can get incredible results like these ladies just here.

Please don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram stories. If you want to for a chance to be featured right here. Now, this workout, hands down is one of the most challenging workouts I have filmed in a short period of time. This is part of the 21 by 21 Guide that is launching on the LEAN App today. You can get access to this workout, plus 21 days like it. 21 minutes a day for people who are short on time, and just want an incredible burn and to get results. If you want more like this, personalized meal plans, which will help you achieve your goals, personalized guides to help you achieve your goals, a physio section, a how-to section, a nutrition section,.

A habit tracker for your mental health and a journal, there’s so much on there, come on over. Join the LEAN App, the details are down below. Also, for my LEAN familia who are students. If you are studying right now, and you want to join the LEAN App familia. All I’m going to say is this is the biggest student discount. Like honestly, it blows my mind. It starts on Wednesday. We’re going to be revealing over the next couple of days exactly what the Student Discount is.

For the first period of time, it’s even bigger, so you want to be involved ASAP. Keep your eyes peeled. Students, can’t wait for you to join us. All right, let’s get sweaty. Nice deep breath in as you reach your arms up and over. Peel your way down, walk those hands forward. Drop the hips down, whoa, lovely. And then from there, you’re going to come into a Downward-Facing Dog.

Okay, back again. And then walk those hands back and peel up the spine. Good work, it’s just a one-minute warmup. Drop those hips down, amazing. Downward-Facing Dog. And then from there, you’re just going to walk the feet out side to side. Good, walk those hands forward. And then from there, just ragdoll side to side.

Okay, our first exercise is going to be a deadlift into a squat. All right, grab ahold of your weights. No band needed for this one, okay? This is all about pacing yourselves, going to come into our deadlift, and then from that into our squat. Pace yourself, guys. This is all about pushing yourself.

Outside of your comfort zone. No breaks, give me everything you’ve got at your own pace. Good work, 10 seconds left. Okay, deadlift into a reverse lunge now. Alternate sides. Focus, breathe, pace yourself. If you can go faster than me, and keep that form going, do. You against you, okay?.

Good work you guys, nearly there. Come on. You got this. Next up is curtsy lunges, bringing those weights onto the shoulders, alternating sides. Remember, this is all about pacing yourselves. It’s you against you, okay? Keep going. Beginners, no weights. That’s absolutely fine.

Just don’t give up, you got this. Good work. 30 seconds left. 20 seconds, you are killing it, come on. Last 10 seconds, nearly there. Okay, one weight only. We’re going with the an over-head press as we jump. Yes, you guys. Come on, you can do it. Beginners, here, just a star jump, okay?.

You against you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. This is you against you. Come on, you guys. I know you can do this. I know you can. 20 seconds, come on. Good work, nearly there. Come on. Okay, squats into a calf raise. Okay, lift up onto those toes.

1, 2, 3, squats. Good, keep those knees shoulder-distance apart tracking over the middle toes. Weight back through the heels as you squat down. Guys, this is you against you and this is at your own pace. Okay?.

If you can speed it up, do. Under 10 seconds left. Nearly there. Okay, you’re not going to like me now. We’re with sticking with calves, single leg, okay? The weight is through this front one. This one is literally here for balance. Or if you can, completely hover it, okay? If you need to, hold onto something, go without a weight.

Good work, you guys. Under 10 seconds left. 5, 4, 3, 2, okay changing legs. Oh my gosh. Keeping a hold of those weights if you can. Come on. Keep digging deep, 21 by 21.

You can do it. Okay, next up is our first burpee modified. You’re going to need one weight. Amazing, pop one weight at the front of your mat, okay? We’re coming down into a burpee into an overhead raise. Good work. Good work, you guys. Keep pushing. 3, 2,.

1, changing sides, let’s go. Nearly there, you guys, nearly there. Come on. 5, 4, 3, 2, pop your band on. You want a moderate intensity. If you don’t have a band,.

Hold it in a squat for me. Okay, let’s go guys, we got this. All right, grab one weight. If you want two, let’s go. Good, butt low, knees wide, chest open. 30 seconds. I know you can do this. This workout, is all about strength endurance. It’s not so much cardio,.

For this is sculpting lean muscle and fat burning. Come on 20 seconds. Good, butt a little lower if you can. Whoo, nearly there. Nearly there. Amazing. Grab ahold of your lighter weights for some upper body now combined with lower body, okay? Slight bend in the knees, core nice and tight.

45 degrees. 90 degrees. Forward. Okay and squat. If you can, lift those arms up and overhead while you squat. Good, keep it moving, okay? Nearly there, keep pushing. Amazing work, we’re into back now.

