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BAT WINGS TONE UP πŸ¦‡ 40 Day Challenge Back & Arms Workout


What’s that found today that workout is all about the upper body we are going to be sculpting in too fast sexy shoulders the batwing area so we’re working into the triceps and also sculpting into your back it’s just 10 minutes long 45 seconds on each exercise 15 seconds recovery and all you need oh hi teddy oh nice bit downward facing dog is a set.

Of weights if you have them if you don’t please don’t worry you can use water bottles let’s get started so starting off with your feet shoulder distance apart we’re gonna come up with the arms at 90 degrees and start with a shoulder press okay so keeping the ribcage down nice and soft keeping the core tight right.

Out as you come up with energy lower good work next up we are into triceps so one or two weights you’re going to take the weight behind the back of the head and the elbows are in nice and tight dropping through the elbows and then power up to work the batwing area again you want to keep the core tight and the.

Ribcage down so I don’t want over arching through the back nice tight core ribcage down incredible guys okay we’re going in to put a little bit of fat now so we’re hinging through the hips as we take the body weight forward again knees tracking over the toes from here we’re going to.

Throw the shoulder blades together on the lower back down okay do we teddy so I want you to have a slight hold at the top squeeze and hold and then slowly lower down we’re now going to do a little kick back extend into the triceps good work guys okay from there we’re.

Going back into shoulders so just one look wait for this you can have a slight bend in the knees ribcage down core tight we’re coming up tonight two degrees in a pump let’s go come up hold tight and just small little pulsations it starts off okay but after a few seconds it really starts to kick in.

If at any point it’s too much guys just come down have a little break then go back in again what those shoulder blades locked back together next up is a set of slides back to both waits for me in exactly the same way as before the weight is back through to humans we’re hinging through the hips we.

Want a nice cool tight tight cook or elbow the bed I’m gonna fly up and back down really squeezing those shoulder blades together temporary hold at the top of you can good work and now going to be coming.

Down onto the mat guys lying on your stomach for an exercise called reverse hundred this is amazing for your back placing the coordinate bunts the max squeeze the butt squeeze the shoulder blades together that I’m coming up like so you’re gonna pump the arms up and down really squeezing those shoulder blades together to make it harder hold.

The weights for me even higher if you can come on really squeeze next up is tricep push-ups so it’s been tied up to you you can go in a full push-up position or down on your knees tuck the elbows in nice and tight lower down and then if you want to lava before pushing yourself back up again let’s go.

Amazing we’re staying on your stomach now I want you to take those arms out in front of you okay so we use the back muscles again we’re going to lift that off the body keep the head looking down and take the arms up in one if you want to you can lift the legs as well opposite arm to leg.

keep looking down Oh from here we are coming up onto our knees you sir nearly there okay I want you to grab ahold of one way only bring yourself up the core is nice and tight from here we’re going to take the arms.

In around the world and straighten try to alternate leave directing that you’re going at first okay keeping the weight nice and close to the head oh good job guys just wanted to even myself out that we now have some tricep dips so the knees a bet we’re taking the weight through the heels and the hands.

Lifting the body way up gonna drop through the elbows and back up again you can flap the feet if you want to guys I tend to dig the heels in because then it feel like it’s working my booty and my hamstrings as well really bending through those elbows so maybe that guys do talking about oh.

Wait Carrie oh good what last exercise we’re going to go back to one that we did before but we’re combining like we did just for a few reps so we’re gonna rows extend spend I’ll go up really squeezing those shoulder blades together okay.

what you smashed it for yet another warehouse my upper body is on fire you don’t get to smash that thumbs up button it really has mean a lot to me and it keeps me creating daily of workout.

Videos for you guys also here subscribe and the bell icon to get a notification of every single time I upload a new workout what see you tomorrow for another one I thought you loved me yes I was wrong thought you’d never leave me guess I was sorry
Lilly Sabri

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