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BAT WINGS, get rid of flabby triceps, loose skin, best arm workout for women!


Hi it’s Tracy. today our workout is going to be for FLABBY ARMS, so getting rid of those bat wings. So if you don’t know what bat wings are that is the part of your arm when you wave and it keeps blowing in the breeze , so that is not the most attractive look we want to make sure that we firm and tone up that part of your arm. specifically focused on your triceps but also if you work on your deltoid that’s through here you want to have definition between your deltoid and your tricep, so you don’t get one BIG arm. that’s really important, so I hope that you like this workout now I’m not going to use any weights for this today if you want to you can do this with 1, 2,3 lb weights keep it light because we’re going to be doing a lot of repetions so leave your comments below i hope you see awesome results and kiss those bat wings goodbye
Tracy Campoli

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