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Say bye-bye batwings and hello to gorgeous tone and tight arms keep watching hello gorgeous girl this is going to be an awesome workout and guess what you need for equipment nothing you need nothing you just need your two arms that’s all you need if you’re new here hello I’m Tracy I put out brand new fitness.

Wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so if you haven’t already press on that red subscribe button and for everyone make sure you click on the bell icon so you always know when I have a brand new video that goes live my most popular popular videos here on YouTube are arm workouts and specifically arm workouts that use no weight so that’s.

What you like that’s what you get so let’s get started with this workout this is a preview of one of my workouts inside total body transformation this is weightless arms so this is just a little bit of a snippet of what you’ll find inside the Transformer tribe inside shell body transformation if you like this girl keep it going click on the.

Link down below so you can find out more and you can join us inside the transformer tribe all right guys let’s get started with this weightless arms workout yeah yeah you’re in close to your side I want you to bring the thumbs out and your arms are a little beat bring it in and out and squeeze it that’s it and squeeze mm-hmm that’s it.

You got it let’s do one more set like that and squeeze this gets the bicep in the front of the shoulders a little bit of PEC – mm-hmm excellent okay this is a favorite of mine thumbs are up pinkies are up thumbs are up pinkies are up three and four that’s it you got it five and six seven keep on going.

Nine okay good I want you to stay here pinkies up and up mm-hmm don’t stop here up up I know we really feel that and seven nine okay good bring your arms forward here squeeze the elbows back open up the chest bring it forward squeeze it and squeeze it that’s it really pull the belly in and remember stay intentional five that’s it good six.

Hello hello to those sexy arms good nine keep your elbows nice and high kick it back and squeeze it really things remember visualize that tricep visualize the back of your arms getting tight and toned beautiful good let’s do two more in here okay stay here now I just want you to pulse those pinkies up really up and press and press that’s it we’ve got.

It up and up that’s it you got it uh-huh now stay here and like you’re clapping your hands in and clap and clap good keep those arms high so the tendency here is to start letting those arms droop down toward your booty don’t let it think pressing up to the ceiling okay good so now I want you to just flex the hand so it’s like little.

Flippers here you’re gonna from this position go out to the side so we’re up as high as you can in the back and then out to the side press those arms up and back and out to the side and press and that’s it and press and squeeze do you got it good feel the back of those arms those triceps working mm-hmm keep going we’re almost there.

Good that’s it perfect you more uh-huh and last one okay good so now I want you to bring the arms down you’re gonna just kind of slide the arms out to the side and notice how kind of leaning to one side with my weight and squeeze it okay so I’m just pulling those elbows about my palms are facing behind me mm-hmm.

That’s it you got it let’s do two more like this good and then the other side squeeze I always notice that one side is a lot easier for me to lean towards mm-hmm you got it that’s it seven and eight nine and good all right stay here flex the hands press forward and then press out to the side press forward and.

Press out to the side that’s it and forward and out really keep it intentional and out that’s it you got it and spy mm-hmm good and six excellent seven shutters up stay with me good let’s do two more good last one all right another one of my favorites here so you’re gonna start with both arms down you’re gonna press so one arm ends.

Up going out to the side the other arm is going out and I’m just leaning my chest slightly forward to one side all right and press it very good and press a little bit of waist work here two and five good mm-hmm keep going here seven and eight really press press open good can we do that any other side of course we can and two very.

Good keep going three you like how I ask an answer and five good seven good you’ve got it eight and nine okay good you did amazing and I really hope that you feel those arms you know what I love so much is that sometimes we absolutely don’t need anything to get an amazing workout so if you want to go farther than just this.

Little snippet this is what I call like a little appetizer a little amuse-bouche of a workout if you will then you’ve got to join us inside a total body transformation is my done-for-you fitness program well I don’t do the workouts for you but in 30 minutes a day from your living room you absolutely can transform your body.

And if you like what you see here girlfriend tip of the iceberg so make sure to click on the link down below and I will see you inside of the tribe so that’s what I’ve got for you this week it’s my Vanna White arm so I hope you like that you are awesome you’re amazing please do leave me a comment down below and I’ll see you next time.
Tracy Campoli

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