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Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today I have a really really great sequence for you using a little fitness band here so if you want to learn these exercises make sure that you keep watching and if you’re new to my channel hello I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos every single week so make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you never miss a video so for this workout like I said I’m using a fitness band you might notice mine is super-duper-duper long I probably can’t even get it in the hole shot here so I encourage you to actually get a long band you can get sheets of these maybe from like a physical therapy office or you can order.

Them on Amazon I will leave a link in the description box down below so that you can get some good quality ones that I recommend but you do want to have a little bit of a longer band for these moves okay let’s get started you’re going to take your long band here and make sure that it’s folded in half bring your arms up above your head stretch out into the band into the outer corners here so that you’re just feeling that resistance and also feel how it just works those back muscles and your shoulders here okay so now keeping some of that resistance I want you to just reach over to one side here reach good we’ll do 10 here and 4 that’s it keep that keep that tension really consistent.

Here that’s it good and 8 perfect 2 more and great let’s do that on the other side reach it good keep your abs tight keep pressing out into the band here and 5 6 so this is for your waist of course what you should be feeling and 9 ok good so now you’re going to just reach and pull the elbow down into your waist here and really pull it stretching that band that’s and 5 good and six feel that work excellent two more good let’s do that on the other side keep the shoulders down your back keep your belly pulled in tight eight let’s do two more and perfect okay good so now you’re going to open up the band this is why you want to have that longer band and you’re going to actually step on it okay.

Sort of in the middle try to make it as even as possible here and the great thing about using a band is you can really customize the resistance by where you hold it you know if you hold it tighter it’s going to obviously be more resistance you see make it a little looser it will be less okay so I want you to just start with your elbows by your body here and just do a little bicep curls squeeze pull them your abs and six that’s it good seven eight good two more perfect get your elbows out to the side shoulders down two and three mm-hmm five and seven nine good last movement here make it just a little bit looser you’re going to reach out with one arm and up with the other as you.

Press your chest up just a little bit and reach good that’s it three four good chest open five and six good feel that resistance seven and eight your back muscles are working your abs your arms good other side here we go reach and reach and three good mmm-hmm and five seven perfect nine and excellent so I hope that you like those few exercises using the fitness band it really is one of my favorite ways to add some extra challenge into your workout so if you’re looking for full-length workouts and you want the full length workouts using bands you’ve got to make sure that you become a transformer so join total body transformation it’s such.

An incredible incredible fitness program each month you get a full custom design workout calendar just for the Transformers with all the transformer workouts in it you get four full length workouts every single month and the library workouts just keeps growing and growing and growing you get accountability you get support there are live Members Only events and so much more so I will leave the description down below it’s an awesome program I can’t speak highly enough of it and especially for those of you that are like you know I work out sometimes that I lose my consistency this is the program for you because the consistency and the accountability are actually.

Really built right in so I hope to see you over there in the transformer tribe high-fives to my Transformers watching this now and I hope you have an also week okay see you next time bye
Tracy Campoli

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