If you feel you can go heavier, do, okay? It’s entirely up to you. We combining a deadlift and a row. Bend over, row, squeeze, lower, deadlift. Good, way over halfway through this exercise.

Come on, you can do it. Remember, this is your workout. If you feel you can go heavier on the weights, faster with the reps, do! It’s you against you, come on. Amazing work! Flyes into rows, now. Grab your lighter weights if you feel you need them, okay? Bend over, we start off with a row then into a fly.

Really squeeze those back muscles. Keep that core tight, mind-body connection, come on. Yes, you got this. 30 seconds left, you guys. You are killing it. 15 seconds, come on. Okay. Jump in out squats, you know I love them. You have the option of holding the weight if you want to. Jump those legs out and in keep the butt low, keep the knees wide, okay? If that’s too much,.

Beginners, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, Come on! You against you. You know what you’re capable of. I know what you’re capable of and I’m not going to let you stop, come on. Doesn’t matter what level you are.

30 seconds left. You can do it. Come on! Let’s go! Whoo! 20 seconds. That is all. Come on. Then we take this horrible band off.

Whoo! Come on, you guys. 10, 9, 8, 5 Okay, take that band off. Incredible, both weights now, for your burpee with overhead press.

Then we’re down on the mat, you can do it guys, okay? Let’s go. 20 seconds left. Come on! Speed it up, guys! Come on, all the way. I want everything. I want it faster. I want strength.

8, 7, two more, 5, 4, 3, 2, down on the mat, one. Incredible work, guys. Okay, pop the weight on the outer thigh.

We’re going to come in, then lift and lower. Good, control that breathing. I know you’ve got this. 3, 2, 1, now move it forward. Toe down, heel up and pump. If that’s too much, go without the weight, okay?.

If that’s too much, come back here. It doesn’t matter, you against you. You can do it. 15 seconds left Pull that core in tight, come on. Just a few exercises left after this and I’m not going to lie it gets a little bit harder. 5, 4,.

3, 2, straight change onto the other side, okay? You can do it, guys, you can do it. Drag and a lift, let’s go. Amazing work, guys, keep going. Keep going, keep squeezing that booty. Good, now hold it forward. Toe down, heel up and pump. Beginners, come back here with no weight.

Do not give up, okay? I know you’ve got this in the bag. I know you have. 10 seconds left. Come on. 3, 2, 1, come on up onto all fours.

If you have dumbbells, you’re going to be using them. If not, don’t worry okay? Lift the toes up and we are walking forward and back, bear position. Good work, come on you guys. You want to be pulling that core in nice and tight, okay? Come on, you can do it. 20 seconds, you guys, you got this. Good, 10 seconds left, come on. Come on, come on, come on.

Amazing work, okay core exercise now. Then we’re finishing off with cardio and legs. All right, you guys, Russian twist into a reach up. Good, you want to be as low as you can with this. Feel that core, feel those shoulders. Okay, we’re half way. If you feel able, lift those legs, otherwise keep them down. It doesn’t matter. Okay, it’s you against you.

Go with the level of the suits you. Amazing guys, 10 seconds left. Come on, you need just one weight for this next one. 2, 1, one weight at the front of the mat. You have a burpee into a reverse lunge. Okay, overhead, reverse lunge. Come on you guys, I want at least two more.

Come on. Come on. Amazing work. Changing sides, let’s go. Whoo! Two more, two more, last one. Come on. 2, 1,.

Okay, she only went and paused the timer. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. You have a minute of burpees, okay? It’s a full minute with an overhead raise. You can do this. If you don’t want the weights, you don’t need to use them. It’s up to you. I’m going to give you 10 more seconds. Beginners, don’t worry follow me. We’re going in 5, in 4,.

In 3, advanced, I’ll start you off, 2, let’s go. Advanced, you are here. Count your repetitions. Beginners, step, step, reach. Come on, you guys.

Beginners, do not give up. You’re nearly halfway already. Count where you’re up to and in 3, 2, 1, Quick math, double it. Double it, double it, double it, double it. Come on you guys, you got this. 20 seconds. 10 seconds.

5, one more. Whoo! Oh my gosh, I feel like I have conquered the world. Oh, wow. Whoo! Breathe. Hook that right ankle over the left and hug. Guys, I am so proud of you.

Now, please don’t forget to do a bigger stretch than this. This is just a tiny little stretch. Pull in tighter and changing sides to make you feel a bit better. A little bit tighter. Okay, into a spinal rotation now. Coming across the body, look towards the opposite hand. You should be so proud of yourselves. That was strength endurance, it was short but so sweet.

Okay, changing sides. Try and keep that shoulder blade down, look towards the hands, breathe. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. That was beautiful. 3, 2, and 1.
Lilly Sabri

